Ebenezer Clark, b. June 8, 1779 prob Bedford, MA, to Ebenezer and Ruth (Wild) Clark; d. in Townsend; married Mary Sampson (11 children). (listed in Reed Genealogy: Descendants of William Reade, of Weymouth, Mass., from 1635-1902, by J.L. Reed pub. 1901 vol 2 appendix, no source given)


  1. Ebenezer Clark, b. c1810. (ibid Reed Genealogy )
  2. James Clark, b. c1810. (ibid)
  3. Benjamin Clark, b. c1810 - (ibid)
  4. Abraham Clark, b.c1815 . (ibid)
  5. Ellas (Elias?) Clark, b. . (ibid)
  6. (Isaac Clark, b. . (ibid)?)(not listed on a Rootsweb listing.)
  7. Ruth Clark, b. c1820. (ibid)
  8. Mary Clark, b. . (ibid)
  9. Sarah Clark, b. . (ibid)
  10. Susanna(h) Clark, b. ^- (ibid)
  11. Abigail (Abby) Clark, b. . (ibid)
  12. Augusta Clark, b. -. (ibid)

(ibid Reed Genealogy )

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