pdf p22 Clark=Clarke=Clerck=Clerk
date Grantor Grantee Instrument page description
8(3)1648 Henry Clark Robert Saltonstall Assignment 90 Four shares of two patents of Pascataqua & Swamscott
Jeremye Clark Deposition 28 As to hand writing of Will Coddington
4(3)1643 Jeremy Clark Deposition 39 As to hand writing of Will Coddington
26(9)1649 John Clark Matthew Chaffie Mortgage 113 Dwelling house in Boston
7(3)1646 Thomas Clark et al. Deposition 73 As to lands belonging to the Cove or Dock in Boston
28April1652 Thomas Clark et al. overseers Thomas Holbrooke Assent 198 Assent to Deed
18Oct1652 Thomas Clark et al. Humphrey Milom Deed 249 Land in Boston, N. side of Mill Ck., near Mill Bridge, & E. & W. along said creek
11 Feb1652 Thomas Clark et al. Thomas Gainer Award 285 Award of referees
11(1)1652 Thomas Clark Mark Hands Deed 289 Land in  Boston at the Northend, Wm.Burnill N.W., Hy Paine N.E., the sea S., the highway leading to the new meeting house N.

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pdf p25. page 59 House & garden [in Boston], Edmund Grosses lot & well N.E. ; Thomas Clarke, N.W. & S.W. ; the bay S.E.

pdf p33. page 298 House & wharf in Boston, & land bought of Thomas Clarke, Thomas Rawlings W. ; William Burnhill E. ; the sea S. ; the highway N.

pdf p53. page 110 Wharf & land in Boston, except dwelling house & land of said George bought of Mr. Clark.

pdfp53. page 292. House & lands in Boston, bought of Thomas Clarke, Wm. Burnell N.W. ; Henry Vaine N.E. ; the sea S. ; the highway to the new meeting house N., & wharf & warehouse built by said Hands upon said wharf, before said dwelling house S.

Now into deeds

pdf p67. Tho. Buttolph of Boston Came to me. wwith the Counstable Jn° Collins and Affirmed he had tooke up a stray horse Colt abt a yeare old 7th Aprill 1657. of Coulor browne, a little Grimbled strike on his nose two white feete behind where' was Cryed as he Affirmed three times according to lawe & Apprised by Tho: Clarke & Edw: Powinge at fower pounds. witness I Attest Edw. Rawson Recorder.

p118. 27 Dec. 1665. Isack Chenry of meadfeikt tooke up a stone ^^'mo:^^^^ horse as a stray, of a chesnut bay branded w*'' a W. on the left shoulde"' & a peece Ciitt of on the top of the left Eare & some white haires on his forehead & docke y' y° sajd horse was Cried according to lawe intlird & Apprized according to lawe at 4" by Joseph Clarke & Martin Phillips as was certified to me vnde'' writ by Joseph Thirston. Constable of meadfeild Entred & Recorded the 9"' march 1665 at request of Isaak Chenry-as Attests Edw. Rawson Records

p141. Samuel Cole of Boston granted vnto Georg "" ^", ,^.^ TT 1 n o 1 n n 1 T 1 fh 20 (3) 1645 Halsall a certame house & garden bounded w^" Edmund Grosses lott & well North east m'' Thomas Clarke  Northwest & south west. & the Bay southeast. & this was by an absolute deed of sale dated the 20*^ (3°.) 1645. Acknowledged before A hand & scale m^ Hibbins the 20"^ of the 3 mo. 1645

p160. 7 Mar 1646. William Hudson testifyeth, (that he haueins: intelliofence that Edward Bendall was willino; to dispose to sale a parcell of ground belonging to the Cove or dock w'^'^ was granted to the said Edw. Bendall from the towne of Boston, repaired to him to inquire about it, And the said Edw. Bendal did tender the said parcell of ground to this deponent vppon termes after agreed on, William ifrancklin being then & there present, & because of some important busines not haueing time to stay, willed the said Ed: Bendal to make a bargaine w"' this deponent, & that he would stand to what bargaine was made both for price & payment. Afterwards this deponent meeting w"^ W"' ffrancklin & relateing to him the bargaine w*^'^ was concluded betweene this deponent & the said Ed: Bendall, the sd W"" ffrancklin declared himselfe contented & satisfyed, & when this deponent replyed he had a hard bargaine, the sd William ffrancklin [73.] answered, that hee had a good bargaine, & gaue a reason thereof, because he had giuen this deponent some time of Payment. And further this depon[ ] saith that he did bargaine & sell the said Land to Joshua Scotto w"^ consent of Edward Bendall. John Hurd & Thomas Clarke testify that W^ ffrancklin did acknowledge that he did consent to the sale of the land aboue said made by Edward Bendall to William Hudson. This is the meaneing of the witnesses w*^'^ they testify by theire hands subscribed. William Hudson. John Hurd. Tho: Clarke. Taken vppon oath before vs 20 (2) 1646. Jo: Winth: d: Gov: The 3

p186. 8 Mar 1646 Know all men by these p'^sents that I Henry ' Clarke purchased of the Lord Brooke his interest being foure shares of twenty fyve of two patents at Pascatac^ & Swamscott w"^ so many shares of the goods & chatties that did or doe therevnto appertaine. Know all men that I Henry Clarke for a valueable consideration doe hereby sell assigne convey & assure vnto Robert Saltonstall gen? all my said foure shares of the two patents of lands tenements debts goods & chatties that are any wise belonging to the Adventurers of Pascataq, except my share in two giinns now lyeing at Hartford & the rest of the Ordinance. Sept. 22. 1647 Witnes John Moody Henry Clarke, William Gibbins

