(3) Ichabod Clark born 23 April 1716 in Middleborough, Plymouth Co. to Nathan Clark  and Jemima Clark (who died 25 April 1716).  Int to marry between Ichabod Clark of ***n and Sarah Wittamore of Malden entered 20 Dec. 1740 (The Record of Births, Marriages and Deaths and Intentions of Marriage in the Town of Stoughton 1727-1800 and in the Town of Canton 1797-1845 preceded by the records of the south precinct of Dorchester from 1715 to 1727 p29).   Ichabod Clark married in Malden on 20 Dec. 1740 Sarah Whittemore, born c1714? who died 1792. Ichabod Clark died in 1805.

Sarah Whittemore was born in Malden, MA to Daniel Whittemore, who was born 1663, and who married Lydia Bassett of Bridgewater, d 1756.  Lydia Basset(t), Daniel Whittemore's wife and Sarah Whittemore Clark's mother was born in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co. They had 10 children, the last of whom was Sarah.  No date of birth was found for Sarah Whittemore in the Malden records, but she was no 10. The ninth child William was born in 1709 so Sarah was probably born 1710-1714.

Records were searched for Stoughton, Sharon, Canton and surrounding areas.

(Whittemore). Ichabod and Sarah were married in Mauldin.  Copied from the book entitled The Record of Births, Marriages and Deaths and Intentions of Marriage in the Town of Stoughton 1727-1800 and in the Town of Canton 1797-1845 preceded by the records of the south precinct of Dorchester from 1715 to 1727.

Intention of marriage of Ichabod Clark of **** & Sarah Whittamore of Malden entered Dec 20, 1740. (page 29). Listed under MALDEN: March 30, 1741 - Ichabod Clark of Stoughton and Sarah Whittemore of Malden by the Rev Joseph Stimpson. (p 267).

They settled in Stoughton, probably the area Stoughtenham, now Sharon by 23 Feb. 1741-2 for the birth of Nehemiah.  All births are subsequently recorded in Stoughtenham, which became Sharon.

In the Sharon VR book (as explained in the section on Sylvanus, this Sharon record is a copy of the Stoughton original, and is in error),: Births: Silvanus s(on) of Jer***h, bp Aug --1743; Marriages: Silvanus and Rachel Starns int Apr 10, 1766; Deaths: Rachel wid of Sylvanus, Dec 31, 1822 age 79 yr; Silvanus Apr 27, 1807 in his 64th yr..

Another interesting side note is an article in the Genealogical and Personal Memoirs relating to the families of Massachusetts. Vol II under Joseph Clark, page 868. Abijah(1785), son of Abijah(1755), son of John(1725), son of Jonathan(1700), son of Solomon(1678), son of Joseph(1642), son of the original Joseph. Abijah Clark was born at South Franklin, inherited his father's farm, conducted it successfully. In the latter part of his life he was a cripple and for the last seven years before his death was unable to leave the house. He had a fine voice, and sang in Dr. EMMONS'S church, where he and his wife were members. It looks like this line began at Dedham, went to Medfield (Solomon), then to Wrentham(John), then to South Franklin. (The name Emmons appears in our family as Frank Emmons Clark)

Sarah Clark, wife of Ichabod, died 7 April 1792 in her 78th yr (p 158) (VR Sharon) and was buried 9 April supposedly in Sharon.

Ichebud (sic) Clark, died 20 Sept 1805 in his 89th yr.(p 158) (VR Sharon).  Ichabod Clark is reputedly buried in Granby, MA, West Cemetery "23 Sept. 1805, age 90 uears" [GR] p568 Vital Records of Granby (transcribed by Carlton O. Hommel, available on durhamwilcox.net/ma/granby_m1.html).  His son Samuel Clark is buried in the same cemetery, same source.  Granby is just north of Ludlow, south of Amherst, between the Quabbin Reservoir and the Connecticut river.  Moses Clark of Medfield, who owned the house on 2 South Street in which Olvier Anson Clark resided, was born in Ludlow.

