Nabbe Ellis married Ebenezer Clark.  Nabbe was born to Oliver and Mary Ellis 30 Mar. 1750-1 (VR Medfield p49).  

    Oliver "Ellice" was born to Samuel and Abigail Ellice 18 Mar. 1726-7.  There were no fewer than four Samuell Ellices born 1694-1697 in Medfield!  Two were  born to the same parents.  Samuel Ellices were born to (VR Medfield p47):

  1. Samuel & Deborah 12 Sept. 1694 died 28 Feb 1694-5 (VR Medfield p208)
  2. Samuell & Deborah 23 Feb. 1695-6
  3. Eleazer & M(torn) 29 May 1697
  4. John & Mary 14 July 1699.

   So we are left with three possibilities for the Samuel "Ellice" who married Abigail.

    Oliver Ellis married Mary Plympton 28 June 1750 (int not recorded) (VR Medfield p137).  

    Mary Lovell Plympton was born to Warren and Mary Plympton 27 May 1832 (VR Medfield p85).  Warren and Mary Plympton also had a son John Luther Plympton bor 17 Mar. 1838 (VR Medfield p85).

  1. Nabbe Elllis was born 30 Mar. 1750-1 (VR Medfield p49)
  2. Oliver Ellis was born 18 Mar. 1753 (VR Medfield p49)
  3. Obed Ellis was born 8 Apr. 1755 (VR Medfield p49)
  4. Mary Ellis was born  30 July 1757 (VR Medfield p49)
  5. Olive Ellis was born 21 Aug 1759 (VR Medfield p49)
  6. Charlotte Ellis was born 4 Mar 1762 (VR Medfield p48)

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