Asaph Clark son of Daniel and Sarah Clark died  26 Dec. 1764  VR Walpole p197

Solomon Clark son of Daniel Clark and Sarah Clark died 25 Jan. 1765 (VR Walpole p197)

Daniel Clark died 22 Jan. 1765 VR Walpole p197

Rachel F. Clark born 1824 died 8 Jan. 1835 at age 11, daughter of Gilbert Clark, late of Boston VRWalpole p197

child Clark died 18 Jyly 1838, child of John N. Clark VR Walpole p197

James L.B. Clarke born 1828 died 13 April 1846 at 18 of pleurisy son of "Truman" and Betsy Clarke (was htis Freeman?) VR Walpole p197

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