Book of the First Church of Middleborough

p25. The following document is found in the hand writing of Rev. Mr. Thacher, and signed by the members of the church. - "We, the subscribers, members of the First Church of Christ in Middleborough, at a meeting, this 10th day of April, 1738, to enquire and resolve to our Eev. Pastor, and one another, whether we are in suitable frames to communicate at the Lord's table together, and whether we advise it proper for our Rev. Pastor to administer to us under the general and visible decay of brotherly love among us ; do freety and humbly acknowledge, and have reason to do it with trembling, grief, and fear, that there is too evident tokens of our want of love, and want of peace, not only in this precinct, but also, even among the members of this church. etc. etc. signed among others NATHAN CLARK, This appears to be Nathan Clark born 17 April 1704, son of Nathan Clark, son of Joseph Clark of Braintree.

p62. 1812.-JOHN WESTON. He had, as was supposed, embraced religion forty years before, but had fallen into infidelity on reading the book of Thomas Paine ; at the age of eighty he was

raised from his fall and died in peace. Among others admitted in old age were, in 1823, Josiah Clarke, 79, and Mercy Freeman, 77 ; in 1742, Elizabeth Lewis, 88 ; in 1786, Hannah Tinkham, 94.

p69. CENTRAL CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH.The organization of this church took place in the meeting-house of the first precinct, March 25, 1847. Among the founding members: Mrs. Zilpha M.Clark,

p74. CATALOGUE MEMBERS OF THE FIRST CHURCH, MIDDLEBOROUGH, MASS. The saints on earth, and all the dead, But one communion make; All join in Christ, their living head, And of his grace partake. Index to the names of members: CLARKE 77 Nathan, CLARKE: 807 Josiah, 808 Mary, 809 Deborah P., 845 Elizabeth, 1015 Zilpha

p83. 1716..[77] 25 Nov. Nathan Clark, m. Jemima ; chi. Ichabod b. 1716

p100. 1794. [625] 23 Nov. Thankful Holmes, w. Ezra, O. Clark, d. Apr. 2, '99, at age 50th

p105. 1810. [759] 15 July Sally Curtis fr. Plym., w. David, o. Clarke. (apparently died?)

p120. [80] Mrs. Clarke, w. of John, " Her chi. bap. 1741."

p124. Page 38. Rev. S. Conant, No. 468, married, about a year after his ordination, a lady of Boston whose name was called Bethan or Betell, (perhaps It was Bethune). She died in about a year after marriage. His second wife was Williams of Roxbury, (perhaps daughter of Dr. Williams,) who lived a number of y ears and was the mother of a daughter named Hannah, who died in infancy. His third wife was admmltted to this church in 1758 by a letter from the church in" Norwich,"and - as appears by a letter written by Mr. Conant, expressive of his deep affliction, to her father, and which was printed at New London by her friends in the fame year of her death, 1759,-was the daughter of Col Hezekiah Huntington. A son, Hezekiah, was born Nov. 7, 1758, baptized Nov. 12th, and died in infancy, leaving Mr. C. childless. A friend, Miss Scollay, (ad. 12^i, became a permanent resident in his family at or soon after his third marriage, and conducted his household affairs until his death in 1777; in which period she acted as guardian of two young orphan neices. One of them became the wife of the late Dr. Joseph Clarke, and the other, successively, the second wife of Daniel Thomas, and Capt. David Thomas, (Nos. 544 and 546). After Mr. Conant's decease, Miss Scollay tenanted the Dr. Peter Oliver house, (now Capt. Earl Sprout's) and Eev. Abraham Camp (p. 41) boarded with her. She was esteemed a person of much excellence of character. The inscription on her grave-stone in " the Green " Cemetery is as follows

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