Burying Ground

Hannah Clark, 1687.

Thomas Clark, 1697.

One of the six stones bearing date in the seventeenth century marks the grave of Thomas Clark, or Clarke, who is often spoken of as the "mate of the 'Mayflower'" History, however, tells a different story, and it is known that the name of the first officer of the ship was John Clark. The stone is of purple Welsh slate, and is thus lettered :--

Here lyes ye body of Mr. Thomas Clark

aged 98 years

departed this life Match ye 24th 1697.

Plymouth Records.

A huge boulder has been recently placed on this grave, and a metallic plate secured to it reads: -

Here lies buried ye body of Mr. Thomas Clarke, aged 98.

Departed this life March 24, 1697.

Thomas Clarke came to Ply month from England in the ship Anne 1623.

He married Susan Ring of Plymouth, 1634.

Their children were Andrew, James, William, Susanna, Nathaniel, and John.

From whom descended a numerous posterity.

He married his second wife, Mrs. Alice Hallett Nichols of Boston, in 1664.

lHe lived for some years in Boston, and also in Harwich,

of which town he was one of the original proprietors.

He died in Plymouth, having lived in the reigns of six British sovereigns and the Com'th.

This stone is erected to his memory by his descendants A.D.1891.


Clark, Hannah, 13

" Thomas, 13, 17, 18

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