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Transcribed by: Judith Presnell Canant


Situated approximately five miles from Allendale on the Allendale-Barnwell Highway is Cave Methodist Church.

In the hey-day of this institution many prominent families were actively associated with it. However, during changing economic eras of larger plantations and fewer people in the rural areas, Cave Church now has fewer active members, despite the numerous names on the church roster. Services are still held twice each month with the Rev Cecil Houston as minister.

The extensive churchyard cemetery, with its many monuments, bears silent testimony to the numerous splendid families who supported the church throughout former years.

Among the early pastors listed in the minutes of Cave Church beginning in 1878 are the Reverends: W H Lawton, M N Brabham, F Auld, R H Jones, C E Wiggins, J L Sifly, P F Kistler, B Duncan, A J Cauthen, C Creighton, W C Kirkland, J T Peeler, E James, A Kirby, J R Sojourner, J A Graham, W R Jones, J P Attaway, J B Prosser, E B Johnson, J F Way, Peter Stokes, C O Shuler, L T Phillips, E Rone, J A Graham.

From 1945 through 1969 supply ministers have served the Cave Methodist Church.

Throughout most of the church history, ministers serving Cave Church also served several other churches within the same area.

Data received through the courtesy of Historical Society, SC, Conference of United Methodist Church -- Herbert Hucks, Jr.


Among old grave markers:

  1. John Franklin Barber. June 10, 1855 - Nov 4, 1886
  2. Sidonnie Barber Creech. Oct 3, 1892. Age 33 years.
  3. F H Creech. 1847 - 1892
  4. Owen Riley - - One of oldest stones (apparently no dates)
  5. James R Harley. 1869
  6. William Henry Hogg. Aug 12, 1891 - Sept. 18, 1913
  7. Fred J Lee. 1894 - 1918
  8. Calder B Lazar, Hazel, Jenkins, Rice, Riley, Kennedy, Steed, Dr Tom Hogg, Appleby.

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