GILL  Chesterfield County, VA.  Deed Books 1,2 & 3

Deed Book 1, Part 1

Page 36: Indenture made 7 Sept. 1743. Between Thomas Marripus? of Henrico Co., and Jacob Gill, same co. Gill bought 50 acres. Description mentions Thomas's upper corner, Joseph Royal's line, David Evan's land, the said Gill's land. Witnesses: John Robertson, Joseph Gill (mark), Ann A. Gill Recorded: Oct. 6, 1749.

Page 81: Indenture made 10 March 1749. Between Seth Perkinson of Amelia Co., and Peter Gill of Chest. Co. Gill bought 159 acres. Mentions John Herbert's, Mirey Branch, Thomas Darsey's land. Same land left by the will of Seth Perkinson the Elder, left to his son, Seth. Recorded: May 4, 1750.

Page 92: Indenture made 14 Dec. 1749. Between Richard Witten of Lunenburg Co., and Peter Gill of Chest. Co. Gill bought half an acre in a certain town called Wittentown.  Also 40 x 24 foot by the river. Land marked in the plan of said town by No. 27. Recorded: May 4, 1750.

Page 235: Indenture made 7 June 1751. Between Richard Witten of Lunenburg Co., and Peter Gill of Chest. Co. Gill bought Lot No. 59 containing ½ acre in Wittentown. Recorded: 7 June 1751.

Book 1, part 2

Page 302: Indenture made 6 March 1752. Between Benjamin Atkins, and James Gill, both of Chest. Co. Gill bought 200 acres. Mentions Stephen Gill's land. Recorded: 3 April 1752.

Page 420: Indenture made 4 June 1752. Between William Glascock, and Jacob Gill, both of Chest. Co. Gill bought 50 acres. Mentioned the late Thomas (Marnpas?) upper corner, Royall's line, Millstoon branch, David Evan's line, said Jacob Gill's line.  Recorded: (June 4, 1752?)

Page 494: Indenture made 5 Jan. 1752. Between Daniel & Ralph Perkinson, and James Gill, all of Chest. Co. Gill bought (106?) acres. Recorded: 2 Feb. 1753.

Deed Book 2

Page 50: Indenture made 8 June 1752. Between James Murphy of Lunenburg, and Peter Gill of Chest. Co. Gill bought Lot # 38 containing ½ acre in the town of Pocahontas. Recorded: Aug. 3, 1753.

Page 264: Indenture made 4 Apr. 1755. Between Joseph Gill of Lunenburg Co., and Roger Atkinson of Dinwiddie Co. Gill, who was moving, sold 200 acres on north side of the Appomattox River in Chest. Co. Mentions Jackson's corner, Log Branch, Capt. John Robertson, Thomas Dance, Senr., John Cousin's line. Joseph Gill (mark)  Recorded: Apr. 4, 1755.

Deed Book 3

Page 267: Indenture made 30 April 1758. Between Joseph Gill of Chest. Co., and Stephen Gill, same co. Joseph Gill sold 150 acres to Stephen Gill.  Mentions Rocky Branch, second branch, Swift Creek, William Wilson's line, David Brown's line. Joseph Gill (mark) Recorded: May 5, 1758.

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