AWilson family (anyone have information on these?)

My husband, William D. Bradley, is descended from James William Wilson b. ca 1785/87 and died 1865 near Kline, Barnwell County, SC. He is said to be the son of a mill operator, "Ozzie Wilson" who operated OZ's Mill, a few miles west of the bridge at Beldoc" (p. 12 Allendale on the Savannah by Lawton and Wilson and is shown on the Winton County map).

James William Wilson b. ca 1785/87 died 1865 married Egatson or Gatsy (last name unkonwn). They had eleven children;

  1. Sarah Frances Wilson (Robert Bradley),
  2. Gensy Wilson (Kempton),
  3. Mary Wilson (Ratin),
  4. Ann Wilson (Kempton),
  5. Julia Wilson (Bradley),
  6. Laura Wilson (Endenfield),
  7. James Wilson,
  8. Lawrence Wilson,
  9. Branford Wilson,
  10. LeRoy Wilson, and
  11. Anse Wilson

I see you have Willliam Wilson, who married Gatsy, as the son of Redden Wilson in your write up. Is is possible that Redden and Ozzie are the same person? Or is Redden the son of Ozzie?

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