The Ziko Family

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Eli Ziko, children:

  1. Duke Ziko married Sue Children:
    1. Tony Ziko Children:
      1. Christopher Ziko

ZIKO.  Chicago and Indiana.  My husband is a grandson to Duke Ziko.  Said to be the king of Gypsies.  Duke Ziko got his crown from his father, Eli Ziko.  Many of this family are said to be living in Chicago.   The Ziko Family from all across the US  visit once a year at Crown Hill Cemetery, in Indianapolis, Indiana, or at least did so during  the 1950's and 1960's, and celebrate at the ancestors graves.

ZIKO.  my husband is the grandson of Duke Ziko and Sue.  His name is Christopher Ziko, his father is Tony Ziko.  L. Ziko.  Jan, 2004

There are annual appearances of the Ziko Family from across the US at Crown Hill Cemetery, in Indianapolis, Indiana. My mother was secretary of the cemetery for many years during the 1950's and 1960's, and told me of their coming to celebrate at the ancestors graves. KP

ZIKO, Kokomo, IN.   I have lived in Kokomo, Indiana all my life. I am 35. Today I found out that Kokomo has a Frank Ziko 1922-1973 and I assume his wife Mary Ziko 1928-1988. I was told that for years people have been leaving items at their grave site. I had my doubts about this, so I checked it out for myself. Sure enough there it was money, earings, and food. I was told that he was a Gypsy king of some sort. I don't really understand the life of a Gypsy. But find it interesting that people are leaving items at the grave site.  JE

While in the process of doing family history research I came upon your web page and Roma.  My name is Ted Zicko. The original spelling was Ziko when my dad George and his three brothers, Christopher, John and Dennis came to the U.S. (Natick, MA) in early 1900's. They were the first, to the best of my knowledge, who came to the U.S. from Albania and Turkey to reside in the U.S. Today there are approximately 500 Ziko's, primarily in the New England area. Ziko is the original name, having never been altered with the exception of the addition of the "C".  Sincerely,  Ted Zicko

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