p209. John Milom of Boston granted & covenanted to & w*^ W^ ffrancklin of Boston that he the sd John Milom his heires Execu? administrators & Assignes or some of them shall pay or cause to be paid vnto the sd W™ ffrancklin his "heires Executo''° Administrato" or Assignes six pence for every boate or vessell that passeth aboiie the bridge (so as the bridge must be opened to them) they challenging right therevnto by vertue of any former Contract made w"' the s^' John Milom, & also six pence for every boate or vessell that shall come for his owne or the mills use, the said boates or vessells requiring the bridge to be opened, ffurder the sd John Milom doth covenant as aforesaid, that m'' Tho: Clark of Boston pt owner & proprietor of the lands & Creeke (sould by the sd John to the sd W™ llrancklin as by a deed beareing date 7(9) 1648. may more at large appeare) shall release vnto the sd W"* ffrancklin his heires Executo""* & Administrato''^ all his right & interest in the same, vppon reasonable demand thereof. And the sd W™ ffrancklin doth covenant for himselfe heires Executo'"' Adminis? & Assignes, to & w"' the said John Milom his heires Execuf Adminis't & assignes that they nor any of them shall hinder the free passage of the Mill streame to the p'judice of the said Mill, & that all boates or vessels smale or greate (for the vse of the sd John Milom or the millne or any other that haue formerly contracted w*'' the sd John jNIilom before the date of these p''sents) shalbe admitted free passage into the sd Creeke at all times hereafter, at the rate of six pence as aforesaid for every such vessell as opens the bridge ; & that Humphrey Milom shall enjoy liberty to land his owne pp goods (merchandise only excepted) free of wharfage against his owne pp land, provided he suffer not such goods to lye alioue six houres vppon the wharfs. ffurther the sd AV'" ffrancklin doth covenant as aforesaid, to & w"' the sd John Milom his heires &c. as afore said, for ever to maintaine & vphoulcl th[ ] sd bridge, after the same is compleatly finished to the satisfaction of the townsmen or husbands. Unto the pformance of all w'^^ Covenants & Articles the parties afore said mutually Innd themselvs each to other ; vizt the sd John Milom doth (for all the covenants on his pt to be pformed) bind himselfe heires Execu? Adminis? & his [ ] dwelling house together w"' his pt in the sd mills, & the pfitts of all & every of the [ ] that the possessors of both or either of them from time to time successiuly sha[ ] forme the sd Covenants to & w*'' the sd W™ ffrancklin his heires Execu'C Admin [ ] & Assignes. And the sd W*° ffrancklin for all the Covenants on his pt to be pformed doth bind himself heires Execu't^ & Adminisf. & all the Creek & bridge & land aforesaid & the pfitts of all & every of them, that the possesso'^ thereof shall from time to time successiuely pforme the sd Covenants to & w*'^ the sd John Milom his heires Exec Adminis? & Assignes. In witnes whereof the pties aforesaid to thcire severall Indentures intcreliangal)ly haue sett theire hands & scales the 8(9) 1648 John Milom & a seale to the one Wm ffirancklin & a seale to the other Sealed signed & dd in p^'sence of W" Aspinwall Thomas Glover Acknowledged This was left w"' the recorder the[ ] it was made to be entred.

p218. Georg Halsall of Boston granted to Richard ^ - Leader of Linne his wharfe & ground in Boston w*^ all the houseing landing place, wayes water or water courses to the same l^elonging (excepting the dwelling house of the sd Georg & the land whereon it stands w'^'' he bought of m' Clark) & this was by way of Mortgage for & in consideration of an hundred twenty six pounds to be pd by the sd George in pieces of eight at fyve shillinge a piece or the value of them in Bever fish or corne at currant money price 30 (4) next ensueing. & in case of non paym^ then the sd Rich: Lead"" to sell the same & returne the overplus aboue one hundd xxvj" vnto the sd George Halsall or his assignes. This deed was daL 14 (10) 1649. Georg Halsall & a scale Acknowledged 15 (10) 1649. before m'^V'" Hibbins.

p223. Whereas John Clarke hath mortgaged his fferme in Newbury to John Ward vppon condition of paym' of xxxiij" vi*^ viij*^. the 29 (7) 1650. & the like summe the 29 (7) 1651. & since hath sould the sd flerme to Matthew ChafFe : The s*^ John Clarke doth assigne unto matthew ChafFe his now dwellino; house in Boston w"" the ground thereto appertaineing vppon this condition that if the sd John Clark do make paym* of the aforesaid summes to John Ward according to Covenant, that then this Assignment shalbe void, otherwise the sd Matthew to enter & possesse the sd house & ground to him & his heires fore[ ] This was by a deed dated 1 (b) 1649. & acknowledged before m"" Bellingham 27 (9) 1649.

p242. 6 (6) 1650 John Legat of Exeter granted vnto jNP Thomas - Clark of Boston merch* his now dwellin<? house at Exeter on the northeast side of the falls & about eight Acres w"'in fence & sixteene Acres more of vpland adjoyning there vnto, bought of Rob? Booth, & fourty Acres vpland adjoineing giuen by the towne. Also all his right & interest to the farme (w'^^ was m'" Augiistin Storrs) ; to wit, one quarter pt of the raeadowe (bought of AV™ Swaine & Nathaniel Boulter). And the house at the sd fterme w"' one hundred Acres vpland bought of Rich: Swaine, together w"' all outhouses & cellars belonging to my foresaid dwelling house & all Commonage & priviledgs thereto appertaineinge. And this was by an absolute deed dated 29 (5) 1650. & acknowledged before m"" Tho: Wiggin the same day.

