Rachel Clark born 4 Aug. 1772  (Clerk), daughter of Sylvanus Clark of Sharon, married 7 July 1796  in Foxborough to Augustus (Agustus) (Augustine) Fuller of Wrenthham (int. not  recorded) born 8 Mar. 1772 died 9 Sept. 1849 in Wrentham. (VR Foxborough p128)(VR Wrentham p268, p301)No births in Foxborough or Dedham or Attleboro.

  1. Rachel Fuller 15 May 1797 VR Wrentham p93  (therootsofmyfamilytree.ca says:) died 20 Dec 1887 in Brookfield, MA.  Rachel Fuller of Wrentham married 9 Aug. 1818 (page 102 of Franklin Town Records - Marriages - ref below) Elihu (town record states Elilm) Pond , Jr.(born 23 May 1795 to Elihu & Jemima Pond (Franklin Town Records p30) by Lewis Fisher, Esq. J.P.  
    1. Rachel Fuller Pond 27 March 1819
    2. Mary Fuller Pond 26 Oc.t 1821
    3. Elihu Pond born 4 July 1824 Rutland
    4. William Pond born 24 Apr. 1827 Oakham
    5. Nathan Pond born 27 April 1829 Oakham
  2. Harriet Fuller born 18 Oct. 1811 Wrentham,  supposedly married 15 Jan. 1832 in Milford, MA (VR Milford, Worcester Co., MA p234) Sabin Smith Barrows (18 June 1809 Maine-26 July 1887 died in Framingham or Sherborn, MA age 79).  Sabin Smith Barrows was supposedly a boat builder, but is listed as a farm laborer in the 1880 census. Harriet Fuller Barrows supposedly died 8 Sept. 1888 in Worcester, MA age 76.  Reputed Children:
    1. Betsey A. Barrows 1837
    2. Sabine I.(L?) Barrows 1838 in Medway, MA
    3. Elizabeth S. Barrows 1842
    4. Edward Barrows 1842
    5. George Barrows 1847
    6. Emma Barrows 1847
    7. Henry Barrows 1851
    8. Ella L. Barrows 1851
    9. Carrie (Caroline A.??) Barrows 1856
    10. Alice A. Barrows 1862

References for Franklin records: The Record of Births, Marriages, and Deaths of the Town of Franklin from 1778 to 1872.  Edited by Orestes T. Doe, Town Clerk.  1898.  Copy in Boston Public Library, available on archive.org is most readable.  The tables printed sideways are not searchable in a pdf!

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