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I have been reading the information on your web site and I love reading about my dad's heritage. My dad is a Romanichal, but my mom is Gadje. I was raised by my mother after my parents divorce when I was 4, but I spent lots of time with my dad's side of the family, as well. I think you would consider my dad's side of the family German Gypsies--at least that's what they all call themselves. There are several members of the family with names such as Smith, Boswell, Swartz, Young and Jeffers. My dad, growing up, travelled mostly in the Michigan area, but my granny and her people were from the Kentucky area. I can't remember where my grandpa was born. My dad's people practice many of the cleanliness rituals that I read about it the articles. Some, I have carried into my own life and some I simply laugh away. My dad and his siblings are all olive compIected with dark hair, but some have dark eyes and some green. Several of my cousins, as well as myself are light haired and light skinned--even those whose parents are both Romanichal. Any insight on those names and to which "clan" they would belong to would be greatly appreciated.


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