1. John Clark and Mercy Wentworth, both of Stoughton, with their intention of marriage entered 23 Jan. 1730-1. (VR Stoughton: Stoughton 1727-1800, Canton 1797-1845 preceded by the records of the South Precinct of Dorchester 1715-1727 p25)

Volume 3 page 541 [p.541] Clark, John, Stoughton. Return of men enlisted into Continental Army from Capt. Lyon's co., Col. Benjamin Gill's regt., dated June 27, 1777; residence, Stoughton; enlisted for town of Stoughton; joined Capt. Patrick's co., Col. Alden's regt.; enlistment, 3 years; also, list of men mustered in Suffolk Co. by Nathaniel Barber, Muster Master, dated Boston, March 16, 1777; Capt. Patrick's co., Col. Alden's regt.; also, Private, Major's co., Col. John Brooks's regt.; Continental Army pay accounts for service from March 1, 1777, to July 9, 1777; reported deceased; also, (late) Capt. William Patrick's co., (late) Col. Ichabod Alden's (6th) regt.; return of men in camp before Aug. 15, 1777, certified to at Cherry Valley, Feb. 24, 1779.

Volume 3 page 541 Clark, John, Stoughton. Private, Capt. Luke Howell's co., Col. Nathan Tyler's regt.; pay roll for Dec., 1779; service, 1 mo. 3 days, at Rhode Island.

The following records from from the book in the Library of Congress titled "The Record of Births, Marriages,and Deaths and Intentions of Marriage in the Town of Stoughton from 1727 to 1800 also in the Town of Canton From 1797 to 1845, Preceded by the records of the South Precinct of Dorchester from 1715 to 1727.  Edited by Frederic Endicott.1896, and additonal books included in the pdf document located in the Library of Congress at archive.org/details/recordofbirthsma00canto and it is to this pdf document  (which is an agglomeration of books in the Library of Congress) that VR Stoughton below refers!

2. Int of marriage between Zebadiah Clark of Dedham and Mary Mors of Stoughton entered 12 April 1738.  (VR Stoughton: Stoughton 1727-1800, Canton 1797-1845 preceded by the records of the South Precinct of Dorchester 1715-1727, p28)

3. Hannah Clark daughter of David Clark and Seviah his wife was born 21 Aptil 1764. (VR Stoughton p113)

4. Intention to marry between Benjamin Clark of Stoughton and Mehitabel Edson of Bridgewater 28 April 1775 (VR Stoughton p141)

5. 1781 Jan. 25 Joshua Clark of Braintree and Cloe Bird of Stoughton int. to marry.  (VR Stoughton 148)

6. Marriages returned by ye Rev. Mr. William Clark: Mr. Jonathan Taunt of Stoughton and Miss Dorathy Horton of Milton, 6 Feb. 1771

7. Int. to marry Joshua Clark of Braintree and Chloe Bird of Stoughton 6 Jan. 1781 (VR Stoughton)

8. Int to marry Joseph Henry & Hannah Clark both of Stoughton 4 March 1785 (VR Stoughton p156)

9. Int to marry John Wilcox and Mercy Clark both of Stoughton 8 Dec. 1787  VR Stoughton p 159

10. Int to marry John Clark of Spencer and Mrs. Keziah Smith of Soughton 15 March 1793.   VR Stoughton p161

11.  Married 6 March 1788 John Wilcox and Mercy Clark both of Soutghton   VR Stoughton p168

12.  Married 30 July 1762 Mr. Thomas Nason and Mrs. Jemima Clark both of Stoughton, VR Stoughton p175

13. 23 Dec. 1763  Mr. Jonathan CLark and Mrs. Mary Ingraham married both of Stoughton.  VR Stoughton p176

14. 5 Aug. 1760 Nathan Clark and Hannah Everet of Stoughton married.  VR Stoughton p177

15. 8 Nov. 1762 Thomas Nason and Jemima Clark both of Stoughton married.  VR Stoughton p178.

16. Jonathan Clark and Mary Ingraham married 11 Jan. 1764. VR Stoughton p179

17. 9 Aug. 1764 Nehemiah Clark and Judith Payson of Stoughton married.  VR Stoughton p179/

18. Eleanor Crawford daughter of Levi B. Clark and Eleanor, his wife, was born 7 Nov. 1785. VR Stoughton p184

19. died a child of Marcus Clark 6 Jan. 1833. VR Stoughton p208

20. 29 July 1840 Alfred Field Clark, son of Rev. Henry Clark and Mary T. his wife. Died Aged 4 months. VR Stoughton p214

21. Deaths in town of Canton, 11 Sept. 1841, George Lothrop  Clark Son of Rev. H. Clark and Mary T. his wife, aged 1 month. VR Stoughton p215 (Note Lothrop connection in Thomas Clark, born c1599, of Plymouth, records, I assume the Rev. H. Clark is the Rev. Henry Clark in #20)

