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Brief overview of association meetings. If you had a risque ancestor who had been caught in sin – drinking, dancing, etc., you may find his name given in the records. Baptisms could occur at any time, so they can not be used as birth date sources, unless ages are given along with the date. As these records show, some death dates can be found. Males and females are always listed separately, so husband/wife relations can not be determined.

Joseph I. Lawton Dism. 1840 Sarah A. Miller
Joseph A. Lawton Martha S. Lawton Dism.
William N. Edenfield Dead Phebe I. Lawton Dism. 1844
David Williams " Louisa I. Lawton "
Jesse Miller " 1862 Mary Long "
George Wilson Exc. Hester Foy
Keylan Wilson Died 1875 Nancy Edenfield
Miles Stinson Dism. Sarah Edenfield "
John H. Mi11er Dead Rebecca Jackson Dead
Hansford Creech " Katherine Williams "
Amos Neal Dism Mary Brooker Dism.
Chas. T. Mixon " Olivia Jackson Dead
E. M. Miles (Illegible) Tabitha Wilson "
E. Estes Died 1845 Martha Wilson, Jr.
John H. Harley Died 1898 Harriet Enecks Dism.
Jesse C.Miller Bpz. 1849,Tr.57 Elizabeth Stoney Dead
Ransom Smith Bpz. 1849 Mary Strange, Sr. Dead
John A.Edenfield Bpz. 1849,Transf. Ann Barker "
E. L. Bontwell Mary Strange, Jr. Exc.
Jarnes E. Thomas Dism 1850 Margaret P. Lawton Dism.
Dennis Williams Bapz. 1850 Unity Creech Dead
Lincon E.Miller Mary I. Miller Dead
Jos. Harley Bapz 1850 Dead Delilah Neal Dism.
Benjamine Miller Transf. Mary Mixson Dism.
William HarIey Sarah Mixson "
Joseph Edenfield " Martha A. Riberts "
Josiah W Walker By letter 1855 Mary Roberts "
Robert Eden£ield Elvira Estes "
Hansford Williams Dead Mahaly Gill
Owen Wilson Dism. Harriet Estes "
Pinkney Williams Dead Sarah M. Edenfield
James Rouse Martha Z. Edenfield
(Illegible) Wilson Dism. Sarah Mixson "
Benj. W. Jenkins Dead Sarah E. Miller Transf.
J.H. Sanders Dism. Caroline Wilson Bpz. 1859
Joseph Creech Mary Wilson " "
James V. Long " Perthany Wilson " "
L. Mercer Edenfield Transf. Matilda Wilson " "
Joseph D. Miller " Harriet Webber " "
Thomas J. Miller Dead Harriet E. Enecks(Harden)
Albert Wilson Dead Ellen P. Wilson Bpz. 1859
John E. Harley Dead Mary M. Thomas Dead
William Barnes Dead Sarah A. All By let.
R. H. Walker B.p. 1863 Elizabeth Long Dism.
C. H. Colding By letter Mary Harley Dead
David C. Bradey Btz. 1864 Elizabeth Wilson  
Miles Edenfield Btz. 1864 Martha Stansel Transf.
I.W. Hagan Transf. Ann Wilson  
E. Edenfield Baptized Lucy Jackson Dead
E. H. Miller Dead Mary V. Walker Dism.
James Grayson Tr. Mariah Ferguson Exc.
William Edenfield Tr. Sarah Strange Exc. Restor.
J.M. Walker Dead Mary W. Farmer  
Seborn Wilson Dead Eliza Willson  
John W. Bradley Dead Sarah Harley  
Wm. H. Bennett Exc. Presey Stone Exc.
James Williams Bapz. Martha A. Jenkins  
Edw. H. Grayson Bapz. M. Sarah Jenkins  
Harvey Ferguson Bapz. Sarah Ponds Bapz. 1866
Albert Ferguson Exc.   Restored 1869 1878 Hansen Harley Bapz.
Henry Ferguson   Mrs. Celia Wilson Bapz.
