Nathan Clark, "Jr." (if 21 when first child born, then born c1740) and Hannah, Nathan Clark married Hannah Everet 5 Aug. 1760 PRI (VR Sharon p83)(is this Nathan son of Nathan born <1712?)

  1. Elizabeth Clark, dau. of Nat. Clark bp 1761 PRI (VR Sharon p18) (here or Nathan and Mary?)
  2. Etheridge Clark son of Nathan Clark, bap. 16 Oct. 1762 PRI (VR Sharon p18); Etheridge son of Nathan  & Hannah buried 16 July 1766 in his 4th yr.
  3. Thacher Clerk son of Nathan Clark, Jr. and Hannah 8 Feb. 1766 (VR Sharon p19)
  4. Etheridge Clark, son of Nathan Clark, Jr. and Hannah 4 March 1768 (VR Sharon p18)
  5. Nathan Clark son of Nathan Clark, Jr. and Hannah 13 Apr. 1770 (TC) (VR Sharon p18)
  6. child of N. Clark buried 21 Sept. 1775 (VR Sharon p158)
  7. child of Nathan Clark buried 30 Dec. 1775 PRI (VR Sharon p158)
  8. Spencer Clark son of Nat. Clark bp16 Nov. 1777 PRI (VR Sharon p19)

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