Charles J. Brown 1798 names Uncle Joseph Harley and cousin Joseph Harley (Mrs. Hicks 30 July 1991 p2).

Descendants of Bartlett William "Billie" Brown, Sr

1 Bartlett William "Billie" BROWN, Sr b: Aft. 1722 in Albamarle Co, VA - Said to have settled in Lower 3 Runs in 1769 d: Abt. 1780 in Killed by Tories in SC.  Married Sarah b: in at plantation: Brier Creek/Burton's Ferry, Allendale Co SC  m: Abt. 1740

.2 Alpha BROWN married Alexander KENNEDY b: in Lower Three Runs, Barnwell Dist, SC

.2 Elizabeth BROWN married a PRYSON m: Bef. 1759

.2 Manden H BROWN b: Aft. 1740

.2 John BROWN b: Aft. 1740 in Lived in VA

.2 Amelia BROWN b: Aft. 1740  married a HARLEY

.2 Daughter BROWN b: Aft. 1740 married a John JOICE

.2 Mary BROWN b: Abt. 1750 d: Aft. 1790 in prob Orangeburgh Dist, SC, married Henry BEST, RS b: Abt. 1755 in Prob Bertie Co, NC - lived awhile in Orangeburg Dist, SC m: Bef. 1770 d: Aft. December 17, 1821 in Date of Will Screven Co, GA - proved 5 Oct 1824 Father: Absalom Best I Mother: Elizabeth

.... 3 Orasmus H BEST b: in Barnwell Dist, SC

.... 3 Henry BEST b: Aft. 1774 d: Abt. 1843, married Elizabeth WILLIAMS b: Bet. 1802 - 1810 m: Bet. January 22 - 25, 1828 in Screven Co, Ga

.... 3 Dau BEST b: Aft. 1775 married John H SMITH

.... 3 Dicy (Luvicy?) BEST b: Aft. 1777 married Israel CAMPBELL d: Abt. 1818 Father: William Campbell

.... *2nd Husband of Dicy (Luvicy?) BEST married John MEARS d: 1828

.... *3rd Husband of Dicy (Luvicy?) BEST: married John H MICHENER Father: William B Mitchener

.2 Bartlett BROWN, Jr b: Aft. 1750 in He and Tarleton had lives threatened by Tories in SC married Patience OVERSTREET b: Abt. 1779 d: in b in Boiling Springs, Father: James Overstreet, RS Mother: Sarah Booth

.... 3 Cynthia Watson BROWN b: Abt. 1800

.... 3 Michael BROWN b: Abt. 1801 in could he be the Michael B who owned plantations named Bull Pond & Obinanza in Allendale?

.... 3 Jabez G BROWN b: Abt. 1803

.... 3 Barnett "Barney" H BROWN b: Abt. 1805

.......+Eliza C W DUNCAN Father: Joseph Duncan, Jr

.... 3 Benjamin B BROWN b: Abt. 1807

.2 Tarleton BROWN, RS Capt b: April 05, 1757 in Albemarle Co, VA to SC, settling on Brier Creek, opposite Burton's Ferry d: September 08, 1845 in Boiling Springs, SC b Boiling Springs Baptist Cemetery, Allendale Co, SC  married Judith O'BANNON b: 1770 d: 1837

....3 Frances BROWN , married William H PEYTON

.... 3 William D or P BROWN

.... 3 Lewis BROWN

.... 3 Daughter BROWN married a DOBSON

.... 3 Almedia BROWN b: Abt. 1790, married Preston HARLEY d: Bef. 1842

.... 3 Austin Barnett BROWN b: 1805 d: 1880, married Virginia Elizabeth BOWDOIN

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