My name is Chris Cash and I am doing a bit of research on an East TN Cavalry unit which came through Allendale Co. SC during the later stages of the Civil War. I enjoy casually looking into this unit's history, with which my family was heavily involved. These guys had fought their way through Perryville KY, Chickamauga and Chattanooga, all the battles leading towards and including Atlanta, Peachtree Creek, was one of the only units to oppose Sherman on his march to the Sea, and finishing off at Bentonville, NC at War's end. They were under General "Fightin Joe" Wheeler. I am hoping to gain a little more knowledge on this incident below and would sincerely appreciate any help in directing me to info. This is a short excerpt from a Civil War Veteran's Questionairre and involves a blurb about Martin, SC.

Pg. 27 ("McKenzie's Fighting Fifth" Questionaires of Veterans of the 5th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment Confederate States of America, published by Rhea Co. Historical and Genealogical society......compiled and edited by Carl Campbell") From questionaire of W.G. Allen, Adjutant for this unit:

"General Roberson set us over the Peedee River where we encountered a brigade of Sherman's Cavalry and formed to charge them at Martin, South Carolina. While waiting their moves, they turned two pieces of artillery loose at us. One shot hit our flag and tore it to shreds, leaving the lower end of the staff in the hands of the bearer. The good women of Martin made us a new one that night for keeping the Yankees away from their homes."

Not much else is given on this incident, but I am wondering if more is known or was recorded.....did they fight?, what else happened? Also hoping to gain info on the flag, but realize all of this is most likely lost. Any ideas as for possible contacts or reference sources? Thank you very much. Sincerely, Chris Cash

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