Advertisment out of the Newspaper

By JOINT RESOLUTION OF THE General Assembly of South Carolina, the Governor was authorized to appoint a COMMISSION, consisting of Five, to ascertain the value of property on the Seaboard, which has fallen into the hads of the enemy, lost or destroyed, either by the enemy, our own soldiers from a military necessaity, or by the parties themselves to prevent capture.

Under the above, the Governor saw fit to appoint the following commissioners:

William Whaley, Esq.

Hon. Edmund Rhett

Hon. Nathaniel Heyward

Paul Hamilton Waring, Esq.

Col. E. M. Seabrook

The above Commission will assemble at the Office of the chairman, 48 Broad-street, Charleston, S.C., at ___ o'clock, M., on the first day of March, next.

William Whaley, Chairman

N. B. - Statement of Losses may be presented at Broad-street, or either of the Commissioners, as by most convenient to parties.

February 5


The return of Losses of Mrs. Mary S. Townsend of St. Johns Colleton Parish

1. Furniture value $300

2. prime fellows $2400 Book no pg 114-116

Townsend Estimate of Losses sustained by Daniel I. Townsend of the Parish of St. Johns Colleton by reason of the invasion of the sea coast of South Carolina by the enemy in November 1861

First Loss at Rockland, Wadmalaw Island

  1. 44 negroes, Ranaway to the enemy 39,600
  2. Cotton burned 3,000
  3. Crop of potatoes abandoned 100
  4. Crop of fodder abandoned 200
  5. 800 bushels of Pease abandoned 800
  6. Steam engine, gins, carts & c 2,000
  7. Plantation Utencils, carts &c 200
  8. Household furniture 300


Second Loss at Rockville, Wadmalaw Island injury to Dwelling and furniture 500


Total Loss 101,900

South Carolina) Personally appears Daniel J. Townsend & makes oath that the forgoing estimate Orangeburg District) & statement of losses sustained by him by reason of the invasion of the sea coast of South Carolina by the Enemy in November 1861 is just and true

Sworn to & sustained before me this 7 April 1863 W. M. Hutson D. J. Townsend

Notrary Public Book no. 2 pg 18-38-92-96-110-144


F de Lasteyrie

Taken by the Yankees from Wadmalaw

13000 seed cotton Nett 3000 50 1500 at present valuation 30 per ct added 450 Negroes taken from Wadmalaw & Edisto 49 head valued 750 Round $36750 $38700 OHarry, Davy, Murray, Charles, Alfred, ADam, Cupid, Margaret, Henry, Sarah, Sampson, Phillis, Rocks, Hannah, Bella, Ellen, Annie, Tenah, Lyddy, RAchel, Philemon, Nan, Peggy, Peter, Thomas, Prince, Jeffery, Mary, Ben, Bob, Mily, Phoeby, Lyloy, Charity, Nan, Minah, Mily, Mary, Bella, Rose, Sarah, Mirah, Nelly, Daphny, Hannah, Nero, Luch, Richard, Rose, John

James Hopkinson, for F de Lastegne

Sworn to before me this 24th day of September 1862 F. W. Mitchell N.P.

F de Lasteyrie

Schedule of Property destroyed by order of our Government in Nov. 1861

  1. 1 Cotton House 250
  2. 52000 Seed Cotton (12000 lbs) 50 6000
  3. If valued at present quotation of cotton 30 per ct. will have to be added 1800


James Hopkinson, fo F de Lasteyre

Sworn to before me this 24th day of September 1862 F. M. Mitchell N.P.

E 14-32-70


Names of the Negroes that deserted to the Federal froces

  1. Phillis
  2. William
  3. Peter
  4. George
  5. Thomas
  6. Jolly & child
  7. Phillip
  8. Dick
  9. Value of Property in from of furniture and buidlings destroyed by Confederate troops stationed on the Plantation $300(?)

