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SC Bassett records

I accumulated these myself while researching my family in the old Barnwell County records.  I put them here for others to use.  When in doubt, check the original!

BASSETT, John 1717 Colony, SC Petitioner Willtown (SC GenWeb archives). Relationship to the Bassetts below is unknown.  Bassett is also a common surname in Massachusetts in this era.

___ Bassett born <1770. Two Known Children, Eli, William.  Stephen is a possible son (are there others?)  In his will (1810 Barnwell B16, P4, Book A p107) William Bassett states several times, "my brother Eli Bassett," which is the source of my association of these two brothers.  William Bassett, John Bassett, Thomas Bassett, & Eli Bassett sold land together (e.g. 1800 Barnwell Bk. W p94), but apparently did not state their relationship in these deeds.  All four may have been brothers, and appear to have been so.

  1. Eli Bassett born <1790
  2. William Bassett b<1810 documented son.  William Bassett born <c1767- d1810, married Michal Moye; no children listed in will, but Michal Moye Bassett had one child, Gilford Bassett,  obviously by a Bassett, clearly stated in the probate bundle. Original Will lists two brothers: Eli and Stephen. The will makes it appear that Francis Bassett was a brother. (ibid p34)  7 Jan. 1788 State vs Israel Walker, Jonathan Walker & William Bassett for Affray (i.e. they were involved in a fight, these were rough times, and this was very common.). The parties came into Court and acknowledged their error & promised future better behavior & were discharged on paying fees. Nancy Johnson vs Wm. Bassett decree for pltff $64 + costs 9 Oct. 1804 (Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1800-1811 page 85). Owen Riley vs Wm. Bassett decree for pltff $155 w/int 5 Apr. 1805 (Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1800-1811 page 99).  One identified son of Michal Moye Bassett:
    1. Gilford Bassett
  3. Stephen Bassett (maybe a son, will is vague on his relationship.)

Relatives, or possibly additional children:

      1) (#4?) John Bassett born<1790 Jos. M. Galliard vs John Bassett $18 w/interest 8 Apr. 1811 (Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1800-1811 page 353)

      2) (#5?) Thomas Bassett born <1772

Thomas Bassett and L. (is this Eli?) Bassett born <1772, sold to Henry Conoly (sic, Connoly) on 2/1/1793, rec. 11/5/1801 for 40 Lbs. 870 acres by Arthur Genkins (Jenkins), Barnwell Deeds Bk.2 p103.

Wm., John, Thos., & Eli Bassett sold to Joseph Jackson on 8/9/1800, rec. 18/9/1838 for $150 100  acres by lands of Charles Boyer and Henry Creech, Wit: David Williams, Arthur A. Fenal. Barnwell Deeds Bk. W p94. (Deed does not state their relationship!  Shucks.  But, this record makes these four look like brothers.)

Thos. & Eli Bassett sold to Elizabeth Gillett 14/5/1804, rec. 1/6/1804, for $456.19 1/4 50 acres on Boggy Gut, Barnwell Deeds Bk. 3 p212.

Wm. Scarborough vs Thos. Bassett decree for pltff $81.055 5 Apr. 1805 (Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1800-1811 page 93), also Lewis Thomas vs Thomas Bassett for pltff $100 with interest and costs 5 Apr. 1805 (ibid p98).

Thos. & Eli Bassett sold to D.E. Gillett 1/6/1804, rec. 12/1/1805 for $300 50 acres on Boggy Gut, Barnwell Deeds Bk.B p170.

Jos. Galliard vs Thomas Bassett defendant served with a rule to show cause why award should not be confirmed (20 March 1809) (Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1800-1811 page 146)

State vs Richard Moody & Thos. Bassett, Stag Stealing, No Bill (means jury did not find sufficient cause to prosecute), J. S. Billinger foreman Mon. 26 Oct. 1835 (Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Spring 1841 page 211)

Eli Bassett born <1775 State Land Grant V11 p33, 3Apr.1786 380 acres border Norriss, Cotrts (Coxese?) & Elisgs? (hard to read, apologies)

William, John, Thomas, & Eli Bassett sold to Joseph Jackson on 8/9/1800, rec. 18/9/1838 for $150 100 acres by lands of Charles Boyer and Henry Creech, Wit: David Williams, Arthur A. Fenal. Barnwell Deeds Bk. W p94. (This Deed does not state their relationship!  They sure look like brothers.)