p255. 22 (11) 1650 John Milom of Boston for valueable onsideration receiued, granted to Henry Webb of --Boston mercht. one quarter pt of the water mill in Boston (being all the interest he now hath therein) together with a quarter pt of all the water courses sluces floodgates houses lands editices meadowes marishes tenements & hereditaments with the appurtenances & his halfe pt of the damme from the stake set vp by consent betweene him the sd John & the sd Henry, & one quarter pt of all the emoluments profitts & comodities \vhatsoever to haue & to hould to him & his heires for ever. Provided that if the sd John Milom shall compleatly finish the bridge over the Creeke to the satisfaction of the select men of the towne of Boston at or before the 1 (1) next & shall genre from the sd select men an acknowledgment vnder theire hands that the sd Bridge is done to theire satisfaction. And if the sd John shall at his own g p costs repaire the sd pt of the damme aboue specifyed, together w*'' the other pt of the sd damme formerly sould unto the sd Henry (according to covenant w^'* him) & pyle them (both) w'^ pyles & fully fagot the same, raising them (both) in height equall to that pt belonging to Major Generall Edw. Gibons [135.] m'' Tho: Clarke & matthew Barnes at or before the first day of the fourth month next. And if the sd John Milom his heires Executo" Administrators or Assignes shall for ever from time to time maintaine in good repaire the aforesd pt of the damme from the stake set vp by consent betwixt him & the sd Henry that no hindrance come to the goeing of the mills thereby : And in case of Neglect or otherwise there happen to be any breach in that pt of the damme (hereby mortgaged & pply belonging to the sd John Milom his heires Exefi Admins?. & Assignes to maintaine) whereby the sd Mills are hindred in grinding, if the sd John shall begin to repaire the sd breach w*'' in the space of f^'ve dayes ; or if he do neglect, if he do pay vnto the ptners of the other half part of the mills the summe of ten pounds a day for those fyve dayes of neglect according to a coven* made w*'* them dat 6(1) last And if the sd John doe repaire or cause to be repaired the sd as aforesaid at his owne pp costs such breach, that then this deed shalbe void & of none efiect. But in case the sd John his heires Exefi Adminis? or Assignes shall make default in any or all of these pclrs aforementioned, then & from thence forth it shalbe lawfull for the Henry his heires Exe6. Adminis? & Assignes to take possesse & enjoy the p''misses according to the tenor of the deed aforesaid. And in witnes hereof the pties interchangably haue put to theire hands & scales the 22 (11) 1650. John Milom & a scale. Sealed & dd in piice of Jacob Shcafe John Sanford, William Aspinwall & acknowledged by the sd John Milom before me Hibbins 22 (11) 1650.

p256. 27 (1) 1650 Tho: Boydon of Boston granted vnto W™ Clarke of Watertowne (for valueable consideration receiued) a certaine lot in Watertowne Containeing thirty Acres be it more or lesse & is called by the name of the great dividend, the first lot of the third squadran. & this was by an absolute deed dat. 27 (1) l^oisealed & dd in presence of W" Aspinwall Notr. Pubt. 275 ff. Whereas the Lord Brooke Lord Say and others have formeMy obtajned two jenerall Pattents now Comonly Called and knowne by the names of Squampscott and Doner of certayne quantitjes of land or ground scittuate lying and being vppon or neere Adjoyning vnto each side of y*" Riuer of Piscataquat[ ] in New England in America which sajd Pattentees divided and distinguished the sajd Pattents and lands into twenty fower or twenty five parts or shares And [148.] whereas the Gennerall Court of the massachusetts bay in New England have by their order confirmed some parte of the sajd Land and ground mentioned in the sajdtwo patents to the Inhabittants of Doner in New England, And whereas liobert Saltonstall late of Boston in New England gen? hath purchased bought or obtajned the possession Right title and Interest of sixe shares and a halfe share of the twenty fower or twenty five parts or shares of the sajd two Pattents, of seuerall of the sajd Pattentees their Agents or Assignes that is to say of the Lord Brooke his Agent or Assigne fower shares of m"" Edward Holiocke one share of m""^ Isabell Huett one share and of m"" Thomas makepeace halfe a share And whereas the sajd Robert Saltonstall for valuable Consideration to him in hand pajd some whiles since did Give Graunt Bargaine and sell vnto Christojjher Lawson of Boston Cooper his heires or Assignes the sajd sixe shares and a halfe as above is expressed w^*^ all his Right title & Interest in the same and all howses gardens orchards barnes stables outhowses buildings meadowes lands Pastures marshes woods vnderwoods libe'"tjes Priviledges and inumitjes or any other Comoditjo whatsoeuer therevnto belonging and Appertayning &c. as in a deede from the sajd Robert Saltonstall bearing date 13"^ of may 1648 more Amply Appeareth And whereas the Above mentioned Christopher Lawson for valluable Consideration : to him in hand pajd by Thomas Lake of Boston aforesajd merchant Bargaine and Sell all his right title and Interest in those above mentioned sixe shares and a halfe with like Right title and Interest vnto two shares more by him purchased from m^'s willis and nf^ weld both of Conecticott in to the sajd Pattents to the sajd Thomas Lake his heires and Assignes as by a bill of sale vnder the hand of the sajd Christopher Lawson dated the twenty one of the eighth month 1648 : may more largely appeare Know all men by theise p^'seuts that I the sajd Thomas Lake for and in Consideration of sixty seven pounds to me in hand pajd before the sealing heereof by Cap' Thomas wiggin of Swampscott aforesajd wherewith I doe acknowledge myself fully sattisfjed and pajd and thereof doe acquitt and discharge the sajd Thomas wiggin his heires and Assignes for ever three shares and one quarter of a share of the above mentioned Sixe shares and a halfe. with two shares more viz those purchased from nY"" willis and m" wells five shares one quarter in all of the sajd two pattents by me formerly purchased of the sajd Christopher Lawson with all my right title and Interest in the same and all howses barnes gardens orchards stables Cowhouses &c. as above mentioned with all my Right and title to all the goods and cliattells to the sajd five shares and one quarter of a share appertayning the Gunns and debts excepted To Have Hold possesse and enjoy the sajd five shares and a quarter of the sajd two Pattents by me purchased bought and obtayned as aforesajd with all the promisses above mentioned Vnto the sajd Thomas Wiggin his heires and Assignes for euer And further I the sajd Thomas Lake for myselfe my heires and Assignes the sajd five shares and one quarter of the sajd two patents withall and singular the Appurtenances vnto the sajd Thomas wiggin his heires and Assignes against all men for euer will warrant and defend by theise presents Provided Alwajes and it is heereby excepted and Reserved any thing in this deede notwithstanding all the tjmber growing on the Above mentioned five shares and A quarter excepting what the sajd Thomas wiggin his heires and Assignes shall vse for fencing firewood and building on the sajd Land to the sajd Thomas Lake his heires and Assignes for ever together with fower hundred ackers of land to be by the sajd Thomas Lake his heires or Assignes taken in any three places of the sajd shares or pattents so it be not within three miles where Captaine wiggins dwelling howse is with further liberty to fetch and carry away the sajd timber by Sea or land without molestation, so as the sajd Thomas Lake his heires and Assignes p'judice not the sajd Thomas wiggins his heires and Assignes thereby by letting doune the Rajles or fences or going ouer the Corne of the sajd Thomas Wiggins his heires and Assignes In wittnes whereof the partjes above mentioned hath this fourth of Nouember I60I Iute''chaiugeably sett to their hands & scales / memorandum that the sajd Thomas Lake excepts in this deede of Sale w* the sajd Rob'"* Saltonstall excepted in his deede of Sale dated as above exprest & that before the ensealing hereof. Tho wyggin & a seale. Signed Sealed & deliuered in the presence of vs: Edward Rawson Recordder. John Clarke, Isk Addington. Entred & Recorded this 6th November 1651 p Edward Rawson Recordeer.  And is the name only chainged the same w*'^ w* is under the hand of the sajd Thomas Lake to the sajd Capt: Thomas wiggins. to which deed also the same wittnesses are as to this which I Attest Edward Rawson Recorder.

