A Possible Wilson family (anyone have information on these?)

(William?) Wilson born <1739 apparently died 1790-4?

Elizabeth Wilson c1750 - 1823

Elizabeth Wilson's husband is not documented. A William Wilson appears in the 1790 census, and may have been her husband. This was a common family name. She appears in the 1800 census alone. Other 1790 census Wilson's were: Reding, two Reddens, James, and Alexander. The presence of three Redding Wilsons in the census is strange. There may have been only one, perhaps some kind of census duplication error.  I think this probably happened when someone lived on the edge of a census boundary. Redding Wilson, for example, may have lived on a census border and been enumerated three times.

William Wilson is not present in the 1800 census, two Reddings are not either, and Elizabeth now appears with the same children as William in the 1790 census (3 males & 2 females including herself). Wilsons in the 1800 census were: John (16-26) & family (p50); Samuel (26-45) wife & son (p50); James Wilson (three males @ 16-26) 2 daughters <10, two females (16-26), one slave; Reading Wilson (2 males 16-26), 2 sons, 2 daughters, 1 female @16-26, 1 female @26-45 (page 63); Elizabeth Wilson (26-45), with 3 sons & 1 daughter.

Elizabeth received an annuity in 1801 (Winton Co. records) that may have reflected revolutionary war service of her husband. I have so far failed to track the source of this annuity, which is frustrating. This annuity should be tracked down, as it will beyond a shadow of a doubt show reveal the name of her husband. I now have the references for this now on the revolutionary war page.

Elizabeth Wilson purchased from Joseph Eubanks for £30 100 acres, the Isaac Tool land (or adjoining?) Deed Book L page 12, signed 11/4/1794 recorded 10/14/1818.

It is known with certainty only that Elizabeth was the mother of one John Wilson (c1775-c1842), who married Martha Shelly c1793. Elizabeth sold her land on the Spur Branch to William C. Wilson in 1810. William C. Wilson appears to have been the son of Reddin, and from this admittedly tenuous connection it may be that Reddin was a son of Elizabeth. Elizabeth then moved to Amite County, Mississippi with her son, John. William C. Wilson then sold this land two years later, in 1812, to Darling Peeples. In 1820, a William Wilson purchased land on Lower Three Runs near Reddin Wilson, and is presumably this same William C. Wilson. There are two pieces of evidence for this, assembled by Gene Wilson (a cousin who was a dentist near Nashville): First the "W" used by William Wilson, known to be the son of Reddin, appears quite similar to that of the William C. who purchased the land. Second, a "W.C. Wilson" does appear in two records in 1864, which suggest that William C. Wilson was indeed Reddin's son, as he did not die until 1865.

Based on circumstantial evidence, Gene Wilson tentatively reconstructs Elizabeth's children as follows, and, except for John, they are not documented.

Possible Children of Elizabeth; No documented children other than John:

1. Reddin Wilson c1760-70 - 1836 was married to Rebecca, stated as his widow, c1770-80 - >1836. He may have been married more than once. No proof that Reddin Wilson was a son of Elizabeth Wilson. (separate write up).

2. John Wilson c1775 - c1842 married Martha Shelley. They appear in the 1800 census as 16-26, with an extra female 16-26, 3 sons <10, and no slaves. They moved to Amite county, Mississippi. Note that this is the same location to which the Mississippi John Gill removed. This is Gene Wilson's line (our dentist cousin now retired and disappeared).

3. George Wilson born <1778 d c1818 married Honor F. George, was a storekeeper, as evidenced by his estate. He was granted land near the Spur Branch in 1799 adjoining the Winbournes, Wooleys, and Wilsons. John McKeenen vs George Wilson Esq. Tuesday 6 Nov. 1810 (Barnwell Common Pleas Journal 1800-1811 page 328) He died suddenly, not of old age. An inventory of his estate was made on 20 August, and sold on the 3&4th of June and 20 August 1818. Mrs. F. Wilson, Administrix, purchased 6 lots of pots for $8.75, and several other things. His estate was sold for $2812.28 3/4. Honor F. Wilson's estate was sold on 25 Feb. 1823 for $587.29 ½. Son Charles made a significant number of purchases. Their children were:

4. Joseph Wilson was a blacksmith and probably a younger child. He apparently was unmarried, owned no land, and had little property.

5. Samuel Wilson was born c1755-74 and appears in the 1800 census on page 50, the same page as John, @ 26-45, with his wife, 26-45, and one son <10. Gene Wilson located him in the 1810 census on page 79, but I missed him. He left South Carolina around 1810-12.

6. Nancy Wilson married Zadok Wooly.

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