On 18 March 1827, Sanford Clark, age 27, filed an intent to marry in Medfield (VR Medfield p129) Nancy A. Gould, c21 years of age  (born c1806), living in Holliston, Mass. at the time.   Vital Records of Holliston show that Nancy A. Gould of Holliston filed an intent to marry Sanford Clark of Medfield 21 Mar. 1827 (April 16, C.R.I.).  Neither of these appears to be a marriage, unless it is the (April 16, C.R.I.) notation in Holliston, which I believe is a church record of a marriage.  I was unable to trace her through the census.  "Bearhillhomestead" quotes a Dedham deed that states that Chloe and Paul Gould of Bellingham & Holliston were her parents.   [Adams, Norfolk Reg. of Deeds, Dedham, Vol. 135, p16, apparently deed written in 1840, registered in 1843] We will try to verify this.  The web site states in full (filled in by records where we can find them - all stated):

(yet unverified except where vital records are stated)

There are no Paul Gould Suffolk County probate records.

There are Thomas Gould Suffolk County probate records.  Thomas Gould 1674 will, (682).  Thomas Gould 1763 administration (13214).  Thomas R. Gould guardianship 1827 (28198), and Thomas R. Gould administration 1882 (68475).  There is no Huldah Gould probate in Suffolk County.

Paul Goold son of Thomas Gould and Huldah Gould born 22 Dec. 1746, bp 17 July 1748 (VR Hopkinton p91).  This may well be the father of the Paul Gould who married Chloe Adams, but this is not yet documented.  I think this may also be the Paul Gould who married Christian Hill.

  1. Lydia Gold dau of Thomas and Huldah "Gold" 29 Apr. 1745(VR Hopkinton), Lydia Goold ch Thomas baptised17 July 1748 CR1 (VR Hopkinton)
  2. Paul Goold son of Thomas Gould and Huldah Gould born 22 Dec. 1746, bp 17 July 1748 (VR Hopkinton p91).
  3. Huldah dau of dau Thomas and Huldah "Gold" 21 Feb 1748-8 ([Goold CR1] (VR Hopkinton)
  4. Deborah Gold dau Thomas and Huldah "Gold" 15 June 1752 (VR Hopkinton)

Paul Gould (int of Hopkinton) (born c1749 if 21 in 1770, so I believe this is the Paul "Goold" born 1746) and Christian Hill 20 Dec. 1770 (VR Holliston). Christian Gould wife of Paul Gould died 10 Aug. 1776 (VR Hollison).  Paul Gould and Sarah Pike were married 20 Feb. 1777. (VR Holliston), thus it appears that Paul Gould remarried after the death of Christian.

  1. Prada Gould dau of Paul and Christian Gould born 12 Nov. 1771 (VR Holliston).
  2. Olive Gould dau of Paul and Christian Gould born 27 July 1773 (VR Holliston). Mrs. Olive Gould of Holliston int to marry Levi Adams 20 Oct. 1797 (VR Bellingham p112)
  3. Isaiah Gould son of Paul and Christian Gould born 21 Nov. 1774 (VR Holliston) Isaiah Gould died 2 Sept. 1849 age 75 G.R.I. (VR Bellingham p187.)
  4. Ruth Gould dau dau of Paul and Christian Gould born 17 June 1776 (VR Holliston)
  5. son of Paul Gould died [rec between 23 June and 3 Aug] 1796 C.R.I.(VR Holliston)

Paul Gould 1790 US Census in Holliston, MA

Paul Gould 1810 US Census Walpole, and a Paul Gould in Holliston

Paul Gould 1820 US Census Franklin, and a Paul Gould in Bellingham

Paul Gould 1830 US Census Bellingham

Samuel and Chloe Adams of Bellingham, MA had children:

  1. Daniel Adams born 1777 Bellingham, married Christian Gould (no offspring mentioned in 1843 deed)
  2. Obediah Adams born 1780 Bellingham married Sally Ware, died before 23 Dec. 1840 (when deed was written)
  3. Samuel Adams born 1781 Bellingham married Mercy Clark, died 1843 Bellingham
  4. Chloe Adams born c1783 of Bellingham filed an int. to marry Paul Gould Jr.  24 Aug. 1803 in Holliston (VR Holliston).  Chloe Adams of Medway  married Paul Gould , Jr. (prob. born <1782, thus he may be a son of Paul "Goold" above and his second wife  Sarah Pike Gouldof Holliston 27 Sept. 1803 (VR Medway p197).  They filed an intent to marry in Bellingham, Paul Gould, Jr. of Holliston, and Chloe Adoms (Adams) on 4 Aug. 1803. (VR Bellingham p112).  Chloe  (wife of Paul Gould, Jr.) died  9 May 1825 [10 May C.R.I.] at age 42 in Holliston (VR Holliston ).  (no births listed in Medway, Medfield, Holliston, Bellingham, Sherborn).  Supposed children (those documented are so stated):
    1. Nancy A. Gould born c1806 (only supposedly documented in the Adams deed)
    2. Margery Wiswall Gould married a Howard (only stated on the web, no documentation yet located)
    3. Miranda Gould child of Paul died Sept. 1824 at age 5. (VR Holliston)
    4. child of Paul Gould, Jr. died "about" 29, 1824 C.R.I. (VR Holliston)
    5. child of Paul Gould died 4 Oct. 1825 C.R.I (VR Holliston)
  5. John Adams born about 1787 Bellingham, MA, living Bellingham, MA 1843, died 1865 Bellingham, MA
  6. Betsey Adams, born about 1788 Bellingham, MA, married David Ware, living Franklin, MA 1843, died 1869 Medway, MA
  7. Hannah Adams, died 1791 Bellingham, MA
  8. Nathan Adams, born about 1793 MA, married Roxlany Sprouter 1819, 1850: age 57 & living in Medway, MA for U. S. Census
  9. ------- Adams, died 1796 Bellingham, MA
  10. ------- Adams, died 1798 Bellingham, MA
  11. Silas Adams, born about 1801 Bellingham, MA, married 1) ------- -------, living Bellingham, MA 1843, married 2) Harriet E. Hasley
  12. Rhoda Adams, born about 1802 Bellingham, MA, married Timothy Page, living Medway, MA 1843, died 1874 Medway, MA

[note: Christian Gould and Paul Gould, spouses of two of the above children, were siblings, children of Paul & Sarah [Pike] Gould]

[note: Chloe is listed as widow of said Samuel in the deed, indicating she outlived Samuel]

Chloe (Adams) & Paul Gould of Bellingham & Holliston, MA had the following children:

  1. Nancy Gould born c1804 MA, married Sanford Clark, lviing in Medway, MA 1843
  2. Polly Gould born 1803-10, married Francis Grant, living Dover, VT 1843
  3. Sewall Harding Gould born c1808 Holliston, MA, married (1) Rebecca Howard, (2) Cynthia Albee, living Milford, MA 1843, died 1891 Hopkinton, MA
  4. Elvira/Alvina Gould, born c1811 Bellingham, MA, married Amos Hayward, living Milford, MA 1843, died 1871 Milford, MA
  5. Chloe A. Gould born c1813 MA, married John Howard, living Milford, MA 1843
  6. Lavina Gould born c1817 MA, married (1) Joel Dunton, living Franklin, MA 1843, married (2) Joseph Despeaux, died 1879 Medway
  7. Miranda Gould born c1891, died 1824 Holliston
  8. ___ Gould died 1824 Holliston
  9. ___ Gould died 1825 Holliston
  10. Sally Gould born before end of 1825 (possibly in one of the gaps in her siblings births 1813-1817 or 1819-1825), unmarried as of 23 Dec. 1840 [it is possible she is the 15-20 year old female in her father's household in Woodstock, CT in the 1840 census)

[Rebecca Howard, Amos Haward, and John Howard, spouses of three of the above children, were siblings, chlidren of Amos & Rebecca (Whitney) Hayward]


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