Barnwell Deeds J148, Eli Bassett purchased from Stephen Kersh 2/10/1802 for $260 100 acres by Saltketcher W Jno. Kersh, NW  by Alexander Newman, EW by Creech, SW by Jackson. Wit: John O. Kersh, Joseph hisXmark Jackson.

Eli Bassett plat 636 acres on Long Br. surveyed 10/9/1808 rec. 24/10/1808 Barnwell Bk.8 p495 & Bk2 p55.

Eli Bassett & Mathew Moye, Ex. of estate of Wm. Bassett deceased, sold to Michal Bassett 22/12/1810, rec. 15/5/1812 for $124 100 acres by Robert Jorden ford, Barnwell Deeds Bk.F p201.  One identified child:

  1. William Bassett, first son, b<1810.

Francis Bassett born <1765 d>1788, 378 acre plat Orangeburgh Dist. adjacent to Jr. & Ch. Boyles, vacant, Baker & McKlewreath, vacant, & Gillett, 20 Oct. 1786, State Land Grant Plat Book 14 p628. 1 Oct. 1787 tax list, Winton Dist. Francis Bassett was some kin, I think nephew, to Wm. Bassett who died in 1810 (Wm. Bassett married to Michal Moye). I think the records indicate that he was not a son of Eli or William, he was probably a son of  either John Bassett or Thomas Bassett.  He may have been a brother.  Francis Bassett was a friend of my John Gill who died in Allendale Co. in 1822.

Francis Bassett served in the Revolutionary War. His revolutionary war records do not obviously associate him with John Gill. Francis Bassett is documented to have been in Winton Co. (became Barnwell Co., then Allendale Co.) before 4 April 1786. On 4 April 1786 Francis had a land plat drawn up (SC State Land Grant Plats volume 11 page 35), which states that the land was in Orangeburgh District, and the abutters, McKelwreath and Gillett, are unambiguous neighbors in Winton Co.  Francis Bassett was there to show where the survey was to be done, in the spring. This places him in Winton at least eight months before the 24 Nov. 1786 deed of John Gill. Francis Bassett had this land grant formally approved on 20 Oct. 1786 (SC State Land Grant 378 acres Vol. 14 page 628), one month before the 24 Nov. 1786 deed in which John Gill sells his father's land. Francis Bassett is indexed 14 times in Holcomb's book on the Winton Minutes of County Court. A plat of the land of Francis Bassett, dated prior to the above deed, reveals that he was one family from John Gill. His name is listed among the adjacent neighbors of John Gill in the court records involving Josiah Wallace's fraudulent deed to his daughter Sarah Wallace Shields (series of Barnwell records in Winton Co., SC Minutes of Co. Court & Will Book I 1785-91, ending on page c112: On an interpleader. Thomas Shields and Sarah, his wife, vs John Gill, Frances (sic) Bassett & Al. (means et al.)! The fact that Francis Bassett was a witness to this unambiguous deed of John, son of Thomas, resided in Barnwell before that deed, and lived immediately adjacent to John of Barnwell is yet more corroboration that John Gill of Barnwell was the son of Thomas. Francis Bassett also appeared in Winton Court with Mary Southwell, illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth Myrick and William Southwell (Winton Co. Minutes of County Court p60). These are all neighbors. Francis Bassett is also mentioned, without stating relation, perhaps a nephew, in the will of Wm. Bassett in Barnwell Co., Package 5 Case 16, dated 6 Feb. 1810.

Winton Co. Minutes of Co. Court (Holcomb reprint) p8 4 Jan. 1787 Approved by the Court that Francis Bassett as Deputy Clark (sic, means Deputy Clerk) for this County. (ibid p16) Francis Bassett against Josias Wallace; Petition Executed 12th July 1787 by Henry Cannon, D.S. (ibid p27) Francis Bassett came into court 17 Oct. 1787 with Mary Southwell, illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth Myrick, daughter of James Myrick, probably to post her $25 bond to appear before the Court.  What was his relationship to this case?  Just a neighbor (which he was)? (ibid p44) 6 May 1788#5 (Francis) Bassett vs Wallace - Judgt 10 & Costs Installment Deft. (this is the fraudulent deed case) (ibid p47) 8 May 1788 #70 Boils vs Bassett, Discont. at Plffs Cost. (ibid p49) 8 May 1788 Jury sworn in, including Francis Bassett. (ibid p56) 7 Aug. 1788 #96 John Gill vs Josias Wallace (-man Execution issued the Sheriff Robt. McLewrath vs Josias Wallace) returned that he had Levied on a Trass. (Francis) Bassett vs Jos. Wallace. Negro in the Hands of Thos. Shields & that the sale was forbid. Ordered that the Sheriff go on to Sell the Property, except it is replevied according to Law. (ibid p57) 3 Nov. 1788 Grand Jurors for February Court include Francis Bassett.