p296. Bee it knowne by theise presents that I Edward Bendall of Boston in New-England for and in consideration of the some of one hundred and forty pounds in hand received, have Given Gravuited Bargajned and sould and by these p''esents doe Gine Graunt Bargaine and sell vnto m"^ Thomas Clarke of Boston aforesaid merchan*. one eight parte of the Docke called Bendalls Docke together with one eight part of all the rents wharfes ciistomes and p''iviledges vnto the sajd Docke belonging, as also one mojety or halfe of all warehowses wherein I have any Interest, and of that my dwelling howse in Boston and of the litle howse thereto Adjoyning, and also of the howse and howsin now in the tennure and occupation of martyn Stebbyn together mojety of the onsetts of ground gardens yards backsides highwayes [164.] easements profiitts appurtenances convenjencjes and priviledges to them or any of them belonging To Have and to Hold to him the sajd Thomas Clarke and to his heires and Assignes for euer Provided that if I the sajd Edward Bendall shall and doe pay vnto the sajd Thomas Clarke or his Order in may next in London the soine of one hundred and forty pounds current money of England, that then the sajd deed above written shall be vojd and of none effect, otherwise to remajne in full force or strength wittnes my hand and seale this 30"' of December 1651 W" Phillips being raced and Thomas Clarke Interljned before the ensealing hereof per me Edw: Bendall Sealed and deliuered in p''sence of W" Aspinwall. Notarius pubt. W' Phillipps This Writing was acknowledijed the 30"' December 1651 before mee Thomas flint Entred and Recorded 22"' January 1651 p Edward Rawson Recorde'

p312. [182.] Know all men by theise p''nts. that I valentjne Hill of Boston New : England merchant doe acknowledo:e. myselfe to be indebted vnto m"' Thomas Cobbett of Lynne New England, aforesajd Clarke the full some of fifty pounds sterl & vnto Jane. Skipper of Boston aforesajd spinster thee full some of ffifi'ty. pounds sterling and vnto Joshua Scottow of. Boston, aforesd marchant. the like some of fifty pounds, sterling & for the : further, securing of the sajd debts respectively. I the sajd Val: hill, have given graunted bargained sold & confirmed vnto them the sajd Tho: Cobbet Jane Skipper & Joshua Scottow their seuerall heires & Assignes for ener all that my graunts of lands made, to me. By the Towne of Douer at the oyster Riner & the Sawe mills, standing and erected therevppon. with all &. singular their appurtenances To have and to Hold the sajd graunt of lands and sawemills. with their appurtenances vnto them the sajd Tho: Cobbett Jane Skipper & Joshua Scottow. their seuerall. heires & Assignes respectively & proportionably : to their seuerall del its for euer by these p'^sents. Provided & neuerthelesse it is excepted that if the sajd Vat. Hill, his heires execcuto''s Admiuistrater's or certajne Assignes or any of them shall well & truly pay or cawse to be pajd. vnto them the sajd Tho Cobbett. the sajd some of fifty pounds sterf & to the sajd Jane Skipper the sajd some of fifty pounds, sterl. at or before the end of fower yeeres nex^ ensuing the date heereof and the other fifty pounds, steri: vnto Joshua Scottow. or his assignes in good marchantable sawne pine boards, deliuered at oyster river at fower Convenient landing place after the rate of fower shitt sixe pence, p hundreth at or before the end of June nex'. that then the bargaine or sale abovesajd to be vojde & of none eflect otherwise to remajne in full strength efiect & virtue, according to any such proportion as shall remajne vnpajd In witnes whereof. I have herevnto sett my band & Scale made this eighteenth of the eleventh month 1651:: [183.] Yal. Hill. & a Seale Sealed and delQ'-d in Cogni? Cor me 6 : 12.1651 the p''nce of Wilijam. Blanchard, Anthony Low Entred & Recorded. 7 ffebruary 1651 p Edw. Rawson Record""

p324. Bee it knowne by these p''seiits, that I David Yale of Boston in N: England merchant, have made ordajned & by these p'esents doe ordajne & Constitute mr Thomas Clarke  & mrThomas Lake of Boston aforesaid merchants my true & lawfull Atturneys graunting them full power & Authoritje for me & in my name & to my Vse- to Act & transact all manner of occasions & Affajres for me in New England to Aske levje Recouer & Receive of & from all & singular person & persons in New Engl, whatsoeuer all & singular suine or suiTies of money goods, wares merchandise debts dues & demands whatsoeuer & of the Receipt to give Acquittance in due. forme Also to Compound & Agree & to sue Impleade & p'"osecute in due Course of law & gennerally to doe all things concerning the p''misses which I myself might or could doe if I were personally p''esent, with power to substitute one Atturney or more vnder them with like or Ijmited power, Rattefying Irrevocably whatsoeuer my sajd Atturnejes or their sulistitutes shall lawfully doe or Cawse to be donn. in the p''misses And In wittnes heereof. I the sajd David Yale have heere Vnto sett my hand & scale this 8. £ 1651. in p''esence of Willjam Aspinwall Notarje publicke " 1} (^-T^- David Yale & a seale Sealed & deliOered in p''sence ^j of Joshua Hues willjam Awbrey. William Aspinwall notarius pubL Joshua Hues testiheth the sealeing & deliuery of this deede by m'' Yale : Jur: Cor me. 6. ^^ 51 : 52 mo __ William Aspinwall Richo Bellingham". testifieth y'' same. Jur: Cor. me. 8 : i-? 1(551 . 52. Mo Richo Bellingham°. Entred & Recorded. 30 march 1052 p Edward Rawson Recorde''.