Jas. L. Walpole

Book no. 2 pg 36-108


Statement of Losses Sustained by John R. Wilson on Wadmalaw Island South Carolina

  1. 50 bales of cotton average weight per bale 300 lbs. (15000lbs) at 43 cts $6450
  2. 2 Two story cotton houses 40 x 20 glazed & lined with sheds together with m____ing tables, seives and all apparatas $2500
  3. The above were burnt by myself to prevent falling into the hands of the enemy
  4. 1 Negroe Carpenter 45 years of age $1000
  5. Furniture in dwelling left when the island was abandoned as a military necessity $ 200
  6. 3000 bushels of potatoes at 25cts " " " " " " " $ 750
  7. 1 Durham Bale shot by order of Col. Means $ 50
  8. 2 carts $20 each " " " " " $ 40

Total ten thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars $10,990

Charleston 1st March 1862

State of South Carolina John R. Wilson

Charleston District

Personally appeared before me, John R. Wilson who upon oath, says, that the above is a correct estimate of his loss sustained from the invasion of the enemy to the best of his knowledge & belief.

Sworn to before me this 12 Jany 1863 John R. Wilson

James Tupper, Auditor Book no 2 pg 12-32-44-54-82-102-126


Charleston April 15, 62

I have lost six negroes & Seven bags of cotton James Brown


Fairfield District SoCa January 25 1863

I certify that this is a correct statement of losses I have sustained by my property falling into the hads of the enemy or being abandoned to them.

  1. Seven bales of fine Sea Island Cotton. Eight prime negroes, ten head of
  2. cattle, a fine ten oared boat, a four oared skiff boat, a carriage, sixty
  3. acres of corn four of potatoes
  4. Statement of losses sustained by James Brown of John's Island SoCa
  5. 7 bales of cotton average weight per bale 300
  6. 2000 c 43c $ 903.00
  7. 8 negroes 4 men & 4 women 1400.00
  8. 10 head of cattle @ 12.50 125.00
  9. 2 boats 300.00
  10. 600 bushels of corn @ 125 750.00
  11. 1 carriage 100.00


Sworn to before me this 27th Jan y 1863 James Brown

James Tupper


December 1st loss was when Col Branch retired from Rockville in Nov. 1861 which caused 5 of his negroes to go to the enemy.

The 2d loss, embracing all the rest, occured about May 62 when Gen. Evans ordered all the inhabitants to leave John's Island, in doing which the property of deponent mentioned in the annexed list (exclusive of the 5 slaves) was lost

James Brown


Fairfield District

S. Ca 24-64-84-104-144


Blackville, SC Dec. 5, 1862

Mr. Whaley

Dear Sir

I handed a short statement of losses to Hon. Wm. M. Murray & requested him to present them to you & have there included in your report I was not aware that negroes were to be included. I give you therefore a corrected statement

  1. House burnt $3000
  2. Furniture 1000
  3. Out buildings 1000
  4. I prime negro man gone to the abolishenist I do not know how your value the Negro but he would bring now the highest market price for a single negro I have leave it for you to fill out.

Respectfully yours.

J. E. Enderson Bentz

of Wadmalaw Island E -6-26-126


Greenville Oct. 7th 1863 James Tupper Esq.

Dear Sir, I have revised the report, and return it with some slight amendations(?) & an appendix, with the affidavits attached, certified to by the officiating Magistrate and the Clerk of the Court. The document is not now, I presume, all that you could wish and certainly not al that I would desire. But it is difficult for one living so much apart from society as I did at Rose Bank, to ad_____ direct and positive proof of the multiplied facts in my case,by disinterested witnesses, and now especially, so long after the transaction - and when those who might have shed some light on the subject are so scattered. Please take the report and do the best you can for me - relying as much as you can upon truth and justice - giving to them the weight of your own convictions.

Please acknowledge the receipt of the Report, and inform me whether you required a duplicate of it, - and if you do, whether it will be sufficient for me to transcribe the affidavits and certificates attached, or must we again go before the officers, pro forma, for a renewal of the affidavits and certificates?

Very Respectfully,

Your Obedt. Servt.

J. B. Whitridge


List of Property Lost by James G. Megett

Two Negroes named Adam and Major, Adam about thirty years of age, Major twelve years.

James G. Meggett, Charleston

Novbr 19th/62

List of Property Lost by Wm. G. Meggett five Negroes, one fellow names Boston, about 50 years of age, two women, two children their ages not known.

