(2) Silvanus Clark, born 7 August 1743 in Stoughton, son of Ichabod Clark and Sarah (p 49 "record of births, marriages and deaths and intentions of marriage in the town of Stoughton 1727-1800 and in the town of Canton 1797-1845 preceded by the records of the south precinct of Dorchester from 1715 to 1727.").  

The Mysterious Two Birth Records for Silvanus Clark

There also appears in the Sharon Vital Records: Births: Silvanus son of Jer***h (Jeremiah), baptized Aug --1743.   Sharon records did not begin until 1743,  The original legal record is in Stoughton (Sharon was formed from part of Stoughton called Stoughtonham), Sharon as a place name did not exist at the time of this birth.  I originally thought this second birth record was completely in error.  However, all of that said!, the records of Rev. Philip Curtis published by the Sharon Historical Society clearly show on page [13] (original page 1) for the year 1743 a baptism by Rev. Curtis  in August of "Jerh. Clark Silvanus!"   (i.e. Jeremiah's son Silvanus)  This is an original record.  There is one other baptism reported in this document for children of "Jerh. Clark." In 1745 was baptized October 6th "Jerh. Clarks Asa" (original page 2).   Asa was also a son of Ichabod Clark.  My guess is that Ichabod's middle name was Jeremiah, this is what he was known by locally, but when the legal birth was officially recorded in Stoughton his legal first name was used, Ichabod Clark.  This was common practice in the South and causes much confusion for those of us trying to understand these records, but Stoughton was the legal entity at the time of his birth where the birth was required to be recorded, so the Stoughton record takes precedence.  Ichabod Clark is the father of Silvanus Clark, and Ichabod's full name was probably Ichabod Jeremiah Clark.  There is no documentation of this last assertion at this point in time.  Anyone copying these records, please retain all qualifiers.  There are entirely too many copies of these pages on people's supposed genealogy pages that are just plain inventions.  If it is not verified with an original record, it is supposition.

There are Jeremiah Clark Suffolk County probate records: 1749 administration and guardianship (9201, 9414) and an 1818 guardianship (25571 or 25574?).

Sharon Vital Records show an Intent to Marry between Silvanus Clark and Rachel Starns (born c1742) filed Apr 10, 1766;  Married by Nath Sumner Esq., a justice of the peace for the County of Suffolk, Mr. Silvanus Clark & Mrs.(?) Rachel Sterns both of Stoughtonham, 1 May 1766.(p.265).  Stoughtonham became Sharon.   There is no Sterns (any spelling) marriage that fits her being a widow in Dedham, Medfield, Medway, Walpole, Malden, Watertown, Dorchester, Dorchester Church Records, or Concord that I have found to date.  Nor can I yet locate a birth record of her.  

Stearns Genealogy and Memoirs lists her on page 65 as a daughter of Jonathan Stearns born 20 Nov. 1701 son of Isaac Stearns 3d and Elizabeth (Stone) Stearns, of Stoughton.  Jonathan Stearns of Stoughton and Experience Linkhorn of Taunton were joined in marriage by ye Wpl. Robert Spur Esqr. 24 May 1727."  Linkhorn means Lincoln.  Inventory dated 23 Sept. 1769; his son, Nathaniel, administrator.  He left a widow and six children in Stoughton.  It may be that the first five children are listed in this probate record, and this will be checked.

1769 Admitted into Church April 3 Rachel Clark.

Silvanus Clark should have and may have served in the revolution, although  I do not believe so, and the location is strange,  although we do have other links to the Springfield area.  Silvanus Clark was only 33 in 1776.  The Moses Clark in whose house Oliver Anson Clark lived in Medfield, was born in Ludlow, next to Springfield. Volume 3 page 578,  Silvanus' father, Ichabod, is supposedly buried in Granby, just north of here.  I believe there is a Silvanus Clark of this age in the Clarks who lived in this area.  Clark, Silvanus. Private, Capt. Enoch Chapin's co., Col. Jacob Gerrish's regt. of guards; enlisted July 26, 1778; discharged Dec. 31, 1778; service, 5 mos. 8 days; company detached from Hampshire Co. militia to guard stores at Springfield and Brookfield for 6 months from July 1, 1778. Roll dated Springfield.  Ichabod Clark is buried nearby in Granby, so this is possible but unlikely.  There are quite a few Ichabod Clarks (and Sylvanus/Silvanus Clarks) in this area at this time.  Use caution!  It is perhaps more strange if he did not serve.  He may have been a Loyalist.