22. Mr. Isaac Shepard, the first of that name in Canton and Miss Amity Clark of Sharon, int to marry 18 April 1802.VR Stoughton p218

23. Int. to marry Mr. Samual Canterbury of Canton and Miss Polly Clark of Randolph 18 June AD 1809.  VR Stoughton p220

24. Int. to marry Mr. Benjamin Everton Junr and Miss Jane Clark both of Canton 25 April 1821. VR Stoughtonp224

25. 31 March 1827 Int to marry Mr. Lewis Clark, Canton and Miss Abigail Linfield of Stoughton.  VR Stoughton p227

26. 20 Oct. 1827 Mr. Aaron B. Baker an dMiss Cynthia Clark both of Canton, int to Marry.  VR Stoughton p228

27.  6 Sept. 1828 Mr. Daniel F. Fuller and Miss Susan CLark both of Canton int to marry.  VR Stoughton p229

28.  4 May 1833 int to marry John Clegg an dMiss Mary Elizabeth Clark both of Canton. VR Stoughton p233

29.  10 August 1833 Mr. Pitt Clark and Miss Mary Ann Pickeruell  both of Canton. VR Stoughton p233

30. int ot marry 13 July 1809 Samuel Canterbury (of Canton?) and Miss Mary Clark of Randolph. VR Stoughton p234

31. int to marry 25 May 1821 Benjamin Evertonn Junr and Miss Mary Clark both of Canton.  VR Stoughton p235

32. marriage? 5 Oct. 1828 Daniel Fuller and Susan Clark both of Canton by Rev. B. Hautoon.  VR Stoughton p236

33. marriage? 6 March 1788  (year is not a mistake, series of entries 1788 to 1796 old page 281) John Wilcox and Miss Mercy Clark (Canton)  VR Stoughton p240

34.  marriage 27 May. 1827 Lewis Clark resident of Canton and Abigail Lindfield of Stoughton VR Stoughton p241

35. marriage 5 Sept. 1833 Mr. Pitt Clark & Miss Mary Ann Pickernell both of Canton VR Stoughton p241

36. marriage 7 Nov. 1827 Aaron Baker & Cynthea Clark boht Canton VR Stoughton p242

37. record of marriages by Rev. Henry Clark VR Stoughton p243 1840-1842

38. marriage 17 May 1840 Martholomew W. Burt to Miss Rachael A. Clark both of Canton VR Stoughton p244

39.marraige 12 June 1836 Isaiah Clark to Miss Roxana Fox both Canton. VR Stoughton p245

40.  int to marry 28 May 1836 Isaiah Clark of Canton & Miss Roxana Fox of Canton, VR Stoughton p249.

41.  3 Aug. 1836 int to marry Jamse M. Adams & Miss Susan Clarke both Canton. VR Stoughton p249.

42.  int to marry 19 Aug. 1837 Samuel Billings of Canton & Miss Doreas Clark of Randolph.  VR Stoughton p251

43. int to marry 18 April 1840 Bartholomew W. Burt and Miss Rachael A. Clark both of Canton.  VR Stoughton p253

44. int to marry 23 July 1842 Mr. Humphre C. Hodgedon and Miss Zilpha Clark boht of Canton.  VR Stoughton p255

45. int to marry 10 Jan. 1846 Thomas W. Thayer of Holliston and Miss Ellen M. Clark of Canton. VR Stoughton p258

46. int to marry 28 April 1848 Cornelius Clark of Canton and Miss Allice Kennedy of Randolph*. VR Stoughton p260

47. int to marry 29 July 1849 Mr. Anson B. Clark of North Hampton and Miss Sarah M. Sturtevant of Canton. VR Stoughton p261.

48. Dedham married by Nathl Sumner Esq. a JP for county of Suffolk, Mr. Silvanus Clark and "Mr". Rachel Sterns of Stoughtonham 1 May 1766. Stoughton book wihtout a title page (VR Stoughton etc. p265 (noted original book page 130.

49. Dedham continued Mr. Asa Clark of Stoughtonham & Miss Prudence Savel of Dedham married 25 Jan. 1771. Stoughton book without a title page (VR Stoughton etc. p265 (noted original book page 131).

50. Malden 30 March 1741 Icabod Clark of Stoughton married Sarah Whittemore of Malden by the Rev. Joseph Stimpson, copy from Records of marriages in the Town of Malden attest. Thomas Wait, Town Clark. Stoughton book without a title page (VR Stoughton etc. p265 (noted original book page 136).

51. Norton 2 oct. 1793 married to each other Rev. Edward Richmond of Stoughton & Miss Lucy Palmer of Norton by Rev. Pitt Clark. Stoughton book without a title page, Dedham, (VR Stoughton etc. p269 (noted original book page 140).

52. Boston, Timothy Clark, Esq. married Jeremia Kingsbury & Rest White both of Stoughton, 22 Sept. 1727(VR Stoughton etc. p271 (noted original book page 146).

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