William G. Meggett

Charleston per James C. Meggett

NOvbr 19th/62

Return of the Est. of J. F. Meggett of Losses by the Enemy

10 Bales of Cotton; 3000 lbs at 30 ct $900.00

  1. Billy age 45 years
  2. Sancho " 40 "
  3. Walley " 35 "
  4. Roger " 20 "
  5. Nancy " 18 "
  6. Furniture 200.00
  7. one flat 150.00

Book no. 2 28-42-100-122

Return of P. F. Meggett of Losses by the Enemy

  1. 6 bales of cotton; 1800 lbs at 30 ct $ 540.00
  2. one boat 100.00
  3. Furniture 125.00

Book no 2 42-100-122

The State of South Carolina

Beaufort District

Personally before me made oath P. F. Meggett tht the within as a just and true return of his property lost by the enemy and of that belonging to the estate of J. F. Meggett of which he is administrator

Sworn this 17th day, of April 1862 P. F. Meggett

A. E. Young (?) Not Publix off



The entire settlement burnt on the Est. of J. W. Hills plantation, during the battle of Secessionville, by order of the Commanding officer, to prevent the enemy from taking shelter in and around the buildings, and to prevent them from flanking the battery at Secessionville. The settlement consisting of

  1. Dwelling House $3,000
  2. kitchen & Workroom 500
  3. Stable & Carriage House 500
  4. barn House 500
  5. Poultry house 100
  6. Pigeon " 50
  7. Store " 75
  8. Cotton " 500
  9. Gin " 500


9 negro Houses at one hundred dollars a piece 900


crop on the land 3,000


A. M. Hills exe. of Est of J. W. Hills per T. A. Beckett entered in page 40 & 80


The State of South Carolina

Charleston District

Personally appeared before me William H. Taylor and made oath that all of the buildings on his plantation known as Dixon's Island a small Island adjacent to James Island wre destroyed by the enemy in June last during the time that they occupied a portion of James Island U that said buildings consisting of a dwelling House, kitchen, cron house & dairy were worth to this deponent at least the sum of one thousand dollars. Deponent further swears that upon his said plantation or Island were three head of cattle which he was prohibited from removing by the order of the General in command of James Island assigning as a reason that they would be wanted for the use of the troops under his command, that he has made frequent application to the military authorities for payment for said cattle, but up to the present time has received no satisfaction whatever so that they also have been a total loss to this deponent. that at the reate such cattle were then selling they would have been worth at least one hundred and sixty five dollars Deponent therefore estimates his entire loss at eleven hundred and sixty five dollars & prays relief.

Sworn to before me

this 3rd Jany 1863 Wm. H. Taylor

M. E. Rivers

Magistrate book no 2 pg 86-146


Statement of Losses of James W. Holmes by the destruction of property on his plantation on James Island St. Andrews Parish, State of South Carolina by order of Major GEneral Pemberton commanding department for the military defence.

  1. 1 dwelling house $ 3,850.00
  2. 1 stable 830.00
  3. 1 brick smoke house 522.00
  4. 1 dairy 362.00
  5. 1 kitchen 520.00
  6. 1 Gin House with Gins & Foftines(?) 1,275.00
  7. 1 cotton house 705.00
  8. 2 barns @ $815 each 1,630.00
  9. 17 single negro houses @ $300 each 5,100.00
  10. 2 Double " " @ $450 each 900.00
  11. 2 houses for poultry one @ $180 & the @ $190 370.00
  12. 1 mill house 78.00
  13. 1 house for packing S. I. cotton 350.00


I hereby certify that the above buildings (the property of James W. Holmes Esq.) were destroyed in oder to open the line of fire in from of the line of defence, by order of Maj. General J. C. Pemberton then commanding Dept James Id Sept 12th, 1863 W. M. RAmsay Capt


James Island Sept. 22nd 63

Mr. James Tupper

Dear Sir

Being informed that you are the person to whom all claims against the state should be presented I write for information as to how I am to proceed to get pay for certain articles impressed by me in the month of November 1861 when Col. of the 12th Regt S.C.M. By my order the following articles were impressed & appraised as follows - 16 mules, & 4 wagons 3 days - $14.85 2 mules & 1 wagon six weeks $32.50 - 30 bushels corn $30.00 500 lbs fodder $5.00 - one beef $9.00 amounting in all to $91.35 - The above articles were regularly appraised & the parties having asked me to obtain the payment for them I forwarded the certificates of appraisement to the then Agt.(?) & Inspt. Genl. & have written several times concerning the matter, but as yet have received no information concerning the same - The parties are continually applying to me about it & I would be glad to have the matter settled - If the certificates of appraisement are lost please write me how to supply the loss - would my certificates as to the fact be sufficient _____? Any information will be thankfully received - Respectfully yours __ ___ District 11th Regt. S.C.V. John A. Tison James Island, Charleston, SC.