p325. Know all men whom these may concerne, that I Robt Turner in boston vintner for good & valluable Consideration by me in hand Receaved Have bargained and sould Unto Richard ffairbancks of the same towne Abovesajd, to him heires execcutors & Assignes one dwelling bowse garden & yard withall the privelledges pertajning theretoo scittuate & being in Boston aforesajd, being bounded on the east with the streete on the south with m'" Hutchinson ; on the west with m"" willjam Phillips on the North with Thomas Clarke, as also 6 acres or thereabouts of inclosed ground but be it more or lesse lying & being in the fort feild in the same Towne above written being bounded on the east & north east with Richard fairbanks on south east & the south with goodman Harrison & good man Grjdiey on the weast & northw^ east & on the North with the highwajes wittnes my hand Robt Turner. This writing was acknowledged by Rob* Turner of Boston to be his Act. & deed to the vse of Richard tfairebancks of the same Towme. this P* of y'' 2/^^ 1652 before me. Willjam Hibbins ;/ Entred & Recorded 3^ Aprill 1652. p Edward Rawson Recorde^

p327. Know all men by these p''sents that I John Capen of Dorchester in New England, shoemaker for valluable Consideration, by me in hand Receaved. to my full content & sattisfaccofi have Given Graunted Bargained & sould and doe by these p''nts Bargaine Sell Give Graunt EnfeofFe and Confirme vnto Augustine Clements of the siime Dorchester Painter, one peece : of ground Lying and being in F>oston. Contajning in breadth twenty foote, lately purchased by me at the hand of goodman Chafey being bounded by. the ground of n/ John Clarke. Northward Daniell Turrill Southward Eastward by the sea downe tow^ard. Low water marke as farr as other mens proprietjes belonging to the same streete doe Reach and westward fower foote within the fence now standing and is belowe the well of m"" Clarkes above sajd, which once did belong to goodman Chafey aforesajd as by his deed dated the first of march 1648 appeareth To Have & to Hold the sajd peece of ground with all the appurtennances & priviledges thereof To him the sajd Augustin Cleoments his heires & Assignes for euer to his & their owne propper Vse & Vses with warrantize against all and euery person or persons molesting or hindering by laying Clajme to the same or any parte thereof: from by or vnder mee. or any my heires execcuto''s Administrato's or Assignes for euer In wittnes whereof I the sajd John Capen. have heere vnto. sett my hand & scale this twentieth day of march 1651. 1652. John Capen & a scale. Sealed & dd in the p^'sence of. Alice Tincker Jn". Tincker This deed of Sale was acknowledged by John Capen to be to the vse of Augoustin. Clements this 20 of the ^m-o 1651 : before me : Willjam Hibbins Entred & Recorded : 3 Aprill 1652. p Edward Raw^son Record"" :

p333. This cleede made the hist day of the sixth month in the yeare of our lord God one thousand sixe hundred and finly and nine Betweene m" Elizabeth Stoughton of Dorchester in New Enghiiid of the one partje & Thomas holbrooke of the same husbandman of the other partje wittnesseth that the sajd m" Elizabeth Stoughton for and in consideration of the some of tenu pounds & tenn shillings of Currant pay in New England to her in hand pajd by the sajd thomas. Holbrooke or his Assignes of which sajd some, of tenn pounds & tenn shillings I the sajd m'' Elizabeth stoughton doe acknowledge to have fully Received & thereof & of every parte & parcell thereof doe for me my heires execcuto'"s & Administrato''s exonerate acquite and discharge the said Thomas Holbrooke his heires execcuto's and Administrators for euer firmely by these p^'sents Hath given graunted Bargained sould enfeofled and by these p'nts doe give graunt Bargaine sell & enfeoife vnto the sajd Thomas Holbrooke his heires & Assignes all that mojtje parte of. y' lote. of the sajd mr Staughton. lying beyond Neponsett. Riuer in dorchester the sajd moitje pte of the sajd lote Contayniig thirty e acres or thei-eabouts the lote of John Eigby deceased, being a parte of the first divission lying (me the south east of the same & the farme of m"" John Glouer lying one the south west of the same and the other mojtje part of the sajd lott in the hands of Robert Redman and Anthony Gulliford lying on the norwest side of the same and Neponsitt Riuer lying on the north east end of the same To have and to Hould the sajd moitje parte of the sajd lotte & thurtje acres of land as before expressed vnto the sajd Thomas holbrooke & his heires execcuto'' s and Administrato''s & Assignes from the day of the date hereof for euer to be & Remajne to be the Inhyeritances of of the sajd Thomas Holbrooke & his heires for euermore w"^out any the lett molestation eviccon ejection expulsion or denjall of the sajd m" Elizabeth Stoughton. or any her heires or of or by any other person or persons Clajming or in or by her or any her heires or Assignes shall claime any title or Interes' in or to the sajd p'"mises or in or to any parte or parcell thereof the sajd m'"s Stoughton against all men will warrant acquitt & defend for euer by these p^'nts Any thing in these p'nts Contajned to the Contrary in any wise notwithstanding In wittnes whereof I have herevnto put my hand & scale dated y® day & yeere first above written. Elizabeth Stoughton & a scale. In presence of James Neale willjam Stoughton. Richard Curtis. The oGsceres of the last will & testamen' of m'' Israeli Stoughton according to his last will & testament aforesaid Suffolk Deeds, Lib. I., 198, 199. doe hereby declare their Consent vnto this sale of the land on the other side written, as a thins; sure wittnes their hands, da? 7'^ of j^ 11 month called January 1649. Richar Bellingham Tho: Clarke Consent Entred & Recorded 28. Aprill 1652 p Edward Rawson Recorder.

