Joseph Clark born 1642, son of Joseph Clark, was of age in 1663 when his father received a grant of a house lot for him to build upon.  He married 1663 Mary Allen.  He served as selectman and represntative.  He and his wife died in 1702 (all from Tilden)


  1. Joseph Clark born 1664
  2. John Clark 1666-1691
  3. Jonathan Clark 1668-1690
  4. Esther Clark born 1670 married Thomas Thurston
  5. Thomas Clark 1672-1690
  6. Mary Clark 1674-1675
  7. Daniel Clark 1676-1694 (twin)
  8. Lea Clark 1676-1676 (twin)
  9. Solomon Clark born 1678
  10. David Clark 1680-1714: married 1703 Mary Wheelock.  Recieved house in Wrentham (now Norfolk) from will.  He and his wife died in the same year, leaving one daughter, Elizabeth Clark, who married in 1722 Daniel Holbrook.
  11. Moses Clark 1685-1685
  12. Aaron Clark 1685-1751, married Mary Morse (VR Medfield p126) settled in Wrentham (Tilden)

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