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I would like to add what information I have on my Gill's seeing as  Gill is my maiden name I have some info but not much! 

My GGrandfather Thomas Gill.  No info on his siblings. b.1858 d.1948  birth place unknown but we think Chatham, Ontario Canada. He married: Eva Bates b.1858-d.1952 We do not know where she came from but her  parents were: Alonzo Bates. origination unknown B.@ Dec.1815 or 1816.Died Waupaca, Wis. D. Jan 22,1891 and  Lucy Bates. maiden name Blackmore B. 1818 origination unknown. Died  Waupaca Wi  D.1902.  Lucy Bates's daughter in law Alma Gill who was a Testin. Her grandmother was a Mclauglin.

Thomas Gill, born Chatham Ontario canada.had a brother named Edward Gill + Isabella.  They lived in the Town of Blenheim,County of Kent,Ontario at least in 1931. I found a copy of his last will and testiment.  People related to him and mentioned in the will are as follows.

wife: Isabella Gill
Brother: Thomas Gill (this was my great grandfather 1856-1947)
Sister: Mary Green
nephew: Sam Green
nephew: William Green
nephew: James Green
Niece: Lucy Pardo
niece Vera Gill
Brother Richard Gill
nephew: Orville Gill
niece: Minnie Campbell
friend: Huntley Campbell
nephew: Hugh Gill
nephew: Edward Murdock

In another paper found associated with a Lucy Gill and we assume this was edwards brother Richard's wife,because the names were listed as Richard Gill estate. The following names were listed as people interested in the estate of lucy gill, It was under a mental competency act and we assume she was put into a home because of age. The date on this was 1945. If richard and edward were born around the same time as thomas they would have been approximatley 88 + or - in 1937 as would have been Richards wife.

those people listed are:

Mr Thomas Gill & Eva Gill ( my great great grandparents)waupaca,wi usa
Mrs Velma Gill Woods R.R.# 2, Merlin,Ontario, Canada
Mrs Bertha Drury R.R. # 5, Blenheim,Ontario, Canada
Mrs Lucy Pardo Charing Cross, Ontario, Canada
Miss Vera Gill Blenhiem,Ontario, Canada
Mrs Florence Drury R.R. #5 Blenheim,Ontario,Canada
Mrs Lucy rademacker (radenacher) Waupaca, Wi usa
Miss Maud Gill
c/o Orville Gill, R.R.#1 Blenheim,Ontario,Canada
Miss Marie Pardo Charing Cross,Ontario,Canda
Miss Litty Lou Pardo, Charing Cross, Ontario,Canda
Miss Marion Fay Pardo, Charing Cross, canada
Miss Mary Green Blenheim,Ontario, Canada
Miss Mary Woods c/o Roy Woods,RR#2, Merlin,Ontario
Mrs Ellen Murdock/(mrs John)Rehard 9220 Phillip Ave, detroit,Mich.
Mrs Dorthy Murdock Ronson
c/o Percy Murdock,RR#2 Merlin,Ontario,Canada
Miss Alice Clause c/o Mrs John Rehard,9220 Detroit,Mi
Elizabeth Irene Hinds
Mrs Erie Murdock(mrs Percy) RR#2, Merlin,Ontario,Canada
Mrs Hazel Green (mrs samuel) Blenheim,Ontario,Canada
Alice Todd Martin
Mrs Cecil Murdock


Siblings of Eva Bates:
  1. Adamtha  Bates  m. Catheryn 1852-1939  1858-1925
  2. Nathan Bates d.april 14,1863 at age 20.  Co K 21st Wisconsin. Civil War died from illness or injuries  in civil war. buried  Crystal lake cemetery ,Waupaca Wi
  3. William Bates Co K 21st Wisconsin. Civil War. Buried  Chattanooga Natl. Cemetery  Died in battle, probably  battle of  Kennisaw Mnt. Ga.
  4. Mary Ann  m. Wm. Barrington d. march 3?,1868 at age 23 yr.6 mo and 21 days. 


  1. Louis Leland Gill or  Leland Louis 1888- 1967 wife Alma Minnie Testin   1890-1963
    1. James Louis Gill   wife Mabel Emily Pagel 1914-1991  1912-1986  Children:
      1. Susan Joan  m. Merlin Kersten. Appleton,Wi b. Aug 1944 still living. no Children
      2. P. Lou Gill m. Gary Lee SchroederWi b. april2,1948 
        1. Lee Gary Schroeder,still living Dec 11,1967
      3. Thomas James Gill  m. Judith Ann Neenah,Wi b.1949  b. 1949
        1. Jeremy Thomas Gill b. Sept 21,1974, still living
        2. Jamie Alan  b. April 3,1976
        3. Jennifer Lynn b. Jan 20,1980
  2. Lucy Gill 1884-1969 Frank  last name ? 1875-1923.  Children:
    1. Harry 1903-1996
    2. Monnie 1905-1999
I am trying  to find more information about the Gill and Bates origination. As we do not have  their  fathers names nor the actual dates they came here. I do have the naturalization papers for Thomas Gill.But they say little else than his wife's 1st name and their address at the time.
Our Gills lived in the Wild Rose/Waupaca  Wi. area. what used to be the town of  dayton,or springwater township. They were related thru marriage to Testins and we think that my Lucy Bates may have been a McLaughlin  before she married  Alonzo.
They are mostly all buried  in Crystal Lake cemetery (hwy k from waupaca)or Wild Rose  cemeteries.
anyone wishing to contact me  about this information P. Schroeder (please send an update address)

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