p349. Bee it knowne vnto all men by theise p'snts that I John Duncombe of London marchan[ ] doe owe and Acknowledge myselfe to be Indebted Vnto Joshua Woolnough. Cittize[ ] and marchant Tayler of London, the some of fifty one pounds nine shillings and tenn pence of Curran' and lawfull money of England to be pajd to the sajd Joshua Woolnough. his heires excccutors Administrators or Assignes. at or vppon the seventeenth day of August, next ensuing the date heereof to the which pajment well and truly to be made and done the Aforesajd John Duncombe. doe binde me my heires execcuto^'s Administrato'' s firmely by these p'nts in the pa^nall soine of one hundred pounds In wittnes whereof I have heerevnto. Sett my hand & seale this twenty lift day. of. february in the yeare of ou'' Lord God one thousand six hun[ ]red & fifty : Sealed & deliuered in the ^ who doe wittnes p^nce of. vs : Alex: Harbyn. > this to be a true Copie Robt. Gilpin. ) of a sealed bill in the hands of the sajd Joshua Woolnough. Receaved this 26 : of June. 1652 of m'' Thomas Pell Assigne of John Duncom[ ] deceased the some of fifty one pounds nine shillings and tenu pence halfe pe[ ] by Virtue of A letter of Atturney from m'' Joshua Woolnough. to whom the sajd Duncombe was Indebted the sajd sonie. by bill, of which this is a Copie. as sent from London, to me. I say Receaved. p me. Jn°. Leuerett. Wittnes Thomas Clarke. Edward Preston. This Receipt was Entred & Recorded at the Reques' of m'' Thomas Pell & acknowledged by Cap' Jno. Leuerett. to be his act 29 June 1652. p Edw: Rawson Rec[ ]

p400. This Indenture made the Third day of Octob Anno Dn2 1648 Betweene Thomas Clarke of Boston in Newe England Merchant and John Milem of the same Cowper of the one pte and Humphry Milam of Boston aforesaid Cowper of ye the other pte Wituesseth that the said Thomas Clarke and John Milam for & in Consideracofil of the soiTie of Twenty pounds sterling to them by the said Humphry Milam well & truely contented & paid before the sealing & deliQy hereof whereof & wherewith the said Thomas Clarke & John Milam doe acknowledge them selues fully satisfied & paid and there of doe cleerely acquit &, discharge the said Humphry Milam his heires execute" and administrato''' by theis pfilts Haue giuen graunted bargained & sold and by theis pfits doe giue graunt bargaine and sell vnto the said Humphry Milam his heires & assignes for euer thirty & foure foote of ground or thereabouts in Breadth lying on the North side of the Mill Creeke neare vnto the Mill Bridge and ffifty tfoure foote of ground or there abouts in length lying East & west alonge by the said Mill Creeke in Boston aforesaid To haue hold possesse and enioy the said Thirty foure foote of ground or thereabouts in breadth and ffifty ffoure foote of ground or there abouts in length with the app^'tenaiics vnto the said Humphry Milam his heires & assignes for euer, And the said Thomas Clarke & John Milem doe by theis pfilts for themselues and either of them and the heires executo" & administrato''^ of them & either of them coveiint graunt promise and agree to cS; with the said Humphry Milam [250.] his heires executo""* and administrato" and eQy of them that the said Humphry Milem his heires executo" cS; assignes shall haue free vse & liberty at all Conveni* tymes of ingresse egresse & regresse w**" Cartes & Carriages through twenty flfoote of ground lying towards the South side of the ground before menconed alonge by the Mill Creeke And also the vse of the water Course that roiieth from the said Mill & runeth into the River before Boston aforesaid to Carry & Recarry in boats liters or other wise any maner of goods to the said ground bargained & sold to the said Humphry Milem as aforesaid Provided allwaies & the true intent & meaneing of all the pties to theis pfilts is that the said Humphry Milem his heires executo''^ or assignes or auy of them shall not at any tyme stopp or molest the said water Course Soe as to hinder the said Mill in grindeing In witnes whereof the pties to theis pnlts haue interchangeably Sett their handes & Seales the day & yere first aboue written. Sealed & delified in the John Milem & a seale pfilce of John Covey: Humphry Milam & a seale the rhke 07 of Daniel ffox This wrighting with the Covenants therein menconed to be pformed by both the pties whose uames are herevnto subscribed w*^ their seales anexed therevnto doe acknowledgfe it to be their Covenants which are to be pformed according to the Contents of the said wrighting this 16'^' of the 8 mo 1652 before me Witim Hibbins Entred & Recorded the 18**^ of Octob 1652 p Edward Rawson

p442. [285.] Whereas Cap* Thomas Clarke & M' Thomas Gainer haue Referred all maner of differences Betweene them about a vioadge to Saphee in the Barq^ Indeauer M"" George Ladd ; Whereof Cap* Thomas Clarke fraighted one half pte vnto vs whose dames are vnder written for finall determinacoiil wee haue examined, their AcomjDts and declarations and finde that Cap*^ Thomas Clarke is to pay unto Mr Thomas Gainer the some of Thirty fiue pounds seauen shillins six pence w'^'^ is in full of all maner of differences whatsoeuer about that vioadge so farre as it Concernes Capt Clarke for this ^ pt of M'' Gayner In witnes w^hereof Wee put to our hands the 8*'^ of ffebruary 1652. Tho: Lake Nathaniell Duncan, Edward Tinge Entred at M^ Gainers Request M'" Duncan acknowledgeing the Oreginall to be his Act & deede w*'' the other two gentlemen to me IP" of ffebruary 1652 Edward Rawson Recordr at his Request &. acknowledgm* w"^ his Receite in y'. words Reed by me Tho Gajner y". 26. of Aprill 53 of Capt Tho Clarke y*^ full some of thirty five pounds, seven shillings in full pajment of y* Award & In full of all accomp*' & demands to this day for his one halfe p*** of y*" Indeavor I say Reed, in full. 37.7.6. Tho Gajner: witnes Tho Lake. Entred & Recorded the 26. Aprill 1653 p Edw. Rawson Recorder at his Request &. acknowledgm* w"^ his Receite in y'. words Reed by me Tho Gajner y". 26. of Aprill 53 of Capt Tho Clarke y*^ full some of thirty five pounds, seven shillings in full pajment of y* Award & In full of all accomp*' & demands to this day for his one halfe p*** of y*" Indeavor I say Reed, in full. 37.7.6. Tho Gajner: witnes Tho Lake. Entred & Recorded the 26. Aprill 1653 p Edw. Rawson Recorder

