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Welcome to the never ending road well travelled! (note by ye webmeister: many sources wish to remain anonymous.

I am a decendant of a Gypsy woman. As told to me by my Dad; My great great grandfather worked in shipping livestock. He stowed away on a ship coming from Germany his wife and two daughters. The story is he had intended to meet up with them later. But was never seen again. My great grandmothers maiden name was Reignhart I'm not sure of the spelling).

People often ask me of what ethnic origin I am. I have olive skin, very dark brown curly hair, dark almost black eyes. I ask them in return what would be their guess as to my ethnic origin. They usually say; Spanish, Italian, or Black. I've also been asked if I was Jewish or of Asian influence. I used to tell people that I am Gypsy but the look on their faces ranged from amusement to alarm. Now a days I simply tell them that I am German. The look on their face at that response is one of perplexity. Like; there's more to you than only German.

If we get to know each other on a more personal level (rather than as acquaintances through our children at school, or business) I tell them that I am also a Gypsy. It helps us both to overcome the racial aspects associated with being Gypsy even today.

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