The State of South Carolina; Charleston District

Personally appeard J. Izard Middleton who upon oath say's, that in addition to the loss of his mill a statement and estimate of which is hereto annexed, he has lost 60 bushels(?)barrel(?) of rice valued at$20 per Bushel(?)Barrell(?) = $12_0 - which were consumed by fire with the said mill, also he claims for the Loss of the following salves, viz.

  1. 1. Toney aged 23 value $1600.00 taken 22 May/62
  2. 2. Tom " 22 " 1600.00 "
  3. 3. Philip " 25 " 1500.00 "
  4. 4. Scipio " 18 " 1800.00 "
  5. 5. Ben " 19 " 500.00 " Aug/62
  6. 6. Davy " 25 " 1400.00 ran away July/62
  7. 7. John " 30 " 1000.00 escaped Sept/62
  8. 8. Judy " 20 " 1200.00 "

The first four slaves were taken by the enemy on the 22d May 1862 from his plantation known as Crowfield situate on the east side of the place a_____  in All Saints Parish about 9 miles above Georgetown. -  The fifth slave was taken by enemy from the sea side of said plantation in August 1862. The sixth ran off and went to enemy in July 1862, and as represented to Deponent was afterwards seen ascending the side of their gun boat.  The seventh and eight escaped together in a boat stolen by the former in September 1862.  All the above slaves to the best of the Deponents knowledge and belief have been kept and harbored by the enemy.

In addition to the above losses, the salt works of this Deponent on the sea side of his said plantation were destroyed by the enemy these works he values at $500 - The aggregate of losses sustained by the deponent as herein before stated he estimates to the best of his knowledge and belief at Dollars

Sworn to before me this 15 Jany 1863 John Izard Middleton; James Tupper; Auditor Book no. 2 page 30 - 58 - 126

Georgetown Feb. 14. 1863


I have 60 (sixty) acres of land in the town of New Port, Rhode Island - Whether they will confiscate or not it is impossible to say. I will give you what I deemed its value.

In September 1860 - I thought it best to sell it - I advized with W. Alfred Smith a land agent known to everybody at N Port - He said that its value, depended upon its proper division & that he thought that it would - divided in a way marked out - bring $4,000 (four thousand) dollares an acre on an average - This would be $240,000 The season was so late that we gave up the ________ the next summer.

After my return home, - in a letter dated 12th Dec. 1860 when most of the Southern States had taken steps to secede - he makes me an offer, for others of $3,000 p acre for 16 (sixteen)acres - $48000 cash This I unhesitatingly refused.  On the 30th Jany 1861 I got another letter from his offering 6 ½ (six & a half) acres "all back land" $3000 per acre cash $19,500 (not immediately upon the street) This I also refused, the land best situated is worth double this. - according to the opinion of W. Smith. - The letter containing the two offers, above, I present as part evidence

Having given you all that is necessary to understand my claim, - If you would suggest (without too much trouble) either to Mr. Pringle(?) Smith or my self, the best mode of preserving or presenting this claim, it would be taken as a kind courtsey, which perhaps I have no right to request.

Very Respectfully,  Henry A. Middleton

In an action before the R. Island Court, - Hazard & Ivey - evidence was taken as to the supposed value of 45 acres adjoining my land, but altogether inferior to mine ( as a map would show) It was adjudged by the Court to be worth between $3000 & $4000 per acre I beg that this letter may be preserved.

Book no 2 pge 10

State of South Carolina; Georgetown District

We the undersigned W. W. Oliver and W. A. G. Nesmith do hereby certify and declare that on the 22nd day of May 1862 we were on the Waccamaw Plantation of John Izard Middleton in this district and that his rice pounding mill and all of its contents together with the adjacent building were consumed by a fire set to them by Lieutenant H. F. McDonald then an officer of the Confederate States of America and in actual command of a Troop of Cavalry called the Marions Men of Winyah and that the said H. F. McDonald in answer to our remonstrances aginst said destruction of said buildings declared that he acted under the authority of his superior officers Witness Our hands this 27th Day of Oct.

John J. Woodard 1862; J. Mcdonald Tindal Wm. W. Oliver; White Hall (?)

Daniel Richardson__r W. A. G. NeSmith James Rolle(?)

I estimate the amount of the above loss at thirty-six thousand dollars and coroborate the facts above stated sworn to before me 15 Jan 1863.  James Tupper, Auditor J. Izard Middleton

Clermont 10th Jan 1863

Hon. J. Izard Middleton

Dear Sir

I understand that the Confederate Authorities is to pay for all negroes that have gone to the Yankees - if a list of their names & ages are given in By the 20th inst with the value of each negroe opposite his name - as far as I can understand overseers on Plantations where negroes has gone to the yankees is to make a list of their names as follows: May 16th 1862 From Crowfield Hon. J. I. Middleton

  1. Toney field hand prime 25 1200
  2. Tom fireman 24 1100
  3. Philip field hand 28 1200
  4. Scypio miller 18 1000
  5. 1st Aug David field hand 25 1200
  6. 20th August Ben cartman 20 500
  7. 15th Sept John Carp 30 1500
  8. Judy field hand 28 1000


I do not no their ages & therefore put them downat what I suposed them to be - I hear that Mr. Magill has had his overseer to take down his & then it is to be taken to a Lawyer& he writes it off & then the overseer has to take it to Mr. J. W. LaBruce & swear it Every things is getting on firstrate at the Plantation we have got the Bags & other things that were at Kingstree all sage except the Red Lead Mr. Daggett got but one flat as the other too was one sunk with the head out & the other was so far above the one he found that he said he could not go back for. I write to let you no about those negroes as you might not have heard about it - & so as you may let me no what to do.

I remain, Your Obt. Servant, Washington Oliver

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