3. Asa D. Clark was born 26 Sept. 1831 (or 32) in Medfield to Sanford Clark. In the 1850 census, he was living with John H. Lum, 40, a bootmaker from England. Also with Lum, in addition to Asa and his family was one Eli Darling from New York. Asa D. Clark married Havilah Lucinda Darling born in Orleans, NY on 3 Sept. 1850.

The state 1850 census shows them next to his brother Charles S. Clark, in Medway, 189, 200 (house #, family #) Asa Clark 22 bootmaker, Havilah Clark 22, Ellen M. Clark 3, Joseph E. Clark 1.

 Asa Clark was mustered into the US service 11 March 1864 for three years as a private of the 16th Mass. Light Bat.  He served with his battery in the defenses of Washington, DC, and was mustered out 27 June 1865, at the close of the war.   Asa Clark died 5 July 1900 @68-9-10 (years-months-days).

Three children:

  1. Ellen Clark born c1852 (1855 census).  Elnora G. Clark, daughter of Asa and Havilah, died on 12 March 1864 @4-10-12.
  2. Joseph D. (E in 1855 census) Clark 1854-1933 MA married Henrietta J Treen
    1. Frederick Leonard Clark 1880-1965 who married twice.  Frederick's first wife was Mabel Jones 1881-1972.  Frederick's second wife was Bertha M. Nash. Their children were
      1. (first wife) Etta 1881-1983,
      2. Harry Frederick 1905-1963,
      3. Marvin E 1906-1966 (My grandfather),
        1. Harry F. Clark.  This is the line of Michael Clark
        2. Marvin Clark jr.
      4. Martha J 1908-2005
      5. (second wife) Frederick L Jr 1926-1996,
      6. Helen Gertrude 1927-2004
  3. Asa I. Clark, born c1867, carpenter.  Asa "P." Clark, #13,  age 23, son of Asa "P." and Havilah Clark, married Margaret B. Robinson,  age 21, born c1867,  daughter of Archibald & Emma M. Robinson, on 5 Nov. 1890 in Medway, both residents of Medway.

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