(ibid p67) 3 Feb. 1789. Gill vs Wallace, Bassett vs Wallace, McLewrath vs Wallace} A Negro named Primus, being taken in Execution the Property being claimed by Thos. Shields, Ordered that the Cause (Case?) be Tried tomorrow to determine the property. (ibid p70) 4 Feb. 1789 Gill & Others (includes Francis Bassett) vs Shields. Trial of Property. Verdict against the Deft. An appeal prayed & granted on giving Bond with Alex Newman & Absolum Causey Security in the sum of 50  Lbs.? to Prosecute the appeal with effect to pay all Costs & Damage in case the Judgment or verdict shall be confirmed. (ibid p71) 4 Feb. 1789 #111 On an interpleader. Thomas Shields & Sarah his wife vs John Gill, Francis Bassett & Al. The Jury being sworn to wit James Gedden, Elisha Abston, Reuben Roundtree, Henry Woods, Benj. Blunt, Wm. Adams, Geo. Cope, Isham Jordan, Geo. Crossey, Jno. Platt, Silas Roles, and Daniel Philpot, returned a verdict. We find the Deed made by Josias Wallace to Sarah Wallace, now Sarah Shields, a fraud. Silas Rowls, Foreman. Wm. Robison, Wm. Buford, John Wyld. (ibid p103) 3 May 1790 Grand Jury included Richard Jackson and Francis Bassett. (ibid p130) List of taxable persons in Winton County (apparently 1 Oct. 1787?) Francis Bassett, David Jackson, James Jackson, Richard Jackson, John Snelling. (ibid p133) 6 Aug. 1788 Francis Bassett one stray horse #11, Bond & Security. (ibid p135) 25 April 1789 To Francis Bassett & Wm. Buford Estray No. 10 1 10. (ibid p139) 7 Aug. 1788 Francis Bassett & Wm. Buford Security To your Bond for an Estray #10 1 10. (ibid p141) 7 Aug. 1788 debit Wm. Buford & Francis Bassett Security to Bond for an Estray #15 4 (an Estray was a stray horse in this time frame).

Sat. 5 Nov. 1825 Miles Riley vs Francis Bassett, Trespass to try title on motion of plntff atty ordered pltff to have leav until 1st day of next term to enter up his judgement (BCH Common Pleas Journal 1822-32 p219). Miles Riley vs Francis Bassett, he to have further time 8 Apr. 1826 (ibid 256).

John Bassett born <1784. Appears in the 1790 census in Orangeburgh District (South Part) p101 2m >16, 1f. Wm., John, Thos., & Eli Bassett sold to Joseph Jackson on 8/9/1800, rec. 18/9/1838 for $150 100a by lands of Charles Boyer and Henry Creech, Wit: David Williams, Arthur A. Fenal. Barnwell Deeds Bk. W p94. (Deed does not state their relationship).

John Bassett sold to Joseph Higgenbottom & Co. 8/3/1811, rec. 1/7/1811 for $1450 several slaves, Barnwell Deeds Bk. E p391.

John Bassett sold to David Williams 26/3/1811, rec. 13/12/1821 for $100 133 1/3 acres on Well Branch, Barnwell Deeds Bk. N p149.

John Bassett two plats for 25 acres by Alex. Newman both surveyed 8/8/1816, rec. 4/11/1816, Barnwell Plat Bk 2 p395 & Bk 7 p26.

One of witnesses to will of Elijah Gillett, wife Elizabeth, son Alex. Hamilton Gillett, son Wm. S. Gillett, ???? given to him by his deceased grandfather, Wm. Scarborough, daughter Julia. This will is very hard to read.

Wm., John, Thos., & Eli Bassett sold to Joseph Jackson on 8/9/1800, rec. 18/9/1838 for $150 100 acres by lands of Charles Boyer and Henry Creech, Wit: David Williams, Arthur A. Fenal. Barnwell Deeds Bk. W p94. (Deed does not state their relationship, but they appear to be brothers)

William Bassett d1810, planter, married Michal Moye, sister of Matthew Moye, & sister of Martha Moye Brabham, who married John Brabham.