22 April 1807 Silvanus Clark signed his will in Sharon: In the Name of God amen.  I Silvanus Clark of the town of Sharon in the County of Norfolk of State of Massachusetts, Yeoman, being weak in body but sound & perfect mind & memory, blessed be almighty God for the same? do make & publish this my last will & testament in manner & form following, that is to say

First I give & bequeath unto my beloved wife Rachel Clark all my estate both real & personal during her natural life.

I do also give & bequeath unto my youngest daughter Susannah Clark twenty dollars.

And I also give & bequeath unto all my children viz: Oliver Clark, Samuel Clark, Jacob Clark, Elijah Clark, Jesse Clark, Mille McIntosh, Rachel Fuller, Susanna Clark each of them an equal share in all my real & personal estate at the decease of my wife.

I also will & ordain that my beloved wife Rachel Clark pay all my just debts.

And I also will & ordain that the above legacy of twenty dollars be paid to my daughter Susanna after the death of my wife & that she also have an equal share of all the residue of my real & personal estate as specified above.

I also hereby appoint my second son Samuel Clark sole executor of this my last will & testament.

In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand? and seal the twenty second day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & seven.
(s) Silvanus Clark

Signed, sealed, published, & delivered by the above named Silvanus Clark to be his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request & in his presence have hereunto subscribed our names as witness to the same: Matthew Harlow, John Randall, John Whitaker

Sharon Deaths: Silvanus Clark Apr 27, 1807 in his 64th yr.   Silvanus Clark left a will, Sharon, 1807 Number 4005 (Probate Index Norfolk County Volume 1).  Silvanus Clark is buried in Chestnut Hill Cemetery (originally called Chestnut Tree) in Sharon, MA,.  This cemetery is on Canton Street, between Apple Valley Drive and Richards Avenue.  He and Rachel are buried side by side in Section 1, Lane Q, Lots 6&7.  As you face the cemetery from Canton Street, take the paved entrance road on the far left, which is off of Richards Ave., take the first immediate right from this paved entrance road, and they are buried perhaps 100 feet inside the cemetery.  The stones face the intersection of Richards Ave. and Canton Street.

Rachel Clark widow of Silvanus, died Dec 31, 1822 age 79 yr (born c1742) There is no will or other probate record listed for her in the Norfolk Co. Probate Index that I have.  She is buried to the left of Silvanus.

There is an older stone, broken into pieces, to the right of Silvanus.

7 July 1807, at Probate Court the foregoing instrument, purporting to be the last will and testament of Silvanus Clark, late of Sharon, Yeoman, deceased, being presented for Probate, by Samuel Clark, Executor named there in, Matthew F. Harlow and John Randall, Witnesses there to subscribed, appear and make Oath that they saw the said Silvanus Clark sign, seal, and heard him publish the said instrument to be his last Will and Testament, and that he to the best of their discernment, of sound and disposing Mind, I do therefore by the power and authority given me, hereby approve and allow the said instrument as the last will and testament of the before named deceased, etc. W. Health, Judge of Probate.

7 July 1807 In Probate Court at Dedham on Tuesday 7 July 1807 Ordered that Samuel Clark Executor of the last Will and Testament of Silvanus Clark, late of Sharon, deceased, advertise notifications of his being Executor as aforesaid, and posting the same up in some public places at Sharon and by Publishing it in the Independent Chronicle, printed in Boston within three months.  W. Heath, Judge of Probate.  I Samuel Clark, testify & declare that I have caused notification of my being Executor of the last will and testament of Silvanus Clark, late of Sharon, deceased, to be posted at public places in Sharon aforesaid, and also give notice thereof causing same to be published in the Independent Chronicle printed in Boston within three months, etc. signed Samuel Clark 6 Oct. 1807.  Notice is hereby given the the subscriber has been duly appointed Executor of the last will of Silvanus Clark, late of Sharon, yeoman, deceased, and has taken upon himself that trust by giving bonds as the law directs.  And all persons having demands upon the estate of the said deceased are required to exhibit the same, and all person indebted to the said estate, are called upon to make payment.  Samuel Clark, Executor. (these are all on one page)

7 July 1807 Samuel Clark of Providence, RI, Painter, Matthew M. Harlow, Husbandman, John Randall Husbandman, both of Sharon, are bonded to Judge of Probate for $20,000 for Samuel Clark as Executor of will of Silvanus Clark.  Signed in the presence of: John Baxter, Oliver Clark, Samuel Clark, Matthew H. Harlow, John Randall.

