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First Baptist Church

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History of First Baptist Church, Allendale 1882

Gleaned From Church Records

According to records of the Baptist Church’s observation of the 75th Anniversary, on Feb. 23, 1957, we learn that the church was organized on February 18th, 1882 (incidentally, soon after the construction of the old Port Royal and Augusta Railroad more recently the C. & W. C.)

Charter members of the church were Mrs. Sallie Connor; Mrs. Sara E. Tobin; Mrs. B B Sanders; Mrs. Emily C Reeves; Mrs. Emma Stokes; Mrs. Annie Parnell; Mr. R A Ellis; Miss Annie Arnold; Mr. W F Rice; Mr. W I Wilson; Mr. Elliott Sam; Mrs. Gertrude All; Mr. G Harley; Mrs. J P Morrall; Mrs. G E Stokes and Mrs. R P Searson.

Pastors listed prior and until that time were The Rev. John G Williams; Rev. J I Bishop; Rev. J F Morrall, Rev. J A Mason; Rev.. J B Huggins; Rev. A J Foster; Rev. J E Cullum; Rev. A E Reimer; Rev. F H Funderburk; Rev. R E Hardaway; Rev. J A Martin; Rev. H E Hitt; Rev. P H Hooks; Rev. A C Eager; Rev. R H McKinnon; Rev. Altman; Rev. R K Corder; Rev. J C Weathers; Rev. R C Johnson.

Deacons serving presumably during organization period were Mr. W F Rice and Dr. G F Harley; the first clerk and treasurer, being Mr. W I Wilson. The Woman’s Missionary Society was organized as an Aid Society on April 24, 1884, with 23 members, the name being changed in 1892 to Missionary Society. Mrs. J F Morrall was first president and Miss Annie Arnold was first Secretary-Treasurer. The main aim of the society was what the name implied -- furnishing the present church and later the building of a new one being paramount. From the paltry sum of $.75 subscription at one meeting the sum grew to $1,000 by the next meeting. The Young Woman’s Auxiliary was organized in 1920 with Mrs. Eunice Forman (later Mrs. Miller Warren), president.


The Sunbeam Band was organized in 1912 with Miss Margaret Oswald leader.

During her regime the present collection plates were purchased. Mrs. L W Googe was also active with the Sunbeams. S J Wilson served as leader for seven years.

The original Sunday school had been organized April 4, 1886 with 28 pupils, seven teachers, and three officers. Mr. W F Rice was first president, later Miss Arnold being elected and serving in this capacity for a number of years. Mr. B F Cuttino also served for a time as superintendent. The BYPU was organized in 1916.

The late Mr. E H Oswald served as church treasurer for many years during which time collections greatly increased. During the Rev. R E Hardaway’s ministry the 75 million campaign was underway, the church experiencing growth and prosperity. The original church library was under the direction of Miss Bertha Brabham; Miss Eunice Williams making additional reading materials available from her personal library.

The church grew from 17 charter members in 1882 to 51 in 1902; increasing to 87 in 1922 and on upward to 328 members in 1940. Ever upward the present membership stands between 600 and 700 members on the church roll. Attendance in all activities is excellent and contributions are generous.

The history gleaned between the period of organization in 1882 to observance of the 75th anniversary reveals the intense efforts of small number of religious folk and stands as the foundation upon which, the prosperous, thoroughgoing institution of the present time is built. The First Baptist Church of Allendale of this era is a monument to these who dedicated their services to the cause over the period of seventy-five years as well as to those who loyally continue the cause.

--Summarized from the church history.

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