Here is what I have from Hannah Adams Phillips West’s application to join the DAR lodged in 1897. She was already by that time a very old lady, having been born in 1806. She died a few weeks later. She was my grandmother’s grandmother.

“I, Hannah Adams (Phillips) West, being of the age of 91 yrs. 7 mos hereby apply for membership in this Society by right of lineal descent in the following line from Jonathan Clark of Braintree who was born in Braintree Mass. on the 3rd day of February 1747 and died in Abington Mass. on the 17th day of July 1827 and who served in the war of the Revolution.

“I was born in the town of West Duxbury, County of Plymouth, State of Massachusetts.

“I am the daughter of William Phillips and Mary (Clark) Phillips, his wife, and granddaughter of Jonathan Clark of Braintree and Hannah (Gloyd) Clark of Abington (married Feb. 18, 1769), his wife, and great-granddaughter of John Clark of Braintree and Susannah (Bryant) Clark of Bridgewater, his wife, and great-great-granddaughter of Jonathan Clark of Braintree and Jemima (Staples) Clark, his wife, and great-great-great granddaughter of Joseph Clark of Braintree and Damaris (Ffrancis) Clark, his wife.”

From somewhere else I picked up the information that Joseph and Damaris had a son David in 1686 and that Jonathan was their second son. Are you perhaps descended from David?

A genealogy put together by my grandmother Theodora West Eaton sometime in the early 40s says that John Clark was born in 1680 and was a chairmaker. Hannah A.P. West had a chair made by him about 1700-1720, and she gave it to her grandson Edward West (Theodora’s brother). We have lost touch with that branch of the family.

Joseph Clark was probably born before 1657. He married Damaris Ffrancis (NB: Damaris is her first name and Ffrancis is her maiden name.) on Aug 19, 1675 in Braintree. They had a son David born Sept 1686. Another son Jonathan (known as Jonathan I to distinguish him from the revolutionary Jonathan) was born Mar 14, 1689/90 in Braintree and married Jemima Staples Oct 5, 1711.

The rest of the genealogy is as I have already given it.

I have the text of a newspaper article about Hannah Adams Phillips West written in 1894. It says the following:

“Hannah Adams Phillips was born in West Duxbury, Mass. in 1806. She is a direct lineal descendant of the Puritans. Her grandfather was the fourth grandson of Thomas Clark, mate of the Mayflower, and her grandmother, Sally Carver, was the granddaughter of Gov. Carver, who came over on the Mayflower and was first governor of the Massachusetts Colony.”

With some manipulation this may be made to fit with the text of the DAR application, for instance if “fourth grandson” is understood to mean “great-great-great-great grandson”. If that is true it would suggest that Joseph Clark’s father was Thomas Clark, mate of the Mayflower. Was there such a person?  I think rather that Joseph Clark may be the grandson of Thomas Clarke, the Pilgrim, who came on the Anne.

Likewise, there is no Sally Carver on the DAR application, but she could have been Hannah’s other grandmother, not the Clark one.

Jonathan Clark II (the revolutionary one) married Hannah Gloyd Feb 18, 1769. He was a sergeant in the Boston Tea Party and returned from that occasion with so much tea in his hat that his wife was able to brew a pot from it. He also was at the Battle of Bunker Hill and saw Col. Warren fall there.

Hannah A.P. West was over ninety when she made her DAR application and she died only a matter of a few weeks later, so it is reasonable to assume that she was failing by that time. On the other hand her comments to the newspaper were made about four years earlier and she seems to have been in full possession of her faculties. It leaves me in a quandary, but you might get something out of it.

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