p447. This Bill of saile witnesseth that vpon the fourth day of the Eleauenth month 1652 I Thomas Clarke of Boston M'chant for & in Consideracofil of a valluable price to me in hand paid before thensealing hereof wherewith I doe acknowledge my self fully satisfied and paid have giuen graunted bargained & sold and by theis pnlts have & doe give graunt bargaine and sell vnto m''ke Hands of Boston aforesaid Naylor one peece of ground sett lying and being in Boston aforesaid at the Northend thereof Betweene Wiitm Burnill Norewest & Henry Paine North East and downe to the Sea South and the High way leading to the Newe meeting house North as it is nowe butted & bounded Containeing Twenty eight foote in breadth on the front to make vse for him self to build wharfe or otherwise at his pleasure To haue & to hold the said pcell of ground togeither W"' all the rights previledges & appurtenances thereto belonging vnto the said Marke Hands his heires & assignes for eGl w*''out the lawful 1 lett hindrance or molestacofl of any pson or peons whatsoeuer by through or from my meanes assent consent or procurem' And the said Thomas Clarke m'chant doth hereby Obleige & binde himself to make the saile hereof vnto the abouesaid lawfull & sfood And do hereby Ingage my self heires executo'"' & Administrato'"' the same against all men to warrant & make good vnto him the aboue said Marke Hames his heires & assignes, In witnes hereof I haue herevnto sett my hand & Seale the day and yere abouesaid (Eleaventh & 1652) and highway leading to the) were interlined & agreed on before thensealing (also downe to the Sea) was raised out before thenselin[ ] Sealed Signed & deliQed in the Thomas Clarke & a Seale pfilce of vs Philemon Pormort W" Taylor This deede acknowledged 11° (1) 1652 before me Ri: Bellingham Entred & Recorded the IP^ of March 1652 p Edward Rawson Record^

p451. Be it knowne vnto all men by these presents that I Mike Hands of Boston in the County of SufFolkc Nailor for diners good Causes & Consideracons me therevnto moveing But especially for & in Consideration of the some of One hundred & foure pounds well & truely contented & paid vnto me before thensealing and deliGy hereof By Edward Brecke of dorchester in the said County yeoman & by Henry Lampery in the said County Coop whereof I the said ]M'ke Hands do clearely acquit & discharge the said Edward & Henry their executo"  administrato''^ & assignes for euer by theis pfilts Have giuen graunted & sold ouer vnto the said Edward Brecke his heires & assignes All that dwelling house Wherein I the said Mike Hands nowe dwelleth and all the lands thereunto belonging scittuate in Boston aforesaid w'^^ lands I purchased of Mr Thomas Clarke of Boston aforesaid w*'^ all the preuiledges & appurteiincs thereof bounded betweene W™ Burnell Northwest,  and Henry Vaine North East and downe to the Sea South And the high way leading to the Newe meeting house North as it is nowe butted & bounded containeing twenty eight foote in breadth on the front, to make vse for himself to build [ ] wharfe for himself or otherwise at his pleasure not Crossing A Towne Order And all that wharfe and ware house nowe built by me the said m'ke Hands, standing vpon the said wharf before the said dwelling house Southward w*'' all the right p'viledges & app'teiincs belonging to all the p'misses To haue & to hold the said house & lands wharfe & ware house w*'' all the right p'viledges & appertennancs before graunted vnto the said Edward Breck his heires & assignes for euer by theis phlts w"'out all lawfull lett stopp trouble or incumbrance of any pson or psons whomsoeuer by from or vnder me in any wise In witnes whereof I the said Mike Hands haue herevnto put my hand & Scale the first day of fiebruary Anno DnS 1G52 M'ke Hands & a Scale Sealed & delifi) in the pfilce of R the m^'ke of Kalph Grime W the marke of John Wiskce ^ the marke of John Wiskce Acknowledged to be the act & deede of the aboue written Marke Hands & lawfully executed the 11"' day of March 1652 or 1653 before me John Glouer memorand that quiet & peaceble possession was dd by marke Hands vnto the w*''in menconed Edward Brec[ ] to haue & to hold according to the tenor of this deede the 11"' day of the 1 m° 1653 Marke Hands T1 The marke of Thomas Rider, R the marke of Ralph Greene Entred & Recorded the IV'' of march 1652. or 53. p Edward. Rawson. Recorder

