Hansom Bush (female) born in 1890 removed from Allendale to New York in 1930.  Hansom's father Hines Bush (b. 1859) and the mother of Hines Bush, Melvine Ashley Bush (b. 1842) lived in Allendale all their lives.  Hansom Bush told her grandaughter of their blood relationship with what is now the Sac & Fox Tribe, but we have so far found no record that places them in or near South Carolina.  Is it possible that this Sac/Fox ancestor was sold into slavery and brought to Allendale?  Does anyone have relevant information, or know how we might find this?  Does anyone know of authentic records documenting the Sak (Sac, Sauk) Native American tribe living in the Barnwell/Aiken area in the early 1800's?   There is a Sac web site (use your back arrow to return).  Please contact Wilhelmena Kelly, and the Webmeister.

Do we have any historians who can supply information on which Native American tribes were in this area?

Can anyone supply other oral traditions, and/or documentation of Native Americans in this area?

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