We have a possible identification of the unknown Ridgeway submariner.

My name is Jeannette White Atkinson. My great Aunt remembers a family member going down with the Hunley.    Two of my surnames and main line are Ridgeway and White. You have an unknown White.....I have not been able to come up with any thing on a White missing. But on the Ridgeway I have. His name could be SPENCER W.RIDGEWAY OR SAMUEL RIDGEWAY. If I am right Spencer went by both of these names. His date of birth is between 1789-1818. We know he disappeared and no one saw him after he was about 16 to 18 years old. They said he moved to Texas or Georgia. We can not find a death record on him in any of these states.  We know he was the son of JAMES FRIENDLY RIDGEWAY. If by any chance this could be him we would like to know.  His whole family almost that could joined the war at one time or another. We also lost several family members to the war.  My great Aunt remembers all of this and she is the one who told me about the family member going down with the Hunley.  Can anyone confirm this?


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