Wm., John, Thos., & Eli Bassett sold to Joseph Jackson on 8/9/1800, rec. 18/9/1838 for $150 100a by lands of Charles Boyer and Henry Creech, Wit: David Williams, Arthur A. Fenal. Barnwell Deeds Bk. W p94. (Deed does not state their relationship)

Wm. Bassett of Barnwell Dist. will written 6 Feb. 1810 (Mrs. Hicks) probate 20 March 1810, Ex: M. Moye & Eli Bassett, B16, P4, Book A p107. 1st to my well beloved wife, Michal Bassett, one negro fellow Jim & one feather bed & furniture belonging to this bed, 1 cow & calf, one 2 year old steer, the place whereon I now reside, 150a, part of that tract containing 400a granted to Robert Jordan, sold for $137.50. 2nd to Stephen Bassett 1 negro fellow Will, 1 negro girl Coter. 3rd to Francis Bassett 1 negro wench Frank, 1 negro girl Hannah. 4th to Thomas Bassett, Junior 1 negro wench Harriat, 1 negro child Fanny. 5th to William Bassett first son of my brother Eli Bassett, one cow & calf. 6th: To William Moye son of Matthew Moye 1 cow & calf. 7th to my well beloved brother Eli Bassett the sum of $90, if such should remain, & if more than this to be equally divided between my wife Michal Bassett, the said Stephen Bassett, Francis Bassett, & Thos. Bassett, Junior. Ex: my brother Eli Bassett and Stephen Bassett & Matthew Moye. 26 Feb. 1810 (s) William Bassett. Witnesses: George hisXmark Ward, Selah her+mark Ward, Thos Hughes. Mrs. Hicks says Package 5 Case 16.

Barnwell Deeds F210 (or 201?) Michal Bassett on 12/22/1810 purchased from Eli Bassett & Matthew Moye, Executors of estate of deceased Wm. Bassett, for $124 100 acres by Robert Jordan, part of tract of 373a granted to Robert Jordan 6 Nov. 1786. Wit: Geo. T. Grimes, Robt. Chitty, rec. 5/15/1812.

Michal Moye Bassett d1812 Barnwell Probate Bundle 18 Package 9, Bond 1812 to Matthew Moye, George Ward, & John Brabham for $2000, apparently died shortly before 13 April 1812 when her estate was charged for planks for her coffin. These records clearly identify her as the widow of William Bassett. Her estate was divided between "the only two heirs:" Matthew Moye & John Brabham in right of his wife Martha Moye Brabham (presumably the sister of Michal Moye Bassett). However, John Brabham was paid for boarding & clothing of one Gifford Bassett, & on one certificate dated 21 Feb. 1813 in this probate bundle it is clearly stated "Gifford Bassett a child of the deceased."  In my (FOC) reading of the way things were done in this county at this time, I believe there are only two possible interpretations of this statement. Either Gifford Bassett was an illegitimate child by another Bassett after William Bassett died, or she was pregnant with Gifford Bassett at the time of William's death. Usually in the latter case, the unborn child is accounted for in a will or estate, and listed as an unborn child. Perhaps the paternity was in doubt? Since her "only two heirs" were her brother & sister, it appears that she had no children by William Bassett, & by extension, all of the people listed by William Bassett in his will are nephews or other close kin. An illegitimate child was given the name of the biological father in Barnwell at this time (court records quoted herein on this web site, see specifically Myrick.  Sue, I apologize, but I tell it like I see it.).  One documented child of Michal Moye Bassett, which Bassett was father is in doubt:

  1. Gifford Bassett born <1812 (documented as child of Michal Moye Bassett)

Stephen Bassett plat for 740 acres on Boggy Gut surveyed 6/1/1807 rec. 4/8/1814, Barnwell Plat Bk H p217. Barnwell Deeds H215 Stephen Bassett purchased from Elijah Gillett on 8/3/1814 rec 8/4/1814 for $740 740 acres on Boggy Gut adjoin land of Wm. Cave, Esq., John Jackson, & Daniel Miller. Wit: Edw. X Jackson, John Kellogg.

John M. Bassett born <1815 served as juror 28 March 1836 (Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Spring 1841 page 212)

Note by FOC.  Do not let the fact that I could not divine the relationship of these people from the records discourage you in any way from researching them yourself.  I missed, and still miss, subtleties that are difficult to grasp, and you may, and probably will, see something that I missed.

Copyright ©1998-2000, Dr. Frank Oliver Clark. These documents may be freely used for private purposes, and included in your own genealogy. However, this document is copyrighted and may not be sold, nor given to anyone who may attempt to derive profit from same.

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