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Oral Tradition

TE Helo: Droboy tume romale:

I am Furiia (Carpathian German Traveller), many with the sur names of Seidl or Lang are. Our language (Furiian) is an old language that has words similair to Hurian (in fact of people are known as the storm people and there is a striking similarity in oral history with old myths and deities.

In addition, many words are upper caucus, Svanti, and then a blend of Saxon, Vandalic, Hunnish and Magyar, Rromany, Russian, Romanian, and many Old German and Old Norse words. In addition trading, even in America, is still recorded and completed in a sort of Rune language from the Northern Carpatian Mountains. There are nine Hauser (Tribes) of the Furiia, each a little different in custom and language. Amog Romany we are consider wild gajo among gajo we are considered gypsy but we are Traveler and have been so for a long time. You mentioned a sir name of Herren (Men) and we have had a few marriages that were Herren or Jense. Some of the last names of our people are named from things they or their family did or does. We are located mostly in the Canada-US border states and along the Mexico- US States and we have large groups in Uraguay and Argentina.

Dza Develasa;

TE Helo ma

Emperor Frederick Seidl

Spokesman for the Furiia

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