The Account Book of Benjamin Staples, Cordwainer, of Braintree, MA (at NEHGS)

by Mrs. John E. Barclay, F.A.S.G., of Whitman, Mass.

(for more detail, and to check for errors, please refer to the above document in the NEHGS.

Nathan Clark b. 10 Oct 1678, Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA (VR Braintree p653), son of Joseph Clark, (died Unknown) married 31 July 1701 ("Accound Book ..." ibid p19) to Jemima Jewett Staples, widow of John Staples (b. 3 Nov. 1672 d. in Milton Mass 5 Nov. 1700; married 6 July 1693 Jemima Jewett in Braintree)(New England Historical and Genealogical Register 1962 page 19).  NEHGS has the "Account Book of Benjamin Staples," who was "probably born in Braintree, c1677, died c1711-12 in Bridgewater.  His family had connections to Middleborough. 

John Staples was born in Weymouth c1646-7 and died in Braintree 30 Aug. 1692.  He married c1670 Sarah Atkins, daughter of Thomas Atkins of the district now Phipsburg, ME.  Sarah Atkins Staples remarried 26 Oct. 1693, so John was deceased by this time.  Children of John and Sarah Staples (first two recorded in Weymouth, third probably Braintree):

  1. John Staples (born 3 Nov. 1672 Weymouth to John and Sarah Atkins Staples, John Staples died 5 Nov. 1700 in Milton, MA, married 6 July 1695 in Braintree Jemima Jewett (born c<1674) (Torrey's New England Marriages states: Staples, John, Braintree & Jemima Jewit/Jewett, Dorchester, 6 Jul 1693; Milton/Braintree {Milton Ch. Rec. Reg. 36:20}) (she married second Nathan Clark) and had three children (New England Historical and Genealogical Register 1962 page 19, NEGHS "Account Book ..." ibid p19):
    1. Jemima Staples 23 April 1694 (Braintree Births, Marriages, and Deaths p682) don't see marriage or death in Middleboro or Braintree
    2. Sarah Staples 3 April 1696 (Braintree Births, Marriages, and Deaths p682) don't see marriage or death in Middleboro or Braintree
    3. Mary Staples 13 Jan. 1698 (Braintree Births, Marriages, and Deaths p682) married Samuel Tinkham, Jr. in Middleborough 1 Dec. 1719.(Middleborough Public Library records)
  2. Thomas Staples born 16 April 1674 perhaps married Isabel in Boston?
  3. Joseph Staples bc1675, perhaps married 8 Feb. 1715 Dorothy Sears, d 28 Feb. 1753 ae 65.
  4. Benjamin Staples b Nov. 1677 (his account book is cited)
  5. Samuel Staples bc1680 d Weymouth 25 Dec. 1743; m (1) Bridgewater 25 Dec. 1704 Elizabeth Pratt bc1685; m (2) Abington, 21 Nov. 1726 Rebecca (Tirrell) Nash
  6. Rebecca bc1682, m Braintree 30 Dc. 1701 Benjamin Gurney.


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