p458. [298.] This Lidenture made the ffourth day of the tfourth month commonly called June in the yere of our Lord One thousand six hundred and ffifty Betweene George Dell of Boston Marriner on the one part And Thomas Rider of the same Shipp Caulker on the other pte Witnesseth that whereas the said George Dell hath some tyme since purchased a pcell of Land of M"" Thomas Clarke of Boston aforesaid M''cliant as it is nowe fenced and l^ounded, the lands of Thomas Rawlings lying on the Westerly side thereof and the lands of Witlni Burnhill on the Easterly side, and faceing the Sea southerly and extending to the high way Northerly Where vpon the said George Dell hath erected A dwelling house Where in hee nowe dwelleth, for the purchase of AVhich lands there is yett Nyne pounds to be paid vnto the said Thomas Clarke or els Eighteene shillings by the yeres Rent vnti[ ] the said some of Nyne pounds be fully paid and then to Cease W'='' the said Thomas Rider Coveniiteth by theis pfits to pay vnto the said Thomas Clarke his heires executo" or Administrato""' shortly after he hath possession of the house and p^'misses herein afterwards contained and expressed, Nowe the said George Dell for and in Consideration of the soiiie of Twenty and seauen pounds (besides the said Nyne pounds) to be paid vnto him the said George Dell his executo" or assignes by the said Thomas Rider his heires executo" or administrato""' in maner and forme followeing that is to say Tenne pounds at or before the Twenty Nynth day of September next ensueing foure pounds whereof to be in money iBfty shillings in good shooes tforty shillings in Corne and the other Thirty shillings in Englishe goods at a good shopp in Boston, And fine pounds more at or before the last day of March next ensueing the said former paym' in Englishe goods at a good shopp in Boston aforesaid And the other Twelue pounds at or before the Twenty Nynth day of Septem'"'' followeing Which shalbe in the yere of our Lord One thousand six hundred and fifty and one, foure poundes Whereof to be in money ffoiire pomides in Corne and th other ffoure pounds in Englishe goods at money price and tlie Corn at price Currant Hath bargained and sold And by theis pfits doth freely and absolutely bargaine and sell vnto the said Thomas Rider his heircs and assignes for euer All the aforesaid lands fenced and bounded as aforesaid With the wharfe before the said house and the said house nowe standing there vpon withall and singuler the app'"teniics to the said premisses belonging and euly pt and pcell thereof w*** all his right title & interrest of and into the same, To haue and to hold the said Lands and dwelling house With the wharfe before it vnto the said Thomas Kider his-heires and assignes for euer withall and eQy the app'"teniics to the said p'"misses belonging to be holden in free and Coiiion Soccage and not in Cappitie nor by knights service And the said George Dell doth also Covenrit and graunt by theis piits That hee the said George Dell his heires executo""" and administrato'"' shall and will leaue & yeeld vpp the full & peaceable possession of the said house and premisses and one Close bedstead and a table nowe standing therein, and the said house in as good repaire as nowe it is vnto [299.] the said Thomas Rider his heires and assignes at or before the last day of July which shalbe in the yere of our Lord One thousand six hundred fiifty and one or sooner if the said George Dell can procure another house nowe in building to be linished before, And the said George Dell Coveniiteth and graunteth by theis pnlts the said Lands & house Withall and eOy their app''teniics vnto the said Thomas Rider his heires and assignes for euer to warrant acquit & defend against all people from by or vnder him claymeing any right title or interrest of and into the said p''misses or any pt or pcell thereof In witnes whereof the said pties to theis phts Indenture haue herevnto interchangeablie sett their hands & iSeales the day and yere lirst aboue w^ritten. / George Dell & a Scale Sealed & deliSed in the pfilce of Evan Thomas : Nath: Sowther John Crabtree : Robert Nanney Nathaniell Sowther & Evan Thomas did make oath of the sealing & deliQing of this deede this 15°-12-1652 before me Rich: Bellingham Entred and Recorded the 4*^ : Aprill 1653. p Edw: Rawson. Recorder.

p469. This present writing Wittnesseth that Jn° milam of Boston Coojier hath bargained and sold vnto Thomas Clarke, of Boston aforesaid draper, a Cone or ha'^lior lying Tv*''ont the since gates at the north side of the mill pond, seittn.tte in Boston : together w'*^ the hind which belongs vnto the mill either by guift of the Towne or purchased of Jn° Button, which land is Bounded, by Jn° Coppe and Jn" Shawe on the North side a smale baiicke cast vp. on the south side and the pond bancke the bounds on the other side as also to make vse of the bancke about it to land goods or other necessary occasions that may. not behurtfull. to it this provided namely that the sajd milom doth Reserve thirty foote. sware. nex' a Joyne to the since to build a mill howse vpon. as also a high way to the sajd howse of tenn foote broade all w*^"^ Ground and Cone above sajd Jn° milom doth wholy Aljenate from, himself heirs execlors administrator and assignes for ever unto the sajd clarke his heirrs executors Administrato'rs and Assignes wittnes my hand this 20'*^. of the 7 month 1647 Signed & delivered in the Jno. milam. p^'nce of Nich: Vpsall. william Bassett. Acknowledged by the above named Jno milom. this 16th day of october to be his Act and deed before me. Jn° Glover. Entred & Recorded 19th July 1653. Edward Eawson. Record'.

p495. [330.] These presents witnesseth that marty[ ] Stibens of Boston brewer hath bargained and sold & doeth p these presentes bargaine sell and deliver oiier[ ] unto w"' Bartholmew of Ipswitch and to his Assignes the Copper now being in his brew howse, together w*'' all the brewing vessels in ye said brew house & the said Martyn Stibens doth hereby Acquitt all Clayme & Interest unto ye said Copper & Vessels fro him his exequitors administrators And Assignes for ever, & the said Mr. Bartholmew to enioy and posses ye said Copper & vessels as his owne propper goods to him his exequito". & Assignes forener, prouided allwayes, and It is agreed betweene ye aboue named partyes, y' If the said martyn Stebins shall pay, or cawse to be paid vnto the said William Bartholmew, or his assignes the some of six pownds & tenn^ shillings in mony beauer or some merchandable Corne or english goods, to content the said av"' Bartholmew or his assignes, then this obligation aboue written to be voyde and of none etfect or elce to stande in full force and vertue. In witness of all w*^^^ y'' premises ye said martyn Stebins hath set to his hande & scale, dated this 15"'. day of the 10"' month caled december 1653. The payment of 6". 10^ aboG) mentioned to be made within 4 monthes after the date of these presents. Signed sealed & delivered, Martyn Stebens ered in presents of Vs u* i ^^^ th TVT 4.1 o 11 o his marke M w*^*" JNathamell piper , Mathew M Clarke his marke. This deede was acknowledged by martyn Stebens the same 15th day of ye 10th month 1653. before mee John glover. Entred and recorded the 5th day of January 1653 p Edw. Rawson Recorder

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