Front Cover

Col. Jno A. Tison

James Island

22 Sep 1863

as to payment by state of claim for articles impressed in Nov. 1861 Office of State Auditors 12 Oct 1863. Respectfully returned(?) to Col. John Jones Quarter Master Genl. S.C. with request for information to enable undersigned to answer application for Col. Tison

James Tupper, Auditor

I do not know any authoritiyin which impressment of private property by Col Tison were made beyond the Act of Assembly 1841 "To reduce all acts and clauses of acts in relation to the militia of this state into one act, and to alter and amend the same"

See Section CXLVII

James Jones Oct. 11 1863

14 Oct. 1863

Answered see letter book


Return of Negroes & other property of William W. McLeod of St. Andrews Parish, Charleston Distirct State of South Caroina, which have ranaway from the possession of their owner to the enemy & which has been destroyed by the military authorities of the Confederate States to wit-

On or about the 25th May 1862 ranaway the following negroes viz:

Syphax 55, Beck 55, Tony 40, Ben 35, Rose 24, child 14 months, William 28, York 34, Molly 25, On or about 15th June 1862 ranaway Abram 25 years old.

Damages done to real estate on James Island & to crops of corn, cotton & potatoes, thereon growing to diminish(?) obstructions in Stoton River done by Capt. RAmsay (Engineer) under order form Maj. Genl. Pemberton - $10000

the thousand dollars Oak & Pine wood cut down for making two military roads & causeways through plantation by order Gen. Pemberton $5000 - five thousand dollars

Injury & destruction of crops by soldiers in Maj. White's Battalion P.C.S.A. - Total destruction of corn, cotton, & potatoe crops to wit, one

hundred acres of corn, seventy acres of cotton & twelve acres of potatoes $10000 - ten thousand dollars

Personally appeared before me a magistrate in and for the District of Beaufort in the State of South Carolina William W. McLeod who being sworn says that the facts set down in the above return are true, that the negroes have runaway as therin stated & he believes are now in possession of the enemy - That the injuries to his plantation doen as he is informed & believes by order of Maj. Genl Pemberton is set down at the actual money money value - That the loss & destruction of his crops by the soldiers of Maj. White's Batalion P.C.S.A. is based on the average yield of his daid plantation & the average value of said crops, the cotton being fine sea island that the negroes are of the age therein statedof the full market value being all prime

Sworm before me

this 13th Oct 1862 W. W. McLeod

Chas E. Bell, Magt

The State of South Carolina

Charleston District

Before me appeared James M. Lawton & Joseph M Mikell who being sworn say that they are will acquainted with said William W. McLeod that they know the said negroes have runaway from him & they believe are now in possession of the enrmy - that the other facts set down in above return are true, and that in their opinion the injures to his plantation & the loss and destruction to his crops are not extravagantly valued by him in said return - That his crips from the average yield and at the average value would have produced fully what he has estimated their loss at.

Sworn before me

this 12th day of Jany AD 1863 J. M. Lawton

M. E. Rivers Jos. M. Mikell

Magistrate Book no 2 page 10-30-44-126

James Island Thomas Grimball "Grimball Plantation" 1465 acres Isaac Grimball executor T. H. Grimball and applicant for the restoration of "Grimball Plantation" James Island, S. C. It appearing that the same is unoccupied either by freedmen or others.