Children (first three children remained in Sharon):

  1. Nehemiah Clark born 23 Feb. 1741-2 son of Ichabod and Sarah Clark (VR Stoughton: Stoughton 1727-1800, Canton 1797-1845 preceded by the records of the South Precinct of Dorchester 1715-1727) baptized Apr. 1742, son of Icabod Bp. P.R.I. Baptismal date. Nehemiah Clark married Judith(y) Payson in Sharon, 9 Aug. 1764 (P.R.I. int. not recorded)(VR Sharon p83). Judith Payson was born c1739. Nehemiah Clark died 12 July 1775 (VR Sharon p158). Judith Clark, widow, died 21 Aug. 1786 in her 47th year (VR Sharon p158).
  2. Sylvanus Clark, born 1743, son of Ichabod and Sarah Clark was born August 7, 1743.(p 49 "record of births, marriages and deaths and intentions of marriage in the town of Stoughton 1727-1800 and in the town of Canton 1797-1845 preceded by the records of the south precinct of Dorchester from 1715 to 1727."). Married by Nath Sumner Esq., a justice of the peace for the County of Suffolk, Mr. Silvanus Clark & Mrs. Rachel Sterns both of Stoughtonham, 1 May 1766.(p.265).
  3. Asa Clark born 4 Oct. 1745 (VR Sharon p17), son of Ichabod and Sarah (old style). Asa Clark "of Stoughtonham" married Prudence Savell of Dedham, int. 25 Nov. 1769 (VR Sharon p83, VR Dedham p122), married 25 June 1770 (VRD p109). Their children were born in Sharon until 1783. Asa died in Sharon 20 Dec. 1808 in his 63rd year (VR Sharon p158)  
  4. William (Billy) Clark bp 23 Aug. 1747, son of Ichabod, twin Bp., P.R.I. (Baptismal date) (VR Sharon p18). William Clark (int. of Stoughtonham) who married Hannah Lealand 27 Sept. 1770 in Holliston (VR Holliston p189).
  5. Salle Clark bp 23 Aug. 1747, daughter of Icabod, Bp. P.R.I. Baptismal date
  6. Sarah Clark bp. 6 Nov. 1748, daughter of Icabod, Baptismal date.  Sarah Clark(e) (int. Clark) of Stoughtonham married John Reupeke 18 Nov. 1782 at Foxborough, VR Foxborough p127).  They settled in Sharon at least until 1786.
    1. Sally Reupeke born to John C. and Sarah 8 Sept. 1783 (VR Sharon p53)
    2. Betsy Reupeke born to John C. and Sarah 15 June 1785 (VR Sharon p53)
    3. Hannah Reupeke born to John C. and Sarah 31 Oc.t 1786 (VR Sharon p53)
  7. Samuell Clark bp. 11 Nov. 1750, son of Icabod, Baptismal date.  Findagrave lists a death for a Samuel Clark 1 Feb. 1804.  His tombstone in West Street Cemetery, Granby, Hampshire County, MA,  (Capt. Samuel Clark?) states that he married Ursula  F.Church, born Hardwick, Worcester Co., MA (b. 14 Oct. 1751 (VR Hardwick p27), died 17 Mar. 1845) daughter of Samuel Church and Damaris Billings.  Granby, MA records (p715) do state that Ursula F. Clark, widow of Capt. Samuel Clark died 7 March 1845 at 93 years 5 months, and is buried in West Cemetery (GR).  So both are buried in Granby, MA.  Despite the DAR claims, he is not on the 1840 census of revolutionary war pensioners.
    1. Elijah Clark born 16 Jul 1784 MA - died 5 Nov. 1850 , supposedly in Jefferson, Pennsylvania.  Married 1805-6 Jemima Kent in MA.
    2. Benjamin F. Clarke 1792-1872 (neither of these children are yet documented.   Lots of mythology here.)
  8. Joshua Clark bp 26 Mar. 1752, son of Icabod (Bp. P.R.I. Baptismal date). Joshua Clark married Miriam Tiffany (int. Meriam Tipheney) 27 May 1779 in Mansfield (VR Foxborough p127).
  9. Elisabeth Clark bp 30 Nov. 1756, dau. of Icabod (Bp, P.R.I. Baptismal date)(VR Sharon p18)
  10. Ebenezer Clark bp 5 July 1758, son of Icabod (Bp.. P.R.I. Baptismal date)(VR Sharon p18).  Could be the Ebenezer Clark who married Nabbe Ellis 12 July 1770 in Medfield (intention not recorded), but there were a lot of Medfield Ebenezers.
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