It is possible that there are two William Wilsons mixed in these records. However, Reddin Wilson's son, William Wilson, administered his father's estate, and I have that record on the web site. I do know that it was common in this time frame and this area to go by a middle name, and therefore your husband's James William Wilson could well have been known as William WIlson. Reddin is an odd name, apparently the name of Reddin's mother's family (I have not seen a document that proves this), and for all I know Reddin may have been called "Ozzie." I do know that Reddin Wilson's house was referred to as the "Reddin Wilson House" up until the 1930s when it burned. (I have a picture of it).

It is also conceivable, as you state, that "Ozzie" was Reddin's father's nickname. Have you found a reference to this mill? Certainly the area you quote is precisely where Reddin Wilson resided.

From: Eleanor Bradley


Sent: Thursday, February 27, 2003 11:29 AM

My husband, William D. Bradley, is descended from James William Wilson b. ca 1785/87 and died 1865 near Kline, Barnwell County, SC. He is said to be the son of a mill operator, "Ozzie Wilson" who operated OZ's Mill, a few miles west of the bridge at Beldoc" (p. 12 Allendale on the Savannah by Lawton and Wilson and is shown on the Winton County map).  James William Wilson married Egatson or Gatsy (last name unkonwn). They had eleven children: Sarah Frances (Robert Bradley), Gensy (Kempton), Mary (Ratin), Ann (Kempton), Julia (Bradley), Laura (Endenfield), James, Lawrence, Branford, LeRoy, and Anse.

I see you have Willliam Wilson, who married Gatsy, as the son of Redden Wilson in your write up. Is is possible that Redden and Ozzie are the same person? Or is Redden the son of Ozzie?  What do you know of this family?? Would you share with me?

Thank You;

Rev. Eleanor W. Bradley

Before you ask: "Yes, James William Wilson married Egatson and the children listed in the first e-mail are theirs, according to family records."  My father-in-law, Rev. William Johns Bradley, grew up in Kline and was very close to the John's first cousins. Glads Shealy Johns, granddaughter of James William Wilson, gave me this information. I have letters from Eunice Johns Kearse, her sister, confirming this, but when information is in a family, every one has the same.

Eunice Johns, daughter of Elvinia Wilson b. 5 Dec 1872 m William Isaac Johns in 1892. She was the daughter of D. Anse   "Oda" Wilson, son of James William Wilson and Egatson.

PaPa took my husband to the grave sites and homes. PaPa knew LeRoy Wilson, Jr. who was President of the Citizens Bank of Allendale.  PaPa's father was named LeRoy Wilson Bradley after Capt. LeRoy Wilson, Sr. who married Mary F. Brabham.  He also knew Minne Reeves Wilson.  

Now the question is, how was James William Wislon connected with Ozzie Wilson? Is there another generation in between (Redden) or is the William you write about and the James William Wilson, one and the same???

Thank You, Eleanor B

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