Sarah Grimball has fair complexion, dark hair, dark eyes is 5' __"(?) high aged 26 years by profession a lady. 20th day of Jan. 1866 Isaac P. Grimball has fair complexion, dark hair, grey eyes, 5'8" high aged 42 years by profession a planter. Jan. 20th, 1866 The Petition of Isaac P. Grimball a loyal citizen of the United States who has taken the amnesty oath . . . sheweth that he is the duly qualified Executor of the last will and testament of his brother the late Thomas H. Grimball who departed this life on or about the 5th day of October 1864 leaving a widow Mrs. Sarah Grimball and one child now about six years of age surviving him the only parties interested in his Estate. That the said Mrs. Sarah Grimball has also taken the amenesty oath aforesaid a certified copy of which is hereunto annexed that among other prooperty owned by the estate of your petitioner's testator is a tract of land on James Island containing fourteen hundred and sixty five acres more or less bounded North by lands of the Estate of John Rivers and lands lately belonging to the estate of Dr. Thomas Legare, East by lands letely owned by the Estate of Dr. Thomas Legare by the public road known as the Savannah Road and by lands of the Estate of Wm. Horace Rivers - South by lands of the Estate of Wm. Horace Rivers and Solomon Legare and creeks and marshes and west by Stono River also a lot at the village of Secessionville. The the petitioner's testator was in the actual occupation and possession of the said property until some time in the early part of the month of June 1862 when he was compelled to vacate the same in consequence of an order from the military authorities of the so called Confederate States requiring all the inhabitants of James Island to remove with their negroes from the Island as speedily as possible from which time the entire island including the said tract and lot of land was held by the Confederate authorities as a military post until its occupation by the forces of the United States on or about the 18th day of February 1865 who still continue to hold the same. And your petitioner further sheweth that neither he nor any of the parties interested in the said property come within the excepted classes contained in the proclamation aforesaid under the circumstances above set forth your petitioner claims that the said lands were never abandoned within the meaning of the act of Congress approved on 2nd July 1864 and he therefore in behalf of himself and the parties interested prays that he may be restored to the possession of the said property eith all his just and legal rights therein and that he may have a just award for the use and occupation thereof by the United States during the term of their possession as for such rents and profits as have been received by their agents and your petitoner will ever pray ans so forth. John E. Rivers Esq. is hereby authorized to act as the attorney of your petitoner in presenting this petition and to do all acts necessary to be done to effect a restoration of the property. 20th Jan. 1866 I. P. Grimball E. Rivers Magis.

Personally appeared before me Robert Lebby, Jr., John C. MInott and Elias L. Rivers and made oath that they are all well acquainted with Mr. Isaac P. Grimball that they were also well acquainted with the late Thomas H. Grimball and his family. that they have carefully read the petition of the said Isaac P. Grimball as executor of the said Thomas H. Grimball herewith filed praying for the restoration of a tract and a lot of land on James Island owned by the Estate of Said Thomas H. Grimball . . . Robt. Lebby, Jun., John C. MInott, Elias L. Rivers 20th Jan. 1866

James Island lot at Secessionville ½ acre Thomas H. Grimball ext. Isaac P. Grimball . . .The petiton of Isaac P. Grimball executor of the last will and testament of Thomas H. Grimball deceased respectfully sheweth that some months ago he filed a petiton to this Bureau for the restoration of the property owned by his testators Estate on James Island consisting of a plantaton which has since been restored to your petitioner and a lot of land at the village of Secessionville measuring about one half acre more or less which has not yet been restored to your petitoner. That he as been informed that Capt. Ketchum late asst. Com. of the Bureau at this place and by whose order the said plantation was restored took with him the original petition as a voucher for his action on the premises which render this application necessary and your petitioner further sheweth that all the forms required by the Bureau has been complied with in his original petiiton. He therefore prays that he may be restored to the possession of the said lot of land at the village of Secessinville with all his just and legal rights therein . .


Mr. E. Rivers Atty for Isaac P. Grimball 18th May, 1866

Personally appeared before me Robert Bee and W. W. Lawton and made oath that they are well acquainted with Isaac P. Grimball that they have read his petition herewith filed that they know the lot of land therein referred to to be the property of The Estate of Thomas H. Grimball of which the said Isaac P. Grimball is executor. Robert Bee W. W. Lawton 11th May 1866


Benjamin and Emily Bailey

Blackville, So.Ca. Dec. 9th 1862

This certifies that the losses sustained by me at various times on my place Stono Church Flats, St. Pauls Parish where & now occupied by our soldiers amount in all to one thousand dollars $1000

Personally appeard before me J E. Robinson a Magst Benjamin Bailey and swears the above amt is true. Sworn to before me the 9th Decm 1862

J. E. Robinson

Magst. Benjamin Bailey

Blackville, So Ca Dec 9 1862

This certifies that three (3) of my servants and six (6), of my wifes Mrs. Emily A. Bailey left us last winter and went over to the enemy since which time they have not been heard from.

Personally appeared before me Jas. E. Robinson a Magistrate Benjamin Bailey who made oath that the above is correct sworn to before me this 9th Dec. 1862

James E. Robinson

Magst Benjamin Bailey


Copy of Affidavit sent to

Hon. James E. Orr Anderson

31 Dec 1862

State of So Carolina,

Personally appeared before me, James Tupper, Auditor, of Calims for the said state, O H. Middleton of the Parish of St. Johns Colleton, who upon oath says, that the estimate of losses sustained by this deponent on Edisto Island from the invasion of the enemy and submitted by him to the Commission appointed by the State Legislature to collect the evidence of said losses by the citizens of this State, is true to the best of the belief and knowledge of this deponent.

