Genealogy and Memoirs of Isaac Stearns and His Descendants, by Mrs. Avis Stearns Van Wagenen, Courier Printing Co. Syracuse, NY, 1901

PLEASE NOTE: (FOC) Until I can document this, note that there are almost no references in this Stearn "genealogy."  There is not even a town birth record of our supposed link, Rachel Starns who married Silvanus Clark in Stoughtonham (Sharon). Reader beware until we have documented these assertions!  Please retain the caveats, and do NOT propagate this as fact.

p32. Isaac and Mary (Barker) Stearns of Watertown.  They look well documented as original immigrants.  The rest remains to be proven.  Isaac Stearns, Jr. is named in his will (according to the above book)  Isaac Stearns or Sternes, born in England, married 1622 Mary Barker, dau. of John and Margaret Barker of Stoke, Nayland, Suffolk, England.  "This is proved correct by an entry in Thomas Lechford's Note Book, pages 291, 292. Isaac Sternes died 19 June 1671 and his widow died 2 Apr. 1677/  8 Children:

  1. Mary Stearns bap.  6 Jan. 1626 in the Parish of Nayland, Suffolk England
  2. Hannah Stearns bap. 5 Oct. 1628 in England
  3. John Stearns born c1631 in Watertown, or 1623 in Billarica
  4. Isaac Stearns, Jr. born 6 Jan. 1633, admitted Freeman 1665, died 29 Aug. 1676.
  5. Sarah Stearns born 22 Sept. 1635 in Watertown, married 7 June 1655 Dea. Samuel Stone of Cambridge.
  6. Samuel Stearns born 24 April 1638 died 3 Aug. 1683
  7. Elizabeth Stearns born c1640 married 13 Apr. 1664 Samuel Manning of Cambridge
  8. Abigail Stearns married 27 Apr. 1666 Dea. John Morse

p41.  Isaac Stearns Jr. 6 Jan. 1633, son of Isaac and Mary (Barker) Stearns of Watertown, admitted Freeman 1665, died 29 Aug. 1676.  He married 24 June 1660 Sarah Beers, dau. of Capt. Richard and Elizabeth Beers of Watertown.  Capt. Beers was an original proprietor, a Capt. in King Philips War, and was slain in battle by the Indians 4 Sept. 1675 at Northfield, MA.  Isaac Stearns, Jr. settled at Cambridge Farms, now Lexington, MA, and after his death, his widow, married second 23 July 1677 Thomas Wheeler of Concord, MA.  Inventory 300 pounds, six children.

  1. Sarah Stearns 14 Jan. 1662 married 27 Dec. 1678 John Wheeler of Concord, MA who died 27 Sept. 1713.
  2. Mary Stearns 8 Oct. 1663 married 1 Jan. 1694 John Cutler of Lexington, MA, who died 21 Sept. 1714.  She died 24 Feb.1733.
  3. Isaac Stearns 3d 26 Aug. 1665
  4. Samuel Stearns 11 Jan. 1667-8
  5. Abigail Stearns b1670 married 23 Nov. 1692 in Concord Samuel Hartwell, 6 Oct. 1660-27 Nov. 1744.  She died after childbirth 11 May 1709.
  6. John Stearns 1675 of Concord removed to Bedford.  Died 14 June 1734 age 59.

Isaac Stearns 3d born 26 Aug. 1665 to Isaac Stearns, Jr. and Sarah (Beers) Stearns of Lexington, MA, married 1696 Elizabeth Stone born 6 Oct. 1670.  First four children born in Cambridge, rest in Lexington.  He removed to Stoughton c1716.  Administration of the estate of Isaac Stearns of Stoughton was granted to his sons Simon and Jonathan 22 May 1741.  His inventory was 585 pounds 2 shillings 6 pence, dated 25 Jun 1741.  Nine Children

  1. Isaac Stearns 4th 19 Oct. 1697
  2. Simon Stearns 19 Oct. 1697
  3. Jabesh Stearns 27 Feb. 1700 died 30 Apr. 1700
  4. Jonathan Stearns 20 Nov. 1701 resided in Stoughton
  5. Hannah Stearns 26 Jan. 1704 married 17 Nov. 1726 Ezekial Upham of Sturbridge (1700-10 Jan. 1788)
  6. Mary Stearns bap. 10 Nov. 1706 married c1729 Dr. Edward Esty
  7. Martha Stearns bap. 7 Feb. 1709-10 married 1 Nov. 1734 Daniel Talbot of Stoughton who died 9 Mar. 1778.
  8. Ebeneazer Stearns bapt. 8 July 1711
  9. Abigail Stearns bap. 12 Nov. 1713 Int with Samuel Brackett 27 Aug. 1727

Stearns Genealogy and Memoirs lists Rachel Stearns on page 65 as a daughter of :

Jonathan Stearns born 20 Nov. 1701 son of Isaac Stearns 3d (19 Oct. 1697  and Elizabeth (Stone) Stearns, of Stoughton. Dorchester records show Jonathan Stearns of Stoughton and Experience Linkhorn (Lincoln) of Taunton were joined in marriage by ye Wpl. Robert Spur Esqr. 24 May 1727."  (Vital Records of Stoughton, Canton, Dorchester p266 [134]) Linkhorn means Lincoln.  Inventory dated 23 Sept. 1769; his son, Nathaniel, administrator.  He left a widow and six children in Stoughton.  Obviously this Stearns family does not appear in public records for some reason.  There is no reference given for these names.

  1. Jonathan Stearns, Jr. b1728
  2. Mary Stearns married ___ Wilber
  3. Experience Stearns married George Allen, Jr. 7 Ap. 1736 son of George and Mary Allen of Stoughton.  Int 28 Sept. 1759.  She died and 26 June 1777 he filed an Int to marry Mercy Jordan.
  4. ELizabeth Stearns married Elkanah Smith of Taunton, Int 26 Oct. 1757
  5. Rachel Stearns married 1 May 1766 Silvanus Clark of Stoughtonham
  6. Nathaniel Stearns

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