From: Allendale On The Savannah, Copyright ©1970

Transcribed by Judith Presnell Canant (Judy), April, 2000


Organized 1874

Mt. Pleasant Primitive Baptist Church is situated off Highway 321 near Tuten’s Mill Pond, several miles northeast of Fairfax. The Church was organized August 22, 1874 through the efforts of A J Harrison, preacher of the Mother Church, in Prince William’s Parish. Active in the original bush arbor church were the late H B Harvey and Robert Bowers.

Among twenty-nine members on the association’s membership as of August 24, 1874 were: R. M. BOWERS, E BOWERS, J M BROWN, Rebecca BOWERS, Medicus T HARVEY, Alice ALTMAN, Wyman G HARVEY, Mary BOWERS, Mary PRIESTER, C G HARVEY, T E HARVEY, John BOWERS, James M HARVEY, Martha BOWERS, Sally BOWERS, Elizabeth BROWN, S Rebecca CANE, S LUCUS, W S SULLIVAN, Miley DEACON.

The cemetery surrounding the church contains names of many of the original families.

(This was contributed to "Allendale On The Savannah" by Mrs. Anne Harvey)

Some of the oldest grave sites at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery are--

  1. Mrs. Mary SULLIVAN--died Oct. 24, 1886.
  2. Lizzie SULLIVAN--died March 7, 1903--3 years old.
  3. J M SULLIVAN--Sept. 5, 1918.
  4. Mrs. M E SULLIVAN--Dec. 21, 1957--wife of J M SULLIVAN.
  5. The above are parents of Mr. Laurie SULLIVAN of Fairfax; two above relatives.
  6. Hansford B HARVEY--died Oct. 11, 1905.
  7. Mrs. Piety HARVEY--Nov. 19, 1905.
  8. J A HARVEY, Sr.--April 6, 1962.
  9. Mrs. Marie HARVEY--Feb. 23, 1961.
  10. Parents and grandparents of Mrs. Maude MANUEL, Fairfax.
  11. J. Martin HARVEY--May 30, 1930.
  12. Mrs. Bell HARVEY--Feb. 6, 1941.
  13. Parents of Mrs. Hazel THOMAS (Doll).
  14. Mrs. Mary BOWERS--April 19, 1935--92 years old.
  15. Edmond BOWERS--Jan. 21, 1924--82 years old.
  16. S H HARVEY--April 23, 1955
  17. Mrs. Annie BOWERS HARVEY--Feb. 17, 1906
  18. Parents and grandparents of Miss Mabel HARVEY, Fairfax.
  19. Mr. Bill THOMAS--March 6, 1935.
  20. Mrs. Virginia THOMAS--Oct. 31, 1941.
  21. Parents of Rep. James BRANT’s wife, Mrs. Barbara BRANT. Mrs. THOMAS is also a half- sister to Mrs. Hazel THOMAS

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