Volume 3 page 532 [p.532] Clark, Jabez, Medfield. List of men who enlisted April 19, 1775, under Capt. Chenery for 8 months; service, 8 mos.; also, Private, Capt. Seth Bullard's co., Col. Joseph Read's regt.; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted April 30, 1775; service, 3 mos. 9 days; also, company return dated Roxbury, Sept. 26, 1775.

Volume 3 page 532 Clark, Jabez, Medfield. Private, Capt. Sabin Mann's co. of Medfield militia; return of train band with equipments dated June 10, 1776; reported in the army; also, list of men drafted to march to Providence, R. I., and to serve under Gen. Spencer, agreeable to a warrant issued by Col. Ephraim Wheelock April 15, 1777; marched April 22, 1777; returned June 12 [May 12], 1777; service, 20 days; also, Capt. Sabin Mann's co., Col. Wheelock's regt.; marched April 22, 1777; discharged May 10, 1777; service, 20 days, at Rhode Island; also, list of men who were ordered by Lieut. Plimpton to march to Rhode Island on the alarm of July 22, 1777; reported delinquent.

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