7 July 1807 To Joseph Hewins, Oliver Everett, Joshua Whittemore, all of Sharon, in the County of Norfolk, greetings.  You are hearby appointed a Committee to appraise on oath all the estate of Silvanus Clark, late of Sharon, yeoman, deceased, and make Return of your Doings, together with this Warrant, into the Probate Office, etc. W. Heath, Judge of Probate.  

8 July 1807 Then the before named Oliver Everett and Josua Whittemore Personally appeared and were sworn to the faithful performance of the service assigned them by the foregoing Warrant, before me, Joseph Hewins, JP

29 July 1807 Then the within Named Joseph Hewins Personally appeared and was Sworn to the Faithful Performance of the Service assigned him by the within warrant before me.  Elijah Crane, Justice of the Peace.

6 Oct. 1807 The inventory of the Estate of Silvanus Clark late of Sharon, in the county of Norfolk, yeoman, Deceased appraised upon oath by us the Subscribers duly appointed to that Service by the Hon. William Heath, Esqr., Judge of Probate of Wills for the County of Norfolk Viz
The Homestead of Said Deceased Situate in Said Sharon Containing 32 acres with the building thereon at $24 an acre  760=00=0
Personal Estate

1 cow at $20, one ditto at $19, one Swine at $10


2 cythes 2 axes? & Sundry other farming tools


Best bed Bolster & Pillows


Second Bed & Beding


Third old bed & beding at $4, 2 bed Quilt? at $3.50


Sundry other articles of Household Furniture


Deceased wearing apparel





Total Personal estate

Sharon 5 August 1807 Joseph Hewins, Oliver Everett, Joshua Whittemore - appraisers

7 June 1808, The second account of Samual Clark, Executor of the last will and testament of Silvanus Clark, late of Sharon, county of Norfolk, Yeoman (a Yeoman was a farmer who owned his own land), deceased. The said account charges himself with the process of a part of the Real Estate of said deceased, as sds? by order of Court  $116.00
And prays allowance of the following charges & payments
The balance of his first account being


Amount paid Hammon Mann


Paid Nathaniel Leonard bill?


Paid taxes on the estate


Paid Fisher? H. Fairbanks Bill


Paid Thomas Kollock Bil


Elijah Heninis? Bill


Paid Jacob Masest? Bill


Paid Jeremiah Richards, Jr. Bill


Bill of Execution




Probate fees for Deceased?




Dedham 7 June1808


6 April 1808, Samuel Clark of Providence, RI, Painter, Asa Clark, Housewright?, Matthew Harlow, Yeoman, of Sharon, bound unto probate court for $500, for Samuel Clark, Executor of the last will and testament of Silvanus Clark late of Sharon, Yeoman, deceased, at the Supreme Judicial Court, Dedham, the first Tuesday of March last, licensed to sell a part of the real estate of the said deceased, in order to discharge just debts, of charges of sale in the amount of $110, that Samuel will follow the laws of the Commonwealth.  Signed in the presence of: Hannah Monk, Lydia Hurlow, Asa Clarke, Prudence Clark, Samuel Clark, Asa Clark, Jr., Matthew H. Harlow.

7 March 1809, Samuel Clark of Providence, RI, Painter, Thomas Kollock?, Gentleman, and John C. Reupeke, Tailor both of Sharon, paid $150 as bond to the Judge of Probate, for Samuel Clark as executor of the will of Silvanus Clark, late of Sharon, to make sale of a part of the real estate, and discharge a debt of $60. In presence of Elijah Friswith?, Zucker? Richard, Jr., Samuel Clark, Thos. Kollock, John C. Reupeke.