Henry Weaver Exc. Laura E. Wilson Bapz.
Samuel Weaver   Mrs. Emily Sanders Dead
M. Walker   Sarah A. Strange Bpz. 1858
Jackson Williams Exc. Jane Jackson Bpz. 1858
Jessie Walker   Mrs. Amanda Wilson Bpz. 1858
W. G. Weaver Baptz. 1869 Mary K. Long Dism.
Edward Phillips Exc. Restored Ann E. Edenfield Bapz. 1863
W. J. Strange Baptz. 1869 Mary A. Brunson Bapz. 1863
B. B. Cave Baptz. 1869 Tr. Jane R. Wilson Bapz. 1863
J.D. Harley Exc. L.Ann Bennett Bapz. 1863
B. L. Harley Bapt. 1869 Martha A. Jackson Bapz. 1863
Laurence Myrick Bapt. 1869 Sarah H. Jackson Bapz. 1863
David Jeffcoat Bapt., Exc. 1869 Annie H. Harley Bapz. 1863
Wm. Moody Bapt., Dead 1869 Sarah F. Reid Bapz. 1863
J. A. Hall Transf. Electra M. All (Boyles)  
J.P. Harley By Baptism Ann M. Brunson  
J.R. Reid By Bapt., Died 1879 Rebecca Barker Harley  
H.J. Strange By Bapt. Sarah C. Pressy  
A. F. Bennett By Bapt. Sarah Williams  
E. Priester By letter, Dead Rebecca Wilson Exc.
R. Haskell By letter 1879 Lucy Jackson Dead
H.J. Moody By Bapt. 1878 B. Ann Jackson Dead
Robt. R. Harley By Bapt. 1878 Susan Lee Dead
John Conoly By Bapt. 1878 Harriet B. Grayson By Letter
M.L. Harley By Bapt. 1878 Martha Connoly By Letter
J.D. Harley Restored 1882 Elizabeth Colding By letter
R. N. Miller By letter 1884 Elizabeth Edenfield  
    Julia Wilson Bradley  
    Mary Jeffcoat  
    Martha H. Bennett Exc.
    Ellen W. Bennett  
    Laura Miller  
    Jane Wilson  
    Julia Ferguson Exc.
    Emily Barnes Exc.
    M. A. Priester  
    Carrie Priester  
    Elizabeth Davis  
    Anna Bradley Woodward  
    Nony Bradley  
    Martha Bradley  
    Rebecca Ferguson  
    Carrie Miller By letter 1866
    Sarah Pender Baptized
    S. A. Strange, Sr.  
    S. A. Myrick  
    Vianna Furmon Baptized
    Rebecca Harley  
    I. B. Harley  
    Mary Williams  
    Mary Strange  
    S. A. Hair  
    Columbine Harley By letter
    Lidia Wood By letter
    S.E. Cave  
    R. H. Cave Dead
    Laura Conoly  
    Maria A. Hill By letter
    Josephine Edenfield  
    M. A. Hood  
    Bessie Miller By Baptism
    Lizzie Conoly  
    Ellen Mood  
    Josephine Walker  
    K. A. Miller By letter
    Sallie Miller  
    Corrie Miller  
    Rebecca Perryclair Dism
    Rachael Wilson Exc.
    Mrs. Eliza Smith  
    Ann Strange  
    Sarah Jackson  
    Mary Jackson By Baptism
    Rebecca Cave  
    Sarah Wilson  
    Elmana Ferguson Phillips Dead
    Ellen Cave Harden  
    Mary Cave  
    Laura Haskel  
    S. R. Wilson Exc.
    Mary Cave By letter
    Mary Williams By letter
    Julia Baynard  
    Elizabeth Walker By letter
    Zilphia Barker Bennett  
    Florence Platts Baptized
    Eugenia Walker  
    R. V. Walker  
    Sallie V. Cave  
    E. R. Priester  
    M. A. Ferguson
    Hanson Ferguson Dead
    Jane Ferguson  
    Susan Garvin  

Owen W. Harden

Note: Produced from a copy in The South Caroliniana Library. Permission may be required for Duplication or Publication.

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