Seek info on a CSA veteran, Capers Durrant Lowry. He was born 1827, d. 6 Apr. 1879 in Hardeville, SC.  According to his widow's application for pension for his service, this is the date and place he died. He served in Company A, 3rd SC Cavalry, Hampton Legion. The pension application states he was discharged in NC. Are there are inventories of Hardeeville cemeteries?  Does anyone have info on the Hampton Legion and where it served? 7 August 2001 M. Brothers
I see information on Capt. Shick Blackwood, who served in 3rd South Carolina Cav. He died early in the war. If anyone hinformation about the unit, 3rd Sc. , I would appreciate it. 9 June 2001 Don Howard 
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