Louise Bing Potter (72 years old in 1998) shared some interesting, and contradictory, information regarding the family Sac Indian line.  She insists that her mother (Clara Bush Bing - Hansom Bush's sister) told her that the Native American line was Choctaw(!!). In checking the history of the Choctaw Tribe, it is clear that they used to live in Mississippi and in some sections of Alabama. Louise holds that the Native American ancestor was part of the Trail of Tears migration, and escaped to South Carolina where he fathered Melvine Ashley (Hines's mother). This oral history actually makes more sense because at least it places the tribe location in the south.

In addition, Louise Bing Potter strongly disagrees with the "Hatcher" information on Hines Bush's death certificate.  She did add that she believed that the Hatchers was cousins to the Bushes, but is very sure that Hines Bush's father was not a Hatcher himself.

Louise Bing Potter also said it was common knowledge that her grandfather - who actually lived with her family while she was growing up - was the biological son of plantation owner Hines Bush.   By giving Melvine Ashley's child both his first and last name, he was acknowledging Hines's lineage. As a result, Hines grew up, lived near, and played with his white half-brother and -sisters.  They were actually quite close -further proven by their up-front, numbered attendance at Piza Bush's funeral - which Louise herself attended.  I understand they had an all-white "Amen Corner" on the day of his service.

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