Sworn to before me at Columbia This signed O. H. Middleton 31 Dec 1862

James Tupper Auditor & Ex Off____  Magistrate

Seabrook (Col.)

Return of Losses of E. M. Seabrook, of Saint Lukes Parish incurred by the invasion of the enemy

  1. Daniel (field hand & ploughman prime age 30) 1,500.00
  2. Betty (field hand prime age 28) 1,000.00
  3. 80 Bales of Sea Island Cotton at $100 per bale 8,000.00
  4. 10 bales of Sea Island Cotton at $180 per bale extra fine 1,800.00
  5. 60 bales of Sea Island cotton at $150 per bale fine 9,000.00
  6. 3000 bushels of corn at $1 per bushel 2,000.00
  7. 200 bushels of peas at $1 per bushel 200.00
  8. 2500 bushels of potatoes 600.00
  9. 6 mules at $150 each 900.00
  10. 13 prs of oxen at $40 per pr. 520.00
  11. 35 steers at $25 each 875.00
  12. 159 head of stock cattle at $10 per head 1,590.00
  13. 54 head of sheep at $7 per head (12 weathex) 162.00
  14. 13 hogs 40.00
  15. 225 head of poultry (turkeys, ducks, fowls) 75.00
  16. 1 large flat new cost price burnt by Gen. Drayton 300.00
  17. 6 small flats at $30 each 180.00
  18. 2 small boats 35.00
  19. 15 carts at $15 each 225.00
  20. one set of blacksmith tools 30.00
  21. one carriage 250.00
  22. one buggy 75.00
  23. one cotton press 50.00
  24. cotton cribs, plows, spades, axes & c 300.00
  25. Household furniture 1,000.00
  26. 3 large cotton houses burnt 1,000.00
  27. one overseers house burnt 600.00
  28. one kitchen burnt (new) 150.00
  29. one wharehouse burnt new 150.00
  30. one dairy burnt new 50.00
  31. 25000 lbs of blades at $1 per hundred 250.00

The State of South Carolina

Charleston District

Personally appeared E. M. Seabrook who being duly sworn says that the above statement of his losses is just and true.

Sworn to before _____ E. M. Seabrook the 1 Nov 1862

E. _________ N.P.

The State of South Carolina

Charleston District

Personally appeared H. H. Hydrick who being sworn depose and say(?) that he has been in the employ of Col. E. M. Seabrook for the last eighteen months that he is perfectly acquainted with the losses of the said Col. E. M. Seabrook and their value and that the foregoing is a correct & accurate statement of the same:

H. H. Hydrick

Sworn to before me this 1st Nov 1862

E _________

N. P. Book no 2 pg 22-70-74-90-94-112-142


List of negroes carried off by the Yankees from Cypress Plantation on Combahee River June 2nd 1863 belonging to W. C. Heyward also a statement of valuation of Buildings and other property destroyed by fire.





Names Age Mothers Name Names Age Mothers Name

IN ALL 35 Boys


Names Age Mothers Name Names Age Mothers Name


Recapitulation: Men 68;  Women 64;  Boys 35;  Girls 32 Total 199

Buildings &c burnt with their value

  1. Thrashing Mill $ 7,500.00
  2. Two barns 3,000.00
  3. 4 flats & flat house 1,500.00
  4. Dwelling house & furniture 7,000.00
  5. Overseer's House 2,000.00 kitchen & store room
  6. two corn houses 1,500.00
  7. Grist Mill 1,000.00
  8. Coach House & stables 2,000.00
  9. mule stable 700.00
  10. two wagon sheds 300.00
  11. cattle shed 200.00
  12. Hospital & 5 negro houses 2,000.00
  13. 10,000 bushels rough rice 22,000.00
  14. 800 bushels corn 1,200.00
  15. 2 lofts full of blades 1,200.00


State of South Carolina Personally appeared W. C. Heyward, who being duly sworn Charleston(?) District deposes that the withing statement contains a true and correct account of the losses sustained by him from the hands of the enemy. The said loss being estimated at fifty three thousand one hundred dollars exclusive of one hundred and ninety nine slaves.

