(2.) Benjamin Clark 1644-1724, second born of Joseph Clark, married Dorcas Morse d1725

Benjamin Clark was a wheelwright. He married Dorcas Morse in 1665, and in 1668 received a grant for a house lot "on the way as you go out at Nantasket." The original well is reputed to still be in use. He was burned out by the Indians in 1676, but rebuilt upon the same spot. What is called the "Peak House" (picture on p348, History of Medfield) is an addition subsequently made to his second house, in or about 1762. After the decay of the old part, it was moved to its present location. Its unique shape has attracted much attention, and it is even popularly believed to be one of the original houses left standing by the Indians. Benjamin was a prominent man in town affairs, served on the board of selectmen seventeen times, and as a representative two years. He died 1 Dec. 1724, his widow the following year. (Tilden)

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