(I) Sac tribe (Sack, Sauk) and Fox tribe Native American Ancestor

(II) Melvine Ashley Bush (b. 1842) lived in Allendale all her life, mother of Hines Bush. Probably Melvine "Viney" Ashley was a slave, since family history has it that she lived/worked at the large Ashley Plantation (now on grounds of the Savannah River Plant) up until her marriage. It is believed that the Native American heritage is through Melvine Ashley. Family tradition is that the Bush connection is of German extraction.

(III) Hines Bush (male) (b. 1859) lived in Allendale all his life. The 1870 census shows Hansom's father (Hines Bush, b. 1859)with his mother Melvine "Viney" Bush (c. 1842), along with what appear to be several siblings: Eveline Bush 10, John Bush 9 and George Bush 4. Hines Bush married Margaret Dunbar (b. ?) in the 1880's. Hines's 1936 death certificate shows his father to be "Hatcher," no last name given. No Hatcher Bush, or surname Hatcher ,yet found in any Allendale/Barnwell census.

(IV) Hansom Bush (female) (b.1890)  (#3 above) married George Rhodes in 1920 in Barnwell. left Allendale and bothmoved to New York in 1930.

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