Sworn to 27th June 1863

B. W. Pringle(?) Mag Wm. C. Heyward

Personally appeared F. Hughes who deposes that he is well acquainted with W. C. Heyward above named that he is cognizant personally of the loss sustained by said Heyward and that said Heyward was the owner of the property withing specified and that the estimate of his loss is fair and correct to the best of deponents knowledge and belief. F. Hughes

Sworn to 27 June 1863 G. W. Pringle Mag. Book no. 3 pg 2-28-72-156

July 1863


Return of Edward D. LaRoche of negroes lost ir in possession of the enemy - St. Pauls Parish

  1. Pompey $1000
  2. Harriet 800
  3. Georgiana 400
  4. Bob 300
  5. Isaac 300
  6. Moses 200
  7. William 1000
  8. Maria 800
  9. Martha 400
  10. Linus 300
  11. Eve 300
  12. Sarah 300
  13. Gilbert 100
  14. Schadrack 1000
  15. Emma 800
  16. Tobby 100
  17. Charity 300
  18. Lot 300
  19. Frank 100
  20. Frank 1500
  21. Cha_hre 800
  22. Jennette 400
  23. Simon 400
  24. Lydia 300
  25. Katy 100
  26. Tenah 800
  27. Nancy 300
  28. Cornelia 100
  29. Frank 1000

29 negroes Edwd. D. Laroche Book no 2 -24-


Adams Run Nov. 15th 1862

I hereby certify that the follow is a correct list of Negroes who have left me for the Enemy.

Wm. C. Meggett

  1. Boston Prime hand
  2. Diana " "
  3. Linus 2 years of age
  4. Eve Prime hand
  5. Mary 1 year old

Sworn to before me this 15th of Nov. 1862

M. W. Clement Wm. C. Meggett

Noty Public Book no. 2 page 28


Report of Losses P. H. Waring ______ of 1861 & 1862

Names AGE Value

  1. Anthony 40 $1000
  2. Patty 30 800
  3. Peggy 16 800
  4. Casar 23 1200
  5. Isaac 24 1200
  6. James 19 1200
  7. Johny 15 1000
  8. June 13 800
  9. Cupid 60 500
  10. Chloe 36 800
  11. William 16 1000
  12. Liddy 14 500
  13. Casar 12 500
  14. Peter 10 400
  15. Abby 6 300
  16. Andrew 1 100
  17. Lidia 70 100
  18. Daniel 23 1200
  19. Frank 22 1200
  20. Lizzy 20 800*


Younges Island Plantation *

one flat ommited in the above $300

  1. One 13 oared boat $ 500
  2. one 8 oared boat 300
  3. one 4 oared boat 75
  4. 500 bshl potatoes 500
  5. 30 head cattle 600

$ 1975



By the statement it _____ seen that I have lost fifteen thousand and four hundred dollars in negroes & one thousand & nine hundred & seventy five dollars in other property making a toatl of ($17,375) seventeen thousand & three hundred and seventy five dollars

P. H. Waring

August 11 1862 _ _ Book no 2 pg 12-32-58-82-126


State of South Carolina

St. Pauls Parish

Colleton District

Personally appeared before me this 7th day of April in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and sixty two Sal_thi_l: N. Carroll who being duly sworn maketh oath - That on the 2nd day of March of the present year he, the deponent, was residing at Pinebury, a Plantation in said Parish belonging to I. Berkley Grimball in the capacity of overseer of the said Plantation and of "the Grove" Plantation and adjoining tract also the property of I. B. Grimball deponent further saith that at the date above state of then was residing upon the said plantations one hundred and thirty three negro salves also the property of the said I. B. Grimball. Deponent further saith that on the night of the said 2nd of March seventy one of the said negro slaves to wit -

Absconded from said plantation, and as this deponent fully believes have joined the enemy on Edisto Island.  Deponent further saith that sometime before the said 2nd of March 72. Abrah field hand aged abt. 45 years, husband of Lydia - and 73. Henry field hand aged abt. 18 years also absconded form the Plantation above mentioned, and this deponent fully believed have also joined the enemy on Edisto Island- The deponet further saith that none of the above named Negro Slaves have returned, or been returned since their departure as stated above -

Sworn to before me

this 7th day April S. N. Carroll

A.D. 1862

B. Bingle(?) Smith Snr


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