Clark.  Primarily being a New England family of Clarks presently beginning with one Joseph Clark of Braintree, who died in 1708, plus sundry other Clark records from Massachusetts and surroundings.

I believe we have now identified the father, and immigrant grandfather of Joseph Clark of Braintree.

There is a new page of records and speculation on the father of Joseph Clark of Braintree.

We now have 81 autosomal (this means they can come from anybody) DNA matches to all of the children of Thomas Clarke 1599-1697 who died in Plymouth, and another 81 autosomal DNA matches to the siblings of his wife, Susanna Ring, of Plymouth, for a total of 162 autosomal DNA matches to the pair.  We should have, on average, an equal amount of DNA from each.  This precise match at this moment in time is fortuitous, and of no significance.  Further, there are five of us at present in these autosomal DNA matches, and one is from an independant line from Braintree (Nathan Clark's son Benjamin), meaing that this line, and the rest of us (who descend from Joseph Clark's son Nathan Clark), connect at two generations from Thomas Clarke.  This connection means that whatever the DNA connection, it is from at or before Joseph Clark of Braintree (that "at" is that it could be through Damaris Francis, for example, as we all share her).  If you are descended from another child of Joseph Clark of Braintree (i.e. someone other than first born Nathan, or 7th born Benjamin), please "share your DNA with me with "collaborator" priviledges on Ancestry so that I can check your connections to Thomas Clarke and Susanna Ring as well.

  We need well documented Clarks who are lineal male descendants of  Thomas Clarke 1599-1697 who died in Plymouth, for Y-DNA tests.  If the three of us who have Y-DNA tests match a single Clark from a well documented line of Thomas Clarke, then we have proven this connection.   I have identified three living Clark males who come from independent branches of the Thomas Clarke line and am now attempting to trace them and try to get Y-DNA tests, which would confirm this line.  If you are a Clark with a contiguous unbroken male Clark lineaage from Thomas Clarke, please contact me for a Y-DNA test!

These records below were accumulated along the way to tracing our own Clark line.  To date, we have traced our line back to Joseph Clark who died in Braintree in 1708, and probably to his grandfather, Thomas Clarke.  We put these records on the web for the further use of those searching Clark families.  These are not a genealogy, but simply records.  Anyone with further information on our family, please send it along.  If you would like your own Clark records added, send them, and I will put them up.  Please send only text, as server space does have a finite limit.  Please send records, comments, suggestions, and speculation.  I have resisted the siren call of the spell checker to the best of my ability, but there are OCR errors in these digitizations.  Always check the originals.
Passenger Lists
The Mayflower Clark Myth
Genealogical Guide to Early Setters of America (Clarks extracted)(I realize there are OCR errors in these)
Pioneers of Massachusetts (Clarks extracted)(I realize there are OCR errors in these)
Barnstable County, MA: Barnstable(1638), Brewster(1803), Eastham(1646), Falmouth(1686),  Harwich(1694), Yarmouth(1639)
Bristol County, MA:  Acushnet (1860), Attleboro (1694), Dartmouth(1664), Easton(1725), Fall River(1803), Freetown(1683), Mansfield(1725), New Bedford(1787), Norton, Taunton(1639),  Raynham(1731), Rehoboth(1645), Swansea(1667)
Essex County: Danvers(1775), Ipswich(1634), Lynn(1629)
Hampden County: Ludlow (1775), Springfield(1636)
Middlesex County, MA: Acton (1735), Arlington, (1807) Cambridge (1636), Concord(1635), Dunstable(), Groton(1655), Lexington(1713), Lincoln(1754), Malden(1649), Medford(1630), Newton(1688), Reading(1644),  Sherborn(1674), Stow(1683), Sudbury(1639), Waltham(1738), Watertown(1630),
Norfolk County, MA: Braintree(1640), Canton(1797),  Cohasset(1775), Dedham(1636), Dover  Foxborough(1778), Franklin (1778,) Holliston(1724),  Medfield(1651),  Medway(1713),  Millis(1885), Milton(1662), Needham(1711), Quincy(1792), Randolph(1793), Sharon(1775),  Stoughton(1726),  Walpole(1724), Weymouth(1635), Wrentham(1673)
Plymouth County, MA: Abington (1712), Bridgewater(1656), Brockton(1821), Carver (1790), Duxbury (1637),  East Bridgewater(1823), Halifax(1734),   Hanover (1727), Hanson (1820), Hingham (1634), Hull(1644) (no Clark), Kingston (1726), Lakeville(1853), Marion (1852), Marshfield (1640), Mattapoisett (1857), Middleborough(1669), Norwell(1849), Pembroke(1712), Plymouth(1620),  Plympton(1707), Rochester(1686), Scituate(1636), West Bridgewater(1822), Wareham(1739), Witman(1875)
Suffolk County, MA: Boston (1630),  Brookline (1718), Chelsea(1739), Dorchester, Milton(1662), Roxbury(1630) Deeds
Worcester County, MA: Worcester(1684)
Early Records (not broken out by town, not complete, just as I find them!)
Rhode Island Clark linked to Sharon, MA
Maine Clarks

Approximate Geographical Map circa early 1700s
Charlestown (1628) Lynn (1629)
Concord (1635) Cambridge (1636) Charlestown (1628)
Sudbury (1639) Watertown (1630) Boston (1630)
Newton(1688) Roxbury (1630)
Dedham (1636) Milton (1662) Dorchester (1630) Quincy
Dedham (1636) Braintree (1640) Dorchester (1630) Weymouth (1635) Hingham
Canton (1797) Randolph (1793) Dorchester (1630) Dorchester (1630) Duxbury (1637) Scituate (1636)
Duxbury (1637) Duxbury (1637) Duxbury (1637) Marshfield (1640)
Taunton (1639) Duxbury (1637) Duxbury (1637) Duxbury (1637)
Attleboro (1694) Taunton (1639) Taunton (1639) Plymouth (1620), Plymouth (1620),
Taunton (1639) Middlebborough (1669) Plymouth (1620), Plymouth (1620),
Rehoboth (1645) Freetown (1683) Middleborough (1669)
Dartmouth Rochester (1686)
New Bedford (1787)

These records are neither complete nor exhaustive.

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