At court held at Dedham on the first Tuesday of May 1809 Samuel Clark, executor of will of Silvanus Clark, late of Sharon, Yeoman, deceased and made the forgoing account of his administration.

2 May 1809 the third account of Samuel Clark Executor of the will of Silvanus Clark yeoman debts charges himself with apart of the Real Estate Sold by and under Govt? amounting to $60 and pray for an allowance of the same? it being? as follows,
To Balance Due on Seckams Accounts


To Cash paid probate office


To Cash paid Superememrfort? of Indt?


To my Expenses from Providence to Dedham and time $10.60
To ditto Seck? and time $10.20
Samuel Clark Executor

7 March 1809, Samuel Clark, Executor of the will of Silvanus Clark, Yeoman, deceased, late of Sharon, having been authorized by the Supreme Judicial Court held in Dedham, on the first Tuesday  of March 1809 to dispose of a part of the real estate of the said deceased, appeared before me the Justice of the Peace for Norfolk Co. and solemnly swore that in disposing of the said estate he would? use his best skill and judgment in fixing the time and place of sales and that he wants spent his utmost endeavors to dispose of the same in in such manner as would produce the greatest advantage to all persons interested therein and without any sinister views whatever.  Samuel Havon?, JP Norfolk Co.

Deaths: Rachel Clark widow of Silvanus, Dec 31, 1822 age 79 yr (born c1742) There is no will listed for her in the Norfolk Co. Probate Index that I have.

Silvanus Clark Norfolk County Deeds: 1807 May  11 Silvanus Clark Estate to Andrew Macintosh of Sharon 26-255 (or 288?).  1810 April 7 Silvanus Clark Estate to Elijah Clark of Sharon 35-206, 35-207, 1825 Sept. 15, 77-118 and 77-119.  1827 Oct. 3 Silvanus Clark Estate to Jesse Clark of Sharon 83-231.  1847 July 28 Silvanus Clark Estate to H.B. Locke of Sharon, 174-198.  1847 Aug. 5 Silvanus Clark Estate to Jesse MacIntosh of Sharon 174-251, 232, 232.  There is an (over) on the index, so there may be more.

If Silvanus did serve in the Revolution, he died before the federal pension act was passed, and there is unlikely to be any federal record.

Children of Silvanus Clark and Rachel Starns (Sterns), all born in Sharon, MA:

  1. Oliver Clark born 28 May 1767 (VR Sharon p18) died 26 Dec. 1831, married 27 Jan. 1794 to Hannah Davis born 28 Dec. 1777.
  2. Miletiah Clark born 27 Nov. 1769 in Sharon, MA,  int to marry 2 Sept. 1797 Andrew McIntosh in Sharon. No Macintosh births in Sharon, or Dedham. I can find no record of them anywhere after the marriage.  Andrew McIntosh and "Milly" are both buried in Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Sharon, not far from Silvanus and Rachel.  Andrew McIntosh died 6 Sept. 1840 in his 72d year.  "Milly" died 23 Sept. 1855 in her 86th year (from their grave markers).
  3. Rachel Clark born 4 Aug. 1772  (Clerk) married 7 July 1796  Augustus Fuller of Wrenthham (int. not  recorded)
  4. Experience Clark born 7 Jan. 1775.  I cannot locate even a hint of her.
  5. Samuel Clark born 27 Aug. 1777. Perhaps Samuel Clark (int. states Jr.) of Franklin who married Hannah Clap, 7 Jan. 1808 (VR Walpole p108).  Samual Clark removed to Providence, Rhode Island, as stated in the probate records.
  6. Child Clark born Feb. 1778 died Feb. 1778
  7. Jacob Clark born 20 Apr. 1780.  Note there is a different Jacob Clark in Medfield 1774-1837 (age 63) who married Prudence Straw.  
  8. Susannah Clark baptized 10 April 1783 Rev. Philip Curtis, p56, Sharon Hist. Soc. pdf p237
  9. Elijah Clark baptized 9 July1786 int to marry 21 July 1809 Nancy Fuller born 29 March 1787.(VR Sharon p83) no births listed in Sharon or Wrentham, and only the intent was filed.  I cannot (yet) find a marriage record.
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