Nathaniel Clark, III, (born 1733 to Nathan Clark, II) and Mary, "Nat." Clark married Mary  (Sarah?) Coney 24 Nov. 1757 (VR Sharon p83).  

A Nathan Clark lived adjacent to the land whereupon a furnace was constructed to produce "holloware" iron on 27 March 1762 (Sharon, Massachusetts, A History, Publication of the Sharon Historical Society, Blue Mustang Press, Boston, 2006, p65).  I am unsure to which Nathan Clark this refers.  Based on birth records, they lived in Sharon at least from 1757 to 1773.

Documented Children of Nathan Clark and Mary!:

  1. Mary Clark daughter to Nathaniel Clark and Mary his wife was born in Stoughton 3 Sept. 1758 (VR Stoughton, P94).  daughter of Nathaniel Clark, Jr. baptised 7 Jan. 1759 (PRI)(VR Sharon p18)
  2. Elizabeth Clark,  VR Stoughton p90, Elezebeth born in Stoughton to Nathll Clark and Mary his wife 20 Nov. 1761.  dau. of Nat. Clark bp 1761 PRI (VR Sharon p18)
  3. child of Nathaniel Clark buried 12 June 1766 PRI (VR Sharon p158)
  4. Nathaniel Clark , IV, son of Nathaniel Clark and Mary 6 July 1767 (TC)(VR Sharon p19).  Nathan Clark (presumably this one) married Jemima Daggett in Norton Int 6 May 1791.  There do not appear to be any births in Norton to them.  A Nathan Clark, jail inmate in Foxboro, notified on 30 June 1817 that he needed assistance chargeable from 22 June 1817. (VR Dedham 1635-1845, rev. and expanded, Hanson Ed., Picton Press 1997).  This could be a record of any Nathan Clark alive at the time.
  5. Spencer Clark son of Nathan Clark bp 20 Oct. 1773 PRI (VR Sharon p18); Spencer son of Nathaniel & Mary buried 19 Sept. 1775 in his 3rd yr. (note 6 year gap in births)

A Nathaniel Clark (of Dedham?) married in Stoughtonham 21 Nov. 1779 to Elizabeth Allen of Stoughtonham Ch84,  (VR Dedham p240).  I do not see a record of the death of Mary, but his son was not old enough, and his father was too old to be of this record.  This may be yet another Nathaniel Clark??  Also in Publications of the Sharon Historical Society: 1779 Oct: 21. Married Nathanll Clark & Elisabeth Allen.

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