Volume 3 page 529

Clark, Hanniel (also given Hananiel), Falmouth. Private, Capt. John Wentworth's co.; pay abstract for travel allowance, etc., dated Watertown, Aug. 20, 1776; also, Capt. John Wentworth's co., Col. Aaron Willard's regt.; pay abstract for travel allowance from place of discharge, Fort Edward, to Falmouth dated Boston, Jan. 15, 1777; also, return of men enlisted into Continental Army from Col. Peter Noyes's (1st Cumberland Co.) regt., dated Falmouth, Nov. 20, 1778; residence, Falmouth; enlisted for town of Falmouth; joined Capt. Maybery's co., Col. Francis's regt.; enlistment, 3 years; also, Private, Capt. Richard Mayberry's co., Col. Benjamin Tupper's regt; Continental Army pay accounts for service from Jan. 20, 1777, to July 7, 1777; reported taken prisoner July 7, 1777; died March 1, 1779, as reported by Samuel Freeman, Esq.; also, Capt. Richard Maybery's co., Col. Ebenezer Francis's regt.; subsistence allowed from date of enlistment, Dec. 20, 1776, to time of arrival at Bennington; credited with 91 days allowance; also, Capt. Mayberry's co., Col. Benjamin Tupper's regt.; muster return dated Jan. 25, 1778; mustered by Col. Varrick, Continental Muster Master, and Maj. Ilsley, County Muster Master; reported "taken prisoner, retaken, and gone home."

Hanniel Clark (Francistown) married Lucy Morse of Dedham in 1794.

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