A state law enacted December 24, 1887, permitted financially needy Confederate veterans and widows to apply for a pension; however, few applications survive from the 1888-1918 era. Beginning in 1889, the SC Comptroller began publishing lists of such veterans receiving pensions in his Annual Report. To obtain a copy of the pension application from the 1888-1918 era, the researcher needs to know the exact year in which the veteran or widow applied for a pension. From 1919 to 1925, South Carolina granted pensions to Confederate veterans and widows regardless of financial need. These files are arranged alphabetically. Pension application files are typically one sheet of paper with writing on both sides. Also available are Confederate Home applications and inmate records for veterans (1909-1957), and applications of wives, widows, sisters, and daughters (1925-1955).

The veteran was eligible to apply for a pension to the State in which he lived, even if he served in a unit from a different State.

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Office of the Adjutant and Inspector General

  1. Correspondence, General, 1860-1912, 21 v., 1 a.

  2. Correspondence Relating to the Draft 1862, 3 v.

  3. List of Draft Substitutes, 1862, 1 v.

  4. Militia Enrollments, 1869, 28 v.

  5. Orderbooks, 1860-1914, 18 v.

  6. Overseers Exempted from the Draft, 1862,1 v.

Confederate Historian

  1. Correspondence and Other Material Relating to Confederate Memory Rolls and Histories*, 1861-1910, 32 v., 37 c., 5 ff., 3 a.

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