Elisha Clark, born to Jacob and Melitiah Clark, Feb. 15, 1765 in Medfield.  Elisha Clark, "Yeoman" of Medfield was appointed guardian to Oliver Clark in 1818.  Elisha Clark married Drusilla Smith 25 Jan. 1792 in Medfield, Drusilla died 31xcMay 1804 in Medfield (VR Medfiled p201), and Elisha married Hannah Boyden 23 Apr. 1807 in Medfield.

  1. Sophia, d. Elisha and Drusilla, Jan. 30, 1793.
  2. Hiram, s. Elisha and Drucilla, Apr. 13, 1798.
  3. Katy, d. Elisha and Hannah, June 28, 1808.
  4. Hannah, d. Elisha and Hannah, Mar. 23, 1810
  5. Drusilla, d. Elisha and Hannah, Dec. 10, 1814.
  6. Hiram Boyden, s. Elisha and Hannah, Apr. 14, 1817.

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