William Nix Edenfield born 31 July 1806 - died March 1850, married  Nancy Miller born 19 July 1811 - died 30 Jan. 1882.  In 1789 he married Nancy Miller born 19 July 1811, daughter of Nathaniel Miller, born c1775. Nathaniel Miller had two slaves in the 1800 census, in Spartanburg Co. in 1820, and Liberty Co. in 1860 (all S.C.). Nathaniel Miller apparently had all daughters (from census).   William Nix Edenfield lived with his parents after he and Nancy were married. After his father died, William Nix Edenfield remained on the land with his family and his mother (she shows up in the census). Wm. N. Edenfield served as a juror Monday 28 March 1836 (Sessions Journal Barnwell Dist. Fall 1828-Spring 1841 page 212). He served as juror again on Monday 17 Oct. 1836 (ibid p232).  The 1840 census shows him in Barnwell County, South Carolina with no slaves and 3 "in agriculture." A female (presumably Barbara Savage Edenfield) is listed with him at 60-70 years of age. Kathleen Oglesby stated that William Nix was a schoolteacher, as well as farmer. She further states that she had seen his books and grocery list records dated 1839. Most of his grocery lists included one jug of whiskey and a bolt of calico. His brother, Hiram Allen Edenfield, lived nearby. Kathleen stated that his mother was Barbara Allen, and that Barbara, and Hiram Allen died in 1846.  Barnwell deeds (linked above), certainly make his first wife look like a Brooker to me.  William died four years later on 2 March 1850. Nancy stayed on the land and raised her children. William Nix and Nancy were charter members of Mount Arnon Church. William Nix and Nancy's brother were elected to be Deacons. Nancy lived until 30 January 1882, through the civil war, "radical reconstruction", and the first of her son-in-law's imprisonment.

  1. John Allison Edenfield 11 September 1829 - 28 November 1893, married Catherine Amanda Bennett (1836 - 1914). He moved his family to Georgia by 1860.
  2. Martha Jane Edenfield 28 May 1831 - 24 July 1884, married Allen Jerry Gill, who lived nearby, on 1 January 1851 (note his Bible was misread as 1850 previously, the year was 1851 - FOC). Some time after her death, Allen Jerry Gill went to Florida where he married Mrs. Lizzie Mills, a widow. He is buried in the cemetery at Dade City, Florida.
  3. Sarah Miriah Edenfield born 16 January 1833 married first Dempsey Stone and second Hezekiah Ginn.
  4. William David Edenfield 6 November 1834 - 24 August 1844.
  5. Charles Sheppard Edenfield 9 Sept. 1836 - 12 July 1849.
  6. Robert Fulton Edenfield 7 Sept. 1838 - 11 May 1909 married first Mamie Smart, and second Janie Elizabeth Hodges.
  7. Joseph Lawton Edenfield 16 March 1840 - 12 Feb. 1894 marr. Laura E. Wilson, daughter of William Wilson, and granddaughter of Reddin Wilson.  (This information courtesy of Mrs. W. R. Willis.)
    1. Sarah E. Edenfield 30 Jan. 1863
    2. Hattie J. Edenfield 5 July 1868
    3. Mattie Edenfield 7 June 1871
    4. Nancy Ednefield 1877
    5. William F. Edenfield 1877
    6. Mamie Edenfield
  8. Silas Mercer Edenfield 15 May 1842 - 9 April 1886 marr. Susan Elizabeth Pond
  9. Ann Elizabeth Edenfield 2 Feb. 1844 - 2 Jan. 1906 married James William Hagan (1849 - 1907).
  10. William Henry Edenfield 18Sept.1846-1Nov.1899 marr.Josephine Miriah Pond.
  11. Curtis Elliott Edenfield 5 Sept. 1847-21 Sept. 1921 married Julia Anne Kennedy 1849-1941.
  12. Charles Miles Edenfield 23 May 1849 - 18 March 1915 married Joanne Kennedy (1853 - 1943)

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