(1) Vincent J. Canty born <1810 died 1846.

1831 V.L. Canty vs W.G. Miley, note Trotti atty, 1831 $20 (unmarked Barnwell book p65).

1832 Vincent L. Canty vs Jesse Sandford, note, Patterson atty, 1832, $50 (unmarked Barnwell book p 58).

1833 Vinson J. Canty vs G.J. Binniker, note Bellinger atty, 1833 $40 (unmarked Barnwell book p 50).

1834 Oct. 28 State vs Vinson J. Canty, larceny, True Bill, Charles Dewill, foreman (Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Spring 1841 page 173).

1835 Apr. 2 State vs Vinson J. Canty, Canty pled not guilty, "Prisoner in the Bar" found guilty of Petit Larceny, Francis Trotti, foreman. (Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Spring 1841 page 194). {In middle of this record "Jury made up to try whether John A. Zeigler is a white man or a person of color, also whether Lanni? D. Zeigler is a whtie man or a person of color. Jury says they are not men of color.} State vs Vinson J. Canty, Petit Larceny, on First Monday in Dec. Next to receive on the Bare Back twenty five lashes then be discharged! (Ibid p211)

Barnwell Deeds X249 (two deeds) James Millhouse 19 Feb. 1841 for $1 and Love and Affection give slaves and personal property to John Inabinet: a horse gig, 5 negroes: Bob, Merles?, Sarah, Irma, & Aaron in trust for John A. Canty. Wit: C.K. Ayer. This has to be his mother's father. Why was this left in trust for John A. Canty when he was already an adult?

(followed by)& the following property: horse, 1 month clock, 5 negroes: Boston, Joanna, March, Empress, Chloe, in trust for use and benefit of Vincent J. Canty. Should Canty die to be divided equally between Samuel L. Millhouse and Joseph H. Stokes. Wit: C.K. Ayer.

John A. Canty administered the estate of Vincent J. Canty 12 May 1846, Barnwell Probate Bundle 11-91. Inventory: 1 trunk & contents $15 & a bed and furniture valued at $15. Inventory taken by Thomas Easterlin, Wm. J. Esterling, & Joseph Wennich 1847. I copied an original signature of his from this bundle. Was Vincent a brother of John?

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