Children of Jane Herron born 1815, no husband listed in 1850 census, line 144, family 145, of Orangeburgh County living in Branchville in 1850 census (taken 7 January 1851):

(1) John Herron born c1840 

(2) Andrew Herron born c1842

(3) Richard E. Herron born c1844-5 (1850 & 1880 census) Orangeburgh County living in Branchville in 1880 census, age 35 born SC Orangeburgh Co., Branchville, RailPond Rd., Harriet, wife 35(all born SC). More information below.

(4) William Herron born c1845-6, Orangeburgh County living in Branchville in 1850 & 1880 census age 25 born SC Orangeburgh Co. Branchville, Orangeburgh St. Elizabeth wife 23 born SC,

(5) James A. Herron born c1851 male 29 born SC, Branchville, Bridge W. St., OrangeburghCo., SC, Mary A. wife 29 born SC,

Richard Edward Herron born c1845 died <c1907, married at least twice, apparently three children born in SC. Charles Cumiller Herron ' s death certificate (GA #11309) obtained by John W. Adcox states that Charles Cumiller Herron's father was Richard. (1880 census) Richard E. Herron born c1845 35 born SC Orangeburgh Co., Branchville, RailPond Rd., Harriet born c1845, wife 35(all born SC), Wm. Son 15, Ophelia dau 11, Janie dau. 13, Acquilla son 8, Henriette dau. 7, Johnny son 5, Laura dau. 2 V19 ED137, St7,L45 There is a Richard Herron son of Richard Herron Augusta probate record. The Probate record states Richard, Jr.s age, so this should match his census age with brother Herbert H. Herron, which I did not note.  Richard Herron should be in both the 1850 and 1860 census with his father (odds are his father was William Herron). He will be with his wife in the 1870 census.  (Much information below from Scott Herron)  He raised his children in Branchville, SC. His wife's name on the 1880 census was Harriett. Scott Herron has found on the death records (one of the children who moved here from Branchville) at the local funeral home here in Augusta list a different mothers name than Harriett. They all list their mothers name as Sallie HUNT. I have seen none that list her maiden name as Thompson. It is my belief that the ones that came to Augusta (Herbert, Charlie, Richard and Mary Jane (Janie)) were all children of Sallie and the others children of Harriett.  Carole Cooper believes many men in the family worked for the railroad.  Branchville was a railroad center.

Possible information on wives:

(1) First wife, listed on death certificates in Augusta is Harriet Barrs or Parrs.  She is listed on the 1880 census as his wife, Harriet born c1845

(2) Second wife,   Sallie HUNT, mother of Carrie Herron, Richard Herron, and Charles C. Herron.  Charles Cumiller's death certificate lists Sarah as his mother (Sallie Hunt??).  There is a Thompson connection from Augusta probate records.  The mother of these three, at least, was very dark complected